BBB Business Spotlight on ECL Consulting, LLC

April 21, 2009

ECL Consulting, LLC is a team of qualified experts who help small businesses define and meet business and financial goals.  We create, implement and measure Success Plans in the areas of Accounting, Organizing and Business Coaching.  As a result, we build strong relationships and share success with our clients.

Accounting Solutions:

All businesses, especially successful ones, face bookkeeping and accounting challenges.  Whether you find yourself overwhelmed, uncertain about the direction or profitability of your business or looking for a solution to make things easier, ECL Consulting, LLC's Accounting Solutions will help you streamline, stay on track & grow your business!

Accounting Communication:
Every small business owner will receive a notice, request or letter from the IRS. Usually, there is nothing to be concerned about, but letting that letter sit unopened on your desk can create a problem that could easily have been avoided.  The same is true for communication with your tax preparer, auditors, IRS and state tax representatives.  A lack of understanding and clear communication can lead to larger problems.
That’s why ECL Consulting, LLC's Accounting Communication Professionals are uniquely qualified to be intermediaries between tax representatives and the business owner because we work closely with both sides and have an understanding of the potential language barrier that can be created when technical and legal jargon meets regular conversation.  Our job is to increase effective communication and set your mind at ease.  We offer our unique Accounting Communication service to help you take the fear out of these situations and rest easy knowing you understand what is expected and you can move forward with your business.

Organizing Solutions:
Small business owners are entrepreneurs, skilled in trades & professions, dedicated and visionary.  With all this talent and drive in your chosen field it’s no wonder that paperwork falls to the bottom of your list, along with organizing your office, workflow and scheduling.  If you find yourself misplacing your paper files, wondering where you put that document on your computer, stepping over mounds of papers just to reach your desk or constantly forgetting important deadlines and appointments, give us a call to put ECL's Organizing Solutions to work for you! Better yet - call us before you get stuck to free up your time & start saving money!
ECL Consulting, LLC will work with you to get the results you want!  Our Expert Organizers are experienced in developing systems for efficiently managing paper records & digital files, maximizing office space, process & project management, scheduling & time management.

Business Coaching Solutions:

All small businesses face challenges & growing pains. Low employee retention, failed advertising efforts, growing pains and restructuring and thriving in tough economic times.   Many businesses miss out on key opportunities because of a lack of planning, clear goals and marketing strategy.  You took the step to pursue your dream of financial freedom; we can help you make it a reality.
ECL Consulting, LLC's Business Coaches work with business owners and managers in the areas of business management, administration and strategic planning to maximize the potential of the business and help the owners realize their dreams.  By coaching you through every vital part of your business, we help create the plan, inspired action and measurable results to achieve your vision.

Our affiliation with the BBB supports our success because the BBB “represents sound advertising, selling and customer service practices that enhance customer trust and confidence in business.”  Our accreditation with the BBB ensures potential clients that ECL Consulting has met those standards and is a business that can be trusted to perform its services with integrity.