Sierra Vista ShredFest 2012 is February 18

February 17, 2012
Cochise County residents can do their part to reduce the millions of tons of electronic waste that ends up in landfills and protect against identity theft at an event scheduled for Saturday, February 18th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Ace Hardware, 3756 E. Fry Blvd in Sierra Vista.

Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona has partnered with the Sierra Vista Police Department, Ace Hardware, Suburban Miners, and Shred-it for Shred Fest 2012. Organizers are offering electronics and cell phone e-cycling in addition to secure, on-site shredding. Donations are appreciated.

What to Bring
Electronic equipment such as: PC systems, CPUs, monitors, mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, laptops, modems, hard drives, speakers, power cords, cables, phones, powers strips, desktop copiers, fax machines, cell phones with batteries and small TVs (no consoles). Television donations will require a $10 recycling fee.

Paperwork such as: old tax returns, bank statements, check book registers, credit card statements, medical records, NO PLASTIC PLEASE. That means no three ring binders, presentation folders or garbage bags. Data CD's will be accepted if they are separated from paperwork. There is a five-box shred limit due to time constraints.

Donations for shredding are appreciated. Your donations will support BBB's community and military outreach programs in Cochise County.  Electronics and cell phone donations are free with the exception of televisions, which incur a charge of $10

Where's my stuff going?
Electronics: All electronic items will be collected by Suburban Miners of Tucson. These items are cleaned of securely stripped of data. Whole systems may be resold if they are salvageable. If not, they are dismantled and usable parts are redeployed back into the marketplace for re-use. Items deemed unusable are recycled for their plastics, metals, glass, and other parts. This last process is especially important as computers produce harmful and toxic waste.

Paperwork: All paperwork will be securely shredded by Shred-it of Tucson. All shredded material is recycled. As an affordable risk management tool, outsourcing to a reputable “On-Site” shredding company like Shred-it of Tucson has become a normal, economical and accepted part of doing business today. Shred-it of Tucson, a BBB Accredited Business’ offers an array of convenient services to businesses and consumers in southern Arizona. For more information about Shred-it of Tucson visit, or call 1-800-697-4733.  Did you know? Arizona is the identity theft capital of the U.S.

Cell phones are being accepted for donation to the local Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

For more information please contact BBB at 520-732-9823 or email