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7 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints7

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Complaint Resolution Log (7)
05/25/2016Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Movers didn't honor discount as repeatedly promised by owner, ****, during telephone quote.
I hired Abba & Sons for my 4/9/16 move after speaking with owner, ****, via telephone. He quoted me $89 truck fee, $89 per hour with 2 hour minimum, and a 10% loyalty discount for first having done business with him in 2012. The 10% discount clinched it for me. After the move was completed, and it was time to pay my bill, the mover presented me with the paperwork showing only a 5% discount. I protested, telling the mover that **** had told me it was a 10% discount. The mover told me that **** was wrong - yeah, right, the owner, himself, was wrong! I called **** on-the-spot so he would tell the mover that he had, indeed, repeatedly told me I was to get a 10% discount, but his phone was forwarded to my mover!! I begrudgingly paid my bill, sent the movers on their way, and texted ****. He immediately replied via text (I'm looking right at it as I transcribe), "Sorry mistake I give you %10" (sic). He even called, reiterating that he'd refund me my overpayment after my check cleared. I waited a few weeks, long enough for my check to clear, for Abba & Sons to issue me a refund, and for USPS to deliver....but nothing. I sent an email to **** through his website....but nothing. (And I know he reads his email, because he called me in response to my email request for a quote weeks earlier.) So I texted **** on 05/02/16 to inquire about the status of my refund. He immediately replied, "Please call and spoke to my bookkeeping" (sic). I immediately called his bookkeeper (his wife, perhaps?) who verified that I was due a refund, and told me she'd take care of it. I waited and waited....but nothing. I called Abba & Sons after mail delivery on 05/13/16, got voice mail (avoiding me, perhaps?) left a message inquiring about the status of my refund....but nothing. That last action was more than one week ago.

- To recap the timeline: 04/09/16 - the move, the over-charge, and my 1st refund request
- (a few weeks later, don't recall the exact date) my 2nd refund request
- 05/02/16 my 3rd refund request (of ****)
- 05/02/16 my 4th refund request (of bookkeeper)
- 05/13/03 my 5th refund request

Desired Settlement
At first I was merely seeking a refund of 5% - the other half of the discount that wasn't honored - a "whopping" $14.46. It's the principle, not the money; a business owner does not get to "say anything" just to get the job, then "change the rules" without telling the customer. But now, strictly due to **** and the bookkeeper jerking me around for nearly 2 months, I, strictly punitively, want a full refund of $274.79. Those 2 picked the wrong victim with whom to play the ol' "ignore her until she gives up and goes away" game.

Business Response
We mailed the check out on May 2nd the Check # is 4262. We have not received it back nor show it cleared. If you wish we can put a stop on that check and issue another.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
That would be great! Thank you!

05/09/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Loss of many items
I hired ABBA and sons as movers. I was quoted a flat rate to move house, garage and workshop things. They said It would take 3 or 4 hours. When the 2 man crew arrived they only came with a small truck and instead of 3 or 4 hours it took them 8 hours and 3 trips to move less than one mile. Next day I found they left behind many things in the garage which I had to move out myself. Later, eventually as I started to open the many boxes I had, I was very surprised that many kitchen pots and utensils and some tools from the garage were missing. I just know all those things are not in my new home. When I called to complain, the owner came to my house and told me to call the police. I called the police but they told me there's nothing they could do.
I'm very dissatisfied with Abba and I would never refer anyone to them. They did nothing to resolve the problem.
Taking all day to move and leaving things behind for me to move was bad enough. But misplacing or stealing my kitchen stuff and tools is incomprehensible and very unprofessional.

Desired Settlement
I need $350.00 to replace missing items.

Final Consumer Response
Case has been resolved


12/04/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Abba & Sons moved & stored our belongings to be moved to Tennessee. Prices increased along with a duplicate charge. Items broken/undelivered.
On 3/2/2014, Abba & Sons packed/stored our boxes (1 room, no furniture) in Tucson under agreement of shipping to Tennessee once a truck heading that way was found by ****, the owner. **** said that it may be up to TWO months (not 4-5) before a truck would be available. We asked this multiple times and were assured that he knows drivers personally that pass by going to TN at a rate of "a few every couple months." $290 plus tip was paid for the move from my house into storage including the 1st month of storage at $35/month. This was for less than 2 hours of work because my things were boxed and in the garage as **** requested and we helped the workers (A & Sons changed it to 3 hours on the receipt by writing a "3" over the "2"). We made sure they had both my wife and I's contact info.

