10 Great Resources for Finding Inexpensive Outdoor Activities

April 04, 2014

After a long winter, many of us are relishing in the first signs of spring and warm weather. With that comes many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whatever your interests may be, take advantage of the many activities and events available in your local area.

BBB recommends the following resources for finding fun, inexpensive things to do outside:

Community Festivals (www.festivals.com): Community festivals are a great way to get involved and check out local art and cuisine.

Craft Fairs (www.craftsfaironline.com/region.html): Most craft fairs are free to enter and often provide a way to sell or trade your craft products, as well as pick up interesting and useful supplies and also learn new techniques.

National Parks (www.nps.gov/findapark) or State Parks (www.stateparks.com/usa.html): The perfect places to go on a nice day if you are looking to escape into nature, take a scenic hike, test out your camping skills or have a relaxing picnic.

Music Festivals (www.festivalfinder.com): You may not realize the great outdoor concerts playing in your area and these festivals are a great thing to do with friends and family.

Minor League Baseball (web.minorleaguebaseball.com): Most communities have a minor league baseball team in the area – or at least somewhere nearby. Minor league baseball games are pure fun, plus much more frugal and relaxed than major league games.

Libraries (http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/libraries/librarysearch): Most libraries offer great (free) summer programs of all kinds: reading groups, summer-long reading programs for kids, weekly film nights, etc.

Volunteering (www.volunteermatch.org/): Volunteering is a great free activity that allows you to meet friendly people, enjoy the outdoors, help others and boost your self-esteem.

Check out Community Calendars (www.google.com/search?q=community+calendar): Just add your city and state to the Google query to find the community calendar for your own town. Community calendars are loaded with interesting and enjoyable free events, from community dinners to farmer’s markets in your local area.

Your Local Newspaper: Browse the community section of your newspaper (in print or online) to find great events happening every week, from tag sales and flea markets, to theater performances and college sporting events.

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Original article written by Hannah Sassi, Communications Intern for the Council of Better Business Bureaus in Arlington, VA.