Marketplace Smarts

BBB Foundation of Upstate New York offers “Marketplace Smarts,” aimed to educate and advocate for trust in the marketplace 

Marketplace Smarts offers information about charities and businesses to help consumers conduct sound research before making a donation or buying products or services. 

BBB provides consumer education tips; from what to do if your identity is stolen to spotting a fraudulent charity and everything in between.

Marketplace Smarts delivers timely information, news, scam alerts and warnings to help people navigate the confusing and hectic world we live in. BBB Foundation invites you to learn more on our News and Events page. 

BBB also offers information on protecting yourself against identity theft, which continues to be one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. Every two seconds, someone becomes a victim, according to Javelin Research. 

Identity theft facts:

  • Fraud rose in 2013, but the amount stolen declined, which reflects more aggressive action from consumers, financial institutions and ID theft prevention education  
  • Account takeovers tripled, including mobile phone fraud
  • People between the ages of 35-44 are at the greatest risk
  • Data breaches are now the greatest risk factor for identity fraud

There are several ways to protect your identity, both online and in person. Also, if you aren't sure how long you should keep old documents, click here for BBBs record retention schedule. 

Please contact us to talk about more ways BBB can support your consumer education efforts. You can call 800.828.5000 or email