BBB Warns of Local Mass Mailing Purporting to Lower Property Taxes

August 14, 2009

Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is alerting area residents to a mailing being sent by a company called Property Tax Review Board (PTRB). The official looking “Property Tax Reduction Form” claims recipients can save thousands on their current year taxes for a fee of $189.

The catch is that the deadline to file a property valuation appeal with any county assessor’s office in Southern Arizona has long passed, says Kim States, BBB President.

“According to the county officials we’ve talked to, property tax reviews are conducted annually, and notifications for that process are mailed in February,” she says, adding there is no fee to file a an appeal.

Since last week, BBB has been flooded with calls from Southern Arizona residents who are confused by this letter.

“It’s important for consumers to read everything on the letter and not just react to their initial impression” says States. “These types of mailings are intended to alarm and confuse consumers and generate easy money for the sender.”

States said the back of the official looking form clearly states that PRTB is not “affiliated with your local assessor..” The letter also states that “self-representation is always an option and can be done for free.”

BBB has not been able to verify the company’s physical location. In a phone call to the company, BBB was told by a PTRB representative that its headquarters is 11856 Balboa Blvd Granada Hills, 91344. Upon further review by BBB, the address given by the company’s representative is for a UPS drop box. PTRB lists a Phoenix P.O. Box as the address of their regional office, but again offers no physical address.

The representative told BBB he was not aware of any phone number for the company headquarters and that the only way to contact them was by mail.

Consumers who have questions about the mailing should contact their local county assessor’s office or contact BBB at 520-888-5353. Consumers who sent money to the company can file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General by visiting