Scam Watch: How can I be sure a grant offer is legitimate?

January 06, 2010
One of the most important things to remember when you receive a grant offer or when you’re searching for a grant is that the information is FREE.   Be wary if you are asked to pay a processing fee for grant information or for a third party to submit applications in your name.  If someone unexpectedly contacts you stating you have been selected to receive a government grant, exercise extreme caution; the government doesn’t track down individuals to award them with spending money.  Grants are often hard to obtain on an individual basis because they are usually awarded to serve a social good such as bringing jobs to an area, preserving history, funding soup kitchens, and researching medical issues.  Grants are not issued to individuals to address personal financial hardships like paying down debt.   Generally, unless you are part of an established non-profit organization or you’re a student, you will not qualify for a grant.   For more information about grants and applications visit