On 6/27, I called A& Sons after not hearing from them. I was told our storage payment was due and we were lucky that our stuff wasn't auctioned or thrown out. **** asked for $80/month for storage and my wife said it had been $35 according to the agreement. I asked why he hadn't tried to contact us about a truck yet. He said he called my wife and ****, his secretary, said she had emailed my wife. My wife denied this. **** then demanded $60/month for the months of March through July, and I paid $309 after some confusion on the correct amount. This also caused an argument between my wife and I. We requested a copy of the email. **** admitted in a 7/3 email that she didn't email us. I noticed later I was billed for March twice and July wasn't prorated. I have the receipt stating that storage is $35. I complained to **** and she said she was on my side and offered to change fees to $43/month as **** had changed fees without our knowledge. I requested the offer in writing, but never got it.
At this point we needed our things and **** told us there were no trucks going to Tennessee and only one had been available since March. We were then given a FedEx quote of $860 by text by A & Sons foreman Keith to ship to Tennessee. He also texted that $85 would be charged for Abba and Sons to arrange the transfer to FedEx and weigh the boxes for the quote, totaling $935. I have the fee of $85 as well from **** in an email. I told Keith by text that I would need insurance on a few of my belongings. Keith took my boxes to FedEx on July 16 and while there, told me some boxes needed to be replaced to ship safely. He said he would call me before he left. The next call was FedEx reporting the boxes ready and Keith had "left a while ago." The bill was $1079. I found out afterward that it didn't include insurance. The next day Keith called asking for $85 x 5 hours and said it was a good deal because he had done 8 hours of work by himself. After complaining, A & Sons billed $129 instead which I have not paid yet due to overcharges.
When my boxes arrived, my computer and my $550 Bowflex weightset were broken and my $329 PC monitor was missing. On 7/23 I emailed all my grievances including the missing monitor and requested a response in writing within 7 days. On 7/24 **** left a voicemail saying my monitor had been misplaced in someone's locker. I requested it sent immediately with insurance. On 7/28 she emailed stating " they are busy" and I should arrange for FedEx to pick it up from their office. I asked that all communication be in writing, but **** insisted we talk by phone. He told me to send costs for the damages and also storage overcharges. He also said he wanted to buy my monitor "because it would be easier?!" I sent pictures and costs of the monitor, damages, overcharges and misquote. He rudely refused to pay anything but the duplicate fee for March (when?). Keith emailed 7/29 sarcastically stating I should look up the word "estimate" and no one else has been unhappy with his services. **** relayed to me that I would have to pay for shipping on my monitor (and storage if I didn't) and didn't care if it was their mistake. I refused and they kept my monitor.

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund in the amount of $211.50 for storage charges that totaled $344 ($309 + 35) for 4.5 months of storage. The storage charges should have been $35 x 4.5 = 157.50 per our original receipt. (July should have been prorated to half a month since my boxes were shipped on July 16) This is reinforced by the fact that we paid for more months than we ever planned and that **** explicitly agreed to find a truck. Additionally many of my things, including the computer, arrived covered in dust, so this was an attempt to collect higher fees than a small storage unit in exchange for a worse storage environment.

FedEx has denied any responsibility for damages and said that they shipped what was delivered to them without insurance. I had requested Keith to get insurance and inventory but he didn't and I wasn't able to get a hold of him before he left FedEx. I also couldn't get a hold of him afterward that evening.
Therefore I would like restitution from their Abba and Sons insurance for damages that totaled $340.84 ($200.84 for part replacement on Bowflex weight set, $120 for damaged computer motherboard, $20 for damaged monitor stand).
I would also like for them to either pay for the 27 inch Samsung PC monitor to be shipped and insured or to pay for the monitor as **** suggested he would do. To replace the exact same model at Newegg, it would be $314 including shipping and handling and tax.
The fact that they offered to buy it and it wasn't sent with the rest of the things makes me afraid that it was either damaged or used without my consent.

