BBB Business Alert

October 05, 2009

Local Businesses Receive "Remittance Invoices" from American Digital Networks LLC

Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is receiving inquiries from area businesses about a marketing piece mailed by American Digital Networks LLC, a Maryland based company. The piece appears to be an invoice for featured listings in an online information network.

American Digital’s invoice states the listing is for profile and “optimization tools” and other web based services for a monthly fee of $349.50. The business uses two Websites, and

The BBB serving Maryland has received complaints about the mailing from businesses in multiple states, including Arizona. Businesses state that they have sent emails to the company and have made efforts to call the company but are unable to reach anyone.

The company has contacted BBB regarding the marketing materials, explaining that the “Remittance Invoice Form” was sent as part of an invitation packet and should be used as an initial order form.  Company representatives state that businesses who receive the form should contact American Digital Networks directly for clarification.   The company apologized for any confusion caused by this marketing piece and assured BBB that work will be done to avoid any confusion in future marketing pieces.  

Businesses can reach the company directly emailing or calling 866-890-7485. The business states that it is able to respond to emails more quickly than to phone calls.

For more information you can also access the company's BBB Reliability Report.

BBB Tips:

  • It is against US Postal Service regulations to mail an invoice that is actually a solicitation, unless it bears a clear disclaimer that such unsolicited invoice is for information only and not a request to pay.
  • Examine every invoice carefully and establish effective internal controls for the payment of invoices with special attention to any invoices from companies you don’t normally do business with.
  • Photocopy fraudulent or misleading solicitations and post them on office bulletin boards to educate staff. Make sure your receptionist and office manager know how to identify these type of solicitations.
  • If you aren’t certain if the company is legitimate, ask for business and local bank references and check them out at