BBB Board of Directors and Staff recognize CEO Kim States for Five Years of Leadership

January 30, 2014

The Board of Directors for Better Businesses Bureau Serving Southern Arizona recognized BBB CEO Kim States for her exemplary leadership, and continued organizational success today at BBB’s 2014 Annual Business Meeting.

States, who began work at BBB in 2006, was named CEO in January, 2009, and immediately set to work in assuming responsibility for furthering BBB’s mission of advancing trust in the Southern Arizona marketplace.

“Kim States faced many challenges when the Board hired her as Interim CEO 5 years ago,” said Rosemary Beck, BBB Chairwoman of the Board. “She not only met those challenges, but has exceeded the Board's high expectations in virtually every way, earning the Board's respect and this recognition for outstanding leadership.”

States leadership of BBB and its staff in pursuit of its mission has been hugely successful. In 2009 when she took the reins BBB recorded just over 320,000 instances of service- classified as complaints processed and Business Reviews provided to consumers, among other free BBB services. By the end of 2013 instances of service had jumped 142 percent to more than 780,000.

As States presided over a dramatic increase in services provided to Southern Arizona consumers, overall complaints dropped by 25 percent, while at the same time Southern Arizona businesses are resolving a higher percentage of their complaints, compared to 2009.

After five years of strong leadership by States, BBB’s Board of Directors and staff are looking forward to the next five years as she leads them in their efforts to continue to foster an ethical marketplace in Southern Arizona for both businesses and consumers.

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