The boxes were already ready to go and awaiting payment and I had no option but to pay once I found out the actual cost, since Keith had left. I would like restitution for the misquoted $850 ($1079 actual) for FedEx shipping. In lieu of this, since I realize that a quote is somewhat abstract in nature, I would also accept that the weight and transfer cost be reduced from $129 to $85 since it wasn't done appropriately and $85 was the original agreement for researching the quote by weight and transferring the boxes. I will promptly pay this once I receive my monitor and restitution for damages and overcharges.

In all, I am asking for $551.84 for damages and overcharges once my monitor is shipped to me safely. Additionally I would like the transfer charge reduced to $85 as originally quoted.

Some kind of apology would be nice for the poor and at times sarcastic customer service and refusal to respond to most of my grievances in writing.

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern,

Abba and Sons Moving, LLC has received and replied multiple times to Mr. ******* in regards to the situation. Unfortunately, there has been a simple communication error. Firstly, Mr. ******* was given a prorated rate of $35 for the first month, and the first month only, of storage in our facility. Secondly, Mr. ******* was also given a rough estimate of the total cost of shipping his belongings via Fedex. Our foreman took all the belongings to the Fedex station and unfortunately, the total price was several hundred dollars more than our estimate, which can sometimes happen. Abba and Sons never gave a definite price for shipping to Tennessee via Fedex because we are not qualified or authorized to speak upon Fedex's behalf on pricing. Mr. ******* simply did not understand that the price given was an estimate, and when it was more than estimated, became angry and blamed Abba and Sons.
In regards to Mr. *******'s computer moniter that was accidentally left out of the Fedex shipment; that was an honest mistake, and Abba and Sons was blamed for theft of the item and for "holding it ransom". from Mr. *******. This is not the case. It is here in our offices, unharmed and fully intact. Unfortunately, based on the accusations, threats, and general slander by Mr. ******* against our company, the owner decided to no longer go out of his way to help Mr. *******. Mr. ******* was informed that he was free to contact Fedex or UPS and schedule a pick up for the moniter at his own expense. Abba and Sons realizes that this was said to him in anger and would like to offer the following solution. Abba and Sons will pay to have his monitor shipped to him in Tennessee but if Mr. ******* would prefer additional insurance on the item, he would be asked to pay that himself.
In regards to waiting several months for his items to be shipped, there was once again a miscommunication. Mr. ******, the owner of Abba and Sons was under the impression that he would be contacted by Mr. ******* when the items were ready to be shipped. On the other hand, Mr. ******* was under the impression that Abba and Sons would be contacting him in regards to shipping his items held in our storage.
Abba and Sons admits to a miscommunication on all accusations, but the way in which Mr. ******* talked down to our employees and our owner was unacceptable. We are 100% willing to work all problems out and move on from the disagreement.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I really want to resolve this, but unfortunately cannot accept this response from Abba & Sons.

Abba & Sons is now apparently offering to send my pc monitor that they left in their warehouse, but they have reneged on all concessions for:

1. The damages to my belongings
2. The redundant storage charge for March
3. The non-prorated storage amount for July
4. The monthly storage fees from March to July 16 changed from $35 to $60 without my knowledge
(in June, Mr. ****** demanded $80 but then went to $60 after I protested)

The fact is that I have now paid over $1,779 for the move of a small room and no furniture. This is not including $200 I paid to fix my Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells and $150 that it would take to replace my damaged computer motherboard and monitor stand (a conservative estimate). In addition, nearly 2 months after they shipped my other belongings, I still have not received my PC monitor.
They said that they spent hours weighing my boxes in order to research the FedEx quote and now are still attempting to charge another $129 for this research and transfer to a FedEx facility 4.9 miles from their warehouse. They also told me that weight is the most important factor in a shipping quote. However, the quote was off by hundreds of dollars, and their foreman left my belongings at the FedEx facility before I could give consent to the new price. He then called me the next day and asked for $425 because he said it took him 5 hours by himself (Abba & Sons has since lowered this to $129). At that point I questioned why he was charging that much for the transfer and why the FedEx quote was off so much. I also asked for a bill of sale and that's when it was changed to $129. He later sarcastically informed me that no one else has had an issue with him and that I should go look up the word "estimate."
This entire time I have been in a vulnerable position as I am in Tennessee and my belongings have been in the hands of Abba & Sons. I feel that I have been taken advantage of throughout this experience. I also resent their vague accusations as I have been nothing but professional with them. I have never accused Abba & Sons of stealing my monitor but have merely questioned why it was found in "someone's locker" in their warehouse (by their own admission in an email) and why Mr. ****** offered to buy it from me when I asked for him to ship it.
Additionally Abba & Sons has avoided written responses to most of my emails even after I told them I preferred responses in writing. Their message to the Better Business Bureau was the longest written response to these issues that I have seen yet.
At this point I am willing to compromise on the original price I asked for in the interest of resolving this matter. However, I have not yet seen a realistic offer in writing.

