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In Eastern Oklahoma
Scam Alerts
IRS phone scams are starting to circulating in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. Even though tax season ended months ago, scammers still claim victims owe money to the gov..
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How the Scam Works: You are on Facebook, and a post catches your attention. It appears to be from the account of a Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash victim, and th..
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Looking to earn extra income working from home? Don't bother applying to this fake shipping business that claims to be based in Wisconsin. It's a con, and your work may help scammers.
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The United States Postal Service is warning residents about fake emails using their name. The messages claim to be alerts about an undelivered package, but they really ca..
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How the Scam Works:    You get a call from someone claiming you won a lottery. Your prize is $500,000, but you need to pay $5,000 for "delivery insurance" first..
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The world is eager for news about the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370. So eager, in fact, that scammers are taking advantage of our curiosity. Don't fall for click bait teasers promoting exclusi..
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