BBB Advises Consumers on Summer Pool Maintenance

July 21, 2014

Better Business Bureau Serving Southern Arizona is cautioning pool owners to make sure they’re taking the proper steps to maintain their pools through the hot summer months.

For many, the best way to beat the summer heat is to take a dip in their pool, but the hot Arizona sun and the hard water used in pools in Southern Arizona can sometimes make them tricky to maintain.

One common misstep is to purchase hundreds of dollars of chemicals for your pool before having your water tested for calcium build-up, Shad Schlosser, owner of Affordable Pool Service told BBB.

“A pool with too much calcium in it is like a glass of iced tea with too much sugar- the chlorine will just sit there, useless, at the bottom of the pool,” Schlosser said.

The hard water used in Arizona pools tends to have a lot of calcium in it, and if your pool has too much calcium in it no amount of chlorine will make it safe to use. Additionally, Schlosser advises consumers to make sure they’re circulating the water in their pools three times a day during the summer months to help dissolve the chlorine.

Excess calcium in pools can lead a number of problems, including scaling on the sides of the pools, costly damages to pool equipment, and irritation to the skin and eyes of people who use the pool. Similarly, buildups of harmful bacteria and algae can cause ear, nose and throat infections if not taken care of. 

Aside from pool cleanliness, consumers should also check regularly for leaks in their pool equipment, Schlosser says. While small leaks may seem like they’re not a big deal, they can result in exuberant water bills, loss of chemicals, and make it harder and more expensive to keep the pool hygienic.

Often times, Schlosser says, a leak won’t even require the replacement of a part, rather a simple fix such as replacing a gasket.

Schlosser operates a consumer information email address- where he answers any consumer inquiries about pool maintenance free of charge.

BBB pool maintenance tips:

  • Make sure to research any pool service and maintenance company by visiting before contracting with them. Examine the company’s letter grade, as well as customer reviews and complaint history.
  • Get your pool water tested for calcium and high mineral content to ensure that it remains hygienic throughout the summer.
  • Circulate the water in your pool three times a day during the summer to help dissolve the chlorine, and drain and replace your pool water once every 5-8 years.
  • Compare repair and maintenance costs by getting at least three bids from separate pool service companies.
  • Pool services can vary from simple pool cleaning, to water testing, to equipment replacement, so know what you want done before hand, and get it in writing.
  • Make sure the company is insured against claims of property damage, in case anything goes wrong during your service call.

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