10/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company changed the amount of movers on moving day, last minute change cost us over $200. Company did not refund the agreed upon $100.
I had been in contact with ****, she made out the contract. We agreed to a 2 man crew at $89 per hour, plus an $89 travel fee. I explained I wanted to keep the move under $300, and was told this was possible. On the move date, a 3 man crew showed up, this cost $120 an hour plus $120 travel fee. Two of the guys had company shirts and one did not. The total was no where near $300! I reached out to **** after the move, to make sure the company knew that extra movers are showing up on move date. I was quickly contacted by **** ******, who stayed he was the company owner. **** asked me to call him, which I did. **** assured me that this is not the way the company does business and that he would follow up with the crew so this did not happen again. **** agreed to refund $100 (this was the difference from the $120 per hour to the agreed upon $89 per hour). **** was also confused as to why the job had taken so long. I did not know why the move took so long, we had taken apart the crib, had everything boxed and neatly stacked, we did not take our couches and the only other large piece was our bed, which the crew took apart ( no bedroom set just the bed frame). Again **** stated he would speak with the crew about the time as well. **** asked me to text him my address, as this would be easier for him to issue the refund check. This conversation with **** took place on 8/6/14. I did not receive a refund check and followed up with **** again on 9/10/14. I have not received a reply from **** nor a refund check.

Desired Settlement
I would like the agreed upon $100 refund plus an additional $50 for my time in dealing with this issue. Unfortunately I do not believe that this is an honest company and I worry that the same issue is occurring regularly to other customers.

Business Response
This is a response from Abba&Sons Moving, LLC in regards to the complaint filed by the consumer against our company.
While we do acknowledge that more movers were set to Ms. ****** on the day of her move than previously discussed, it has always been our policy to speak with the customer about these changes. The foreman on the job spoke with ms. ****** and told her that there were 3 men available and with the flight of stairs that would be involved, it would be more efficient to use 3 men instead of the original 2. Ms. ****** was given the opportunity to decline the extra help as well as the extra cost, gave consent. Ms. ****** was also very pleased with the work that was done and gave all 3 men verbal praise as well as a generous tip.
As for the concern as to why the job took longer than expected, these are things that are subject to change. There was a flight of stairs to consider which slowed down the men as they moved. The travel time was also a contributing factor in the overall time it took to complete the job.
In regards to Ms. ****** not receiving her refund, we do sincerely apologize. She was dealing with a former employee and unfortunately there was a lack of communication before and after her termination with the company.
We would be more than happy to refund Ms. ****** her $100 as soon as possible, as for the additional $50, we will not be including that in the refund.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Abba and Sons followed through with the agreement and refunded $100 as originally stated by the owner.

10/18/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Abba & Sons Moving Co. damaged the granite on a serpentine chest. They sent someone to fix it which made it worse and now they won't respond.
On March 17, 2013, Abba & Sons Moving Co. moved my furnishings. They admitted to standing on a granite top chest which caused it to crack. The company sent an unreliable repair man who continually had to reschedule. He finally came to repair the piece and damaged it further. He said he needed a different part to finish the job, but never came back. When I could not reach him, I called Abba & Sons back saying I did not want this person to work on it further as he was unreliable and that I was seeking an estimate to repair the damages. They agreed over the phone to this course of action. Once I had an estimate, they did not take my calls, nor respond to my texts or emails.
Heritage Interiors stated that the repair person should not have attempted to repair the piece because water was required to buff down the cracks; being that the granite is securely attached to the wood, the use of water is not an option as it would damage the wood. Therefore, the granite needs to be replaced. ***, Abba & Sons handyman, stated that granite was not his specialty but swore he could fix it. He made a big mess trying to buff out the crack. All he accomplished was that he removed the shine from the granite.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking the $984.00 as quoted on the estimate from Heritage Interiors to replace the damaged granite.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this response for the following reasons:

1)With all due respect to the repairman's loss, he had put me off several times, not just once. Neither he, nor Abba & Sons mentioned that he had a death in the family; only, that he couldn't make it or didn't have the proper tools with him. And he NEVER returned my calls. By his own admission, granite work is NOT his forte. This is evidenced by the fact that he further damaged the piece.

