New Fraud Hits Consumer’s Credit Cards, Warns Better Business Bureau

January 30, 2014

Upstate, SC – January 30, 2014 - In the aftermath of the massive holiday data breach that effected Target and a number of other major retailers, consumers are now faced with yet another reason to be concerned about the safety of their credit cards.

Reports are surfacing that consumers are finding unauthorized charges of $9.84 on their statements. The business that levied the charge claims that the fee is for“customer support” and it may appear on the statement as one of many different websites. It appears their plan is fly under the radar when they hit individual accounts.

“These individuals are aware that small charges under ten dollars often go un-noticed,which would not be the case for larger amounts. For example, in the hundreds of dollars,” said Vee Daniel, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Upstate SC. “This fraud relies on consumers being a little careless and not closely examining their statements.”

Daniel noted, “It is possible that some of the cards that have been hit may be the result of the data stolen in the holiday breach. However, authorities are still investigating that possibility.”

Victims of this fraud report that, when they’ve accessed the website listed on their statement, they were given a customer support phone number and email address. After calling the number, they were told that the charge would be removed. However,the only way that consumers can be certain that they have taken positive steps to protect themselves is to contact their card issuer regarding the suspected fraud and follow their recommendations.

The Better Business Bureau suggests consumers:

·        Request a new card.

·        Place a fraud alert on your credit file.The Federal Trade Commission has easy to follow instructions on its website.

·        Closely monitor all of your accounts.

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