NCPW Daily Tip: Financial Readiness = Mission Readiness

March 05, 2014

Areyou a member of the military? Or know someone who is? BBB Military Line is herefor you. BBB Military Line provides financial literacy and consumer educationresources to members of each branch of service, retirees, and their familymembers. From financial readiness classes to dispute resolution, BBBs acrossthe U.S. work with military installations to provide information on financialliteracy and consumer education.


Checkout BBB Military Line.


Stay on Top of Your Finances With the "Military and Money" App 


As a military family, your financial situations are unique. Whether you're just starting to establish a credit and savings plan, or need help managing your family's finances during deployment, the "Military and Money" app is a tool to keep your budget focused and on track.


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Financial Readiness = Mission Readiness


There are many different factors that go into being financially ready for deployment. From buying a home to avoiding the scams that often target military families, the Kiplinger-BBB Financial Field Manual is here to help you navigate the trickiest of situations. Free copies are available at many military installations and USO Centers across the county, or you can download it for free from our website. 


Read the full guide here.


Stay Up-To-Date on the Latest


BBB Military Line's Facebook and Twitter pages are great resource for service members, families and veterans. They provide military consumer news, resource links, and marketplace alerts from the DoD and other reputable sources. 


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