Business Spotlight: Something Blue Photography

June 13, 2012
Something Blue Photography has been providing top-notch customer service and vivid, detail-rich wedding photography to consumers in Tucson, and throughout Arizona, for over 7 years, and has been an Accredited Business with BBB since 2009.  
In today’s challenging marketplace it’s more important than ever for consumers to be able to trust the company they’re doing business with, and Something Blue Photography has done just that in maintaining a sterling record with BBB over the last 7 years.
“We take a lot of pride in our integrity and our service, and being Accredited with BBB backs that up,” co-owner, Georgina Anderson said. “It shows that BBB has looked into our company, and being Accredited backs up our claim that we take pride in our integrity, and provide impeccable service.”

Anderson, who founded the company with her husband, Jon Anderson, said they were originally attracted to photography because it serves as creative outlet, but once they started the company they quickly fell in love with wedding photography.  

“Creativity got us into photography and we kind of just fell into the wedding side of it,” she said. “We fell in love with the whole orchestra of a wedding day.”

Going forward, Anderson says the company’s main focus will be to continue to build on their outstanding reputation for providing a high quality and honest service to newlyweds.

“Our clients get a great product and incredible quality in our work, they receive their product in a timely manner, and we always go above and beyond our commitment,” she said. “Our ultimate goal is that we’re able to continue our relationship with our clients beyond their contracts with us.”

Something Blue Photography is located in Tucson, and serves all of Arizona. They can be reached at (520)808-9812 or by visiting Consumer can also find them on Facebook, and read their company blog.

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