2)If the company had read my complaint fully, they would know that the item canNOT be repaired. It must be replaced, as water is required to restore the granite. Being that the granite is securely attached to the wooden chest, and cannot be detached without breaking it, water would damage the chest.

3)This company and their repairman have made no attempts to contact me. I have attempted to contact them by phone, text and email. The last time they answered my phone call, they said they would be amenable to reviewing a quote from a real granite repair company. However, they never responded to my subsequent attempts to contact them to submit the quote.

4)The fact that Abba & Sons missed both of the BBB's deadlines to respond, affirms their lacking customer service and their unwillingness to settle the matter.

5)They do not need more time to respond. This took place 6 months ago! I have been more than reasonable and patient and went so far as to do their job for them to get the item repaired. I also, did them the courtesy of calling them first, to tell them that I would be seeking a quote for repairs, since their repairman was unreliable and unreachable. They admitted that even they were unable to reach him.

6)The fact that they chose not to file an insurance claim should not be my problem. I entrusted them with the SAFE delivery of my household. In return, they marred doors and door jams to my newly built home, broke a bookcase and ruined the granite top to a serpentine chest - both by standing on it and by sending someone to fix it that did not know what he was doing. Yet I only requested for the chest to be repaired. The quote I received from Heritage Interiors confirms that the granite cannot be repaired.

7)At this point, I find the only acceptable resolution to be a money order in the amount quoted by Heritage Interiors (submitted previously). Upon completion of the replacement, I would furnish Abba & Sons with a receipt.

Business Response
As stated in our contract that the customer signed at the time of the move. The agreed or declared value of the property is hereby specifically stated by the customer, and confirmed by their signature hereon to be not exceeding .60 cents per pound per article unless specifically excepted. We attempted to repair the broken piece in order to appease the customer and regret that we were unable to do so properly. We are willing to pay half of the bill that we received for a new piece of granite. The total we are offering to pay is $491.82.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
This is clearly a business that does not understand the concept of doing the right thing by their customers. This has dragged on for 7 months. They damaged my furniture and sent a family member to fix it to save money. Only their handyman made it worse. And now, after all this time, they cite their contract as a loophole?! They damaged the item not once, but TWICE!
I am however, accepting the offer to end the matter. However, if I do not receive the funds in the form of a money order in a timely manner, I am prepared to file a lawsuit with the Pima County Small Claims court.

05/20/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I hired movers to unload a truck and my 60 inch plasma television was broken. The company is acting like they did not break it and refuses to cover it
I hired movers to unload a truck I rented. The staff helped unload another storage unit as well and consolidate into one unit. I had a 60 inch plasma TV they moved. I was in the front of the truck and hear something fall in the truck. When I walked to the back of the truck and employee of abba was holding up my TV and my Bicycle. I asked him if my TV was dropped and he said no. It was my bike that I heard. When I unpacked the TV the screen was shattered. When I called the company to report the damage they questioned me and the employees.they denied the damage and the owner refuses to cover the loss.

Desired Settlement
I would like my TV replaced with a similar or equal model.

Business Response
Contact Name and Title: Abba&Sons Moving
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ************
On April 17 2016 ABBA Moving & Storage was hired by ******* ****** to consolidate one storage unit into another storage unit with the use of the customers truck & pre-boxed items but without normal tools we would professionally use on our trucks. After we loaded the customers truck with several items needing tie downs which they did not have, we advised the customer to drive their truck slowly so not to cause any shifts. When the customer came to a stop and a noise was heard inspection by our movers revealed that a bike had fallen, the customer then assessed the noise and that there was no damage. We went about finishing the job, customer paid & tipped when finished. About 2 weeks later we received a complaint from Customer that we had broken a 60" Plasma TV customer demanded we replace it. We attempted to meet with the customer to better the situation before we could meet the BBB was contacted with this complaint.

