Malicious Complaint Email claiming it’s from BBB

August 10, 2012
Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is issuing an urgent scam alert cautioning businesses and consumers about an email that is purporting to be from BBB about a complaint concerning an “unauthorized transaction.”

The email contains the following text:

“Dear business owner, we have obtained several complaints via the Better Business Bureau online complaint center concerning several unauthorized transaction from a number of private bank accounts to your corporate account. You can view the complaints in our online complaint center using the following link: (link deleted by BBB).”

Some consumers and business report receiving upwards of 50 of these emails in the past 24 hours. The email contains a dangerous link and bogus sign in information. This is a scam - BBB does not accept or send complaints concerning private financial transactions with a bank.

Should you receive such an email, please disregard its message, and forward any information received to, and then delete it.  If you have clicked on the link, immediately do a virus scan.