In the News -- Smishing Is New Way to Scam Your Info

May 11, 2012

Smishing is a new way to steal your personal information. Smishing is a combination of phishing which refers to sending fake messages and SMS which refers to text messages.

Scammers send text messages that appear to be from well-known businesses, trying to get victims to click on a link. The Walmart name appears in some smishing messages.  

"It looks like it's somebody from Walmart, but it's not.  It's designed to get you to a site where they steal information," says Vee Daniel, President of the Upstate SC BBB.

Walmart has an alert about the scam on its website:

If you receive a text that you believe is fake, don't click on the link. You can report it to the Spam Reporting Service by texting "7726" spelling SPAM to your mobile service provider. You will receive a message back asking for information to identify the source of the spam. See