Southern Arizona Businesses receive Misleading Corporate Filing Solicitations

February 28, 2013
Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is warning of official looking documents being mailed to Southern Arizona businesses by a company called Corporate Records Service (CRS), advertising a corporate document filing service for a $125 fee.

The documents being mailed resemble Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) filing documents. The ACC says the solicitation is meant to “intentionally create confusion by using language that is similar to that in Corporate Commission documents.” The forms include a deadline for businesses to file, and even includes accurate ACC file numbers for businesses.

“We had two clients bring the mailer to us this week and ask us if we could take care of it for them,” Cindy Andes, owner of Andes Tax and Accounting, told BBB. “Fortunately we were able to determine the mailer wasn’t actually from the ACC, and we were able to warn the rest of our clients.”

Andes says that if these particular documents were filed directly with the ACC it would cost a business $45, rather than the $125 fee Corporate Records Service is charging. She added that the solicitation asks for more personal information than is required, as well.

“The ACC doesn’t’ normally require corporate minutes in filing documents, those can be done online, and the fact that they’re requesting credit card information to be mailed to them is bothersome,” Andes said.

The mailers list a return address of 4802 E. Ray Rd. in Phoenix, which is the address for a UPS Store. To date neither BBB nor the ACC have been able to identify the individual, or individuals, responsible for the mailer.

If your business receives the solicitation the ACC urges you to contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office at (520)628-6504, or by visit to file a complaint.