Scammers Poised to Profit this Hurricane Season - Seven Tips to Protect Yourself

September 08, 2008

BBB of Southern Arizona is warning residents not to fall victim to scams that commonly come on the heels of natural devastation. With hurricane season in full swing, scam artists are poised to profit. 

Just recently the FBI issued a warning to consumers about an email soliciting support for victims of Hurricane Gustav.  BBB offers the following tips to protect yourself when it comes to disaster relief scams.

Disaster Relief Appeals

  • Donate directly to a charity you are familiar with and have used before.
  • For tax and security purposes, always donate using a check or credit card.
  • Ignore unsolicited and spam email.
  • Do not open emails containing attached pictures. They may contain viruses.
  • Ask for credentials when someone is at your door requesting a donation. 
  • Never provide personal or financial information to solicitors. That information could be used against you and result in identity theft.
  • If you're unsure of a charity's legitimacy, contact your BBB at 520-888-5353 or access charity reports through our Wise Giving Alliance.

For hundreds of consumer tips and the latest scam alerts visit our "For Consumers" page.