Tucson Businesses Receives Allegedly Fake Invoices, Threatening Phone Calls from Online Marketer

September 01, 2011
Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona is alerting consumers and businesses to YellowpagesO, a New York company that is mailing invoices for online marketing services to businesses in Tucson.

Businesses tell BBB they don’t remember contracting with the company.
BBB was contacted by Rock Roofing, a Tucson roofing company, who said that they received a phone call from YellowpagesO for claiming they owed $1,100 for a an advertisement they had supposedly agreed to last year.

“They called and said I owed them money, and I told them I didn’t owe them anything,” Red Rock Roofing owner, Rene Valenzuela, told BBB. “He (the caller) was very rude, pushy, and mean.”

Valenzuela said that the caller told her he was going to put her through to a recording where she had to say “yes” when it asked her if she agreed to the charges, otherwise the call would be kicked back to him.  

When Valenzuela said “no” to the recording, she says the call was kicked back to the operator, who continued to implore her to accept the charges. When Valenzuela finally hung up on the operator the company immediately called her back 16 or 17 times, but she didn’t answer any of the calls, Valenzuela told BBB.

One other Tucson-area business has contacted BBB complaining about the invoices as have numerous companies from out-of-state.

YellowpagesO, or Yellow Pages Optimization, has an ‘F’ rating with BBB in New York. The company has received 58 complaints since the end of April from businesses all over the country.

If your business receives an invoice from YellowpagesO, and you don’t remember contracting with them, contact BBB at (520)888-5353. You can also file a complaint against the company with BBB serving New York by visiting www.bbb.org.