Business Spotlight: First National Merchant Solutions

December 07, 2009
First National Merchant Solutions has been providing sophisticated financial services and stellar customer service to Southern Arizona businesses for over 15 years.  Payment processing is a huge deal for all businesses and First National Merchant Solutions has proven time and time again to be a company business can count on.

“My tagline has always been, quality through superior service,” said Eric Miller, a Sales Executive with the bank. “We’re a wholesale processor, but the customer doesn’t have to sacrifice customer service for great rates.”

For a century and a half, First National Bank, a subsidiary of First National of Nebraska, has set the standard for outstanding customer service coupled with some of the most innovative financial products in the industry.

When it opened in 1857, First National was a local bank that served only Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding communities. Today, First National is the largest privately owned banking company in the United States, with locations in seven states and more than 6.6 million customers across the country. First National of Nebraska and its affiliates have $20 billion in managed assets and more than 6,000 employees in 35 states.

“I’ve always felt it was very important to be accredited with the Better Business Bureau,” Miller told BBB. “It tells our customers they can trust us, and that’s important in an industry with as many bad apples as ours.”