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December 01, 2009
Every holiday season calls and visits requesting charitable donations rise.  BBB urges you to conduct a little research prior to donating to a charity you’re unfamiliar with.  If you’re considering making a donation, contact the Secretary of State (SOS) at 800 458-5842 or visit to ensure the charity you’ve chosen is registered.  In the state of Arizona charities are required to register and file annual financial reports with the Secretary of State's Office.  If you have concerns about where your money is going, ask the organization what percentage of your donation will be going to the charity versus administrative costs.  When donating, request a receipt that shows the contribution is tax deductable.  Never give a cash donation and always make a check out in the charities name rather than the name of a person.  Know the name, address and phone number of the charity you’re donating to and if possible mail your donation directly to the charity.  Check with BBB Wise Giving at to research the background and financial histories of charities you’re interested in.