Jewelry Store Leaves Consumers Without A Good Ring to The New Year

February 20, 2014
Upstate, SC,  February 20,2014

The Better Business Bureau of the Upstate, Inc. has received seven complaints on Golden Hedge this year, a local jewelry store located at 626 Congaree Road in Greenville. Consumers are stating that they have left their jewelry for repair or have left jewelry for consignment with the owner. Consumers allege that the owner, Ronnie Stewart, has not returned their jewelry and is no longer contacting them. The BBB was able to provide resolution on the first complaint the BBB received, but communication from the owner came to a halt after the first complaint.

Vee Daniel, BBB President, went to the location of the business which was empty and found numerous notes on doors from consumers asking for owner to please contact them and return their jewelry. The BBB advises consumers that have jewelry not returned from the business to contact and file a police report with Greenville County Sheriff’s Department.

It is quite distressing to a customer when a company doesn’t honor their promises, and suddenly the communication stops and the company goes out of business, says, Vee Daniel. To avoid this predicament, the BBB offers the following tips:

*Keep documentation of all transactions, including invoices, claim tickets, phone call notes, emails, names of employees you worked with and any other documentation that is important in recovering merchandise or funds owed. When filing a police report or consulting with attorney, these items will be important to the process.

*Avoid paying for any repairs or service in advance whenever possible. Ask for a written documentation with the company that clearly spells out what the company will do for you should they close the business.

*Should you have to pay using a credit card. If you pay by cash or check and the company closes, you will not likely be able to recover the funds. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act and certain credit card companies’ rules, consumers who merchandise was undelivered can usually result in a refund from the credit card company, (the process may take some time, however).

*Anytime that a consumer feels that a business is not transparent, responsive and honoring product or services promises, you can file a complaint with the BBB at If you feel there is any criminal activity involved, contact your local police department.

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