Alert! Another BBB Phishing Scam. Don't Bite!

March 07, 2013

Phishing scams look like legitimate email, and they are getting more sophisticated every day. What these con artists are really after is your banking and financial information. And they won't mind destroying your computer to get it.


This morning, phishing scammers began sending emails to consumers and business owners with claims that the recipient's accreditation has been "discontinued".  So far, the return addresses on the emails are spoofing  These emails lure would-be victims to websites which reportedly provide a "Suspension Report" form or other similar lures.


Here is a sample of what it looks like:


BBB would like you to send us any bogus emails claiming to come from BBB. Forward the email(s) to  Don't worry if you receive a notification that the email could not be delivered because of an attached virus. We pull them from quarantine and examine them anyway. Please understand that we would like to reply to each email, however, when the traffic to the phishing mailbox is particularly heavy, we might not be able to offer a direct reply. If you need personal assistance with an email, contact us at or 918-492-1266.