07/21/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

We were moving from Lake Havasu, AZ to 350 miles to Green Valley, AZ. I contacted Abba, spoke with **** told her other bids we had as well as the # of boxes and total weight. She emailed me back a GUARANTEED price of $3850.00.**** requested a deposit of$530.00 paid 4-9-14. Packing day came and owner ***** took me outside and said needs additional boxes etc., and other truck. I asked why should we have to pay for his employees error? Said that the way it will have to be. At this point our house was sold and had no choice we needed to get out that day (was taken advantage and ****** knew it) He then went to hotel to get some sleep, however before he did he went on Craig's List and hired 3 non-bonded packers, (did same thing at destination). Never told me about this practice of hiring off of Craig's List nor did **** his relocation consultant . **** owner, showed me a receipt for the packing boxes only, never what he paid for the truck. Move in day comes and his guys, one employee and other 3,again from Craig's List, unloaded one truck. *** wanted to settle up, I was angry because he took advantage of our situation and if I did not signed the credit card receipt he would take off with the other truck. So the charge went from $3850.00 to $5530.00, credit card company stated would not go after Abba because I signed the charged. I asked what would you do? I signed under duress, what choice did I have???
Product_Or_Service: Moving

Desired Settlement
I only want to pay for what I was quoted $3850.00, minus the $530.00 we had already paid. I am owed $1680.00 credit back to my credit card. *** took advantage and he knew it. By the way, I do have the quote, **** emailed it to me, so I do have proof.

Business Response
In response to complaint filed by Mrs. *******:

Abba & Sons Moving contracted to move **** ******* on April 28th, there had been many phone calls and emails back and forth with the client, **** ******* and Abba & Sons. During these correspondences Ms. ******* & Abba & Sons agreed that we would drive to Lake Havasu from Tucson to pack her entire house and load our 26 ft moving truck and move her household items and belongings to Green Valley, Arizona. The quote we gave her, without seeing her household, was a flat rate $3850.

When **** ******, the owner of Abba & Sons arrived at her home in Lake Havasu, they knew immediately that **** had not communicated to us the entire scope of the job. At that time **** and his worker realized that he needed extra man power to complete this job, in addition to renting another 26 ft truck to move everything.

At this time, because we were under a time constraint, we attempted to call all the moving companies in the Lake Havasu area looking for additional 4 movers to complete this move, however because this is the busiest time of the year for moving companies, we could not locate additional movers through the area moving companies. This is a practice that is often in the moving industry, hiring just labor from moving companies once we get to the destination.

When we could not locate 4 additional movers, we then put an ad on Craigslist, looking for workers who have moving experience and we located the 4 additional workers to help pack and load our truck. We then had to rent an additional truck to fit all of her belongings for the move to Green Valley. Mr. ****** explained in detail to **** ******* that this job required much more than was originally communicated to us over the phone and emails that were exchanged back and forth. He went over all the costs involved to get this job done and completed in the time frame **** needed her things moved. To our knowledge, she understood and agreed to the extra expense and signed the new agreement for the move which came to additional $1680. That increase in our estimate extra moving crew, gas and the rental of the truck. **** feels thaw he provide excellent service to her and extended his patience with her while she had to tend to her ill husband the entire time.

On April 29, 2014 we delivered things to her new home in Green Valley. At the time of deliver, **** was available for a conversation with **** if she felt she was wronged in this agreement. She did not seek him out nor call the office to complain about anything. This complaint has come to a shock to everyone who participated in this move.

About a week after we unloaded her 2 X 26 ft trucks in Green Valley, she did call us to ask for help fixing a lamp that she had got dis-assembles during the move. At that time **** went back a 2nd time to help fix her lamp as well as picked up her empty boxes which were normally charge a $50 service fee, but we waived that fee for her. Again, there was no conversation with **** about her unhappiness about the move.

Ms. ******* at that time could have spoken with **** about her concerns, but did not. She never called the office to speak with **** or **** about the extra charges incurred. At this point we had no indication that Ms. ******* was un happu about anything unit; we received a bad review on a web site from her.

**** immediately tried to contact her by phone and email messages to her to try to work this out. We have attempted many times and different ways to med this situation, so it comes as a great surprise t us that she had once again written a complaint with the BBB of Tucson and are available any time to speak to her directly about this dispute (see complaint online).

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