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12/29/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Refused to give us a missing cabinet door. Charged us $30 for it, even though they promised us already they would give it to us.
The issues go beyond this one problem. First, they promised us a delivery date after we tell them how important the timing is (trying to sell our house). They didn't call us to notify us it was going to be 2 weeks late. We had to call them to find out why they were not delivered on time. They offered a "sorry" and nothing more. After this debacle (which cost us thousands of dollars), we find out that they "designed" a "dead" space bigger than an entire stove. My wife thought they meant "blind", not "dead". But there were several ways of designing it so there wasn't 8 sq. ft. of totally wasted space (in an already small kitchen). Furthermore, they designed a random cabinet to be in the middle of the floor (not against a wall), because of this same terrible design.

Immediately after we spoke with our contractor, he told us there was one cabinet which was missing a door. We told them about it and they said no problem, we could get it when we came back for the missing shelves they forgot to give us as well. When we finally came for the door, they refused to give it to us, telling us that we were lying to them and that we were trying to profit a cabinet door. Big fight with my pregnant wife over it, too, upsetting her quite a bit. Why on earth would we try to profit a cabinet door?

They refused to give us the door without paying for it. Since we had a credit pending for a different exchange we did, they took it out of that credit. My wife spoke with everybody there, including the owner. They simply wouldn't honor the missing door, nor offer us any compensation for being inexplicably late.

Desired Settlement
$30. That's it. That's all we are asking for. Aside from simply doing better business (designing better cabinets, notifying customers ahead of time when your promised delivery dates can't be met, etc.)

Business Response
Consumer's Desired Resolution:
1. $30. That's it.
Answer: Request Denied Reason: The acceptance of all merchandise purchased at A Handyman's Haven (AHH) by a Customer is consummated when the Customer has inspected and verified that the invoiced merchandised has met or exceeded their expectation. After the Customer has determined that the above is true, their initial of that item is obtained. Mrs. ***** and/or ***** (installer) inspected and initialed purchased items on the AHH Warehouse form. The AHH employees involved were two (2) warehouse employees and the Warehouse Manager.
AHH Company policy is that no item leaved our premises unless it meets the Customer's Invoiced requirements. AHH stocks four (4) styles of cabinetry with all necessary parts that may be

2. Aside from simply doing better business (designing better cabinets, notifying customers ahead of time when you promised delivery dates can't be met, etc.)
The kitchen measurements provided by Mrs. ***** with her concerns considered dictated the cabinet arrangement of the kitchen. The complexities presented, wall structure modifications, and requested improvements dictated the cabinet arrangements. Mrs. ***** understood the complexities and selected the best course of design based on her concerns. There was one (1) major safety issue where Mrs. ***** proposed a solution and I designed the change into the layout.
Three (3) major customer initiated changed occurred after the initial design that required in-store and incoming truck inventory checks. She fully understood the difficulty with her requests.

Customer's Original Complaint:
I am going to dissect each statement and provide a response. Each of the responses can be substantiate with AHH documentation upon request. Three dots "..." reference the wordage in the original complaint.

1. Refused to give us a missing cabinet door. (sic)
Answer: If "give" means free of charge, the request is a function of the actual reason for a complimentary door. Five people, two of *****'s and three AHH Employees verified that the cabinet of discussion was complete with two operating doors during the time of inspecting all of the cabinets. The inspection is prior to any loading of cabinets by the installer.

2. First, they promised us with a delivery date "..." (trying to sell our house),
Answer: AHH does not provide an exact delivery date, only a truck PO number with an approximate date. Too many entities are involved governig the delivery date. Some are manufacture's schedule, trailer arrival, tractor availability, driver availability, truck breakdowns, driver sickness, weather, road closures, etc.

3. They didn't call us to notify us it was going to be 2 weeks late.
Answer: An incorrect statement. The truck arrived five (5) days later than anticipated. The *****'s were called when the cabinets arrived and were ready for pick up. The *****'s delayed pick up about seven (7) days from the initial call. At each customer-initiated change, the updated delivery schedule was provided.

4. They offered a "sorry" and nothing more.
Answer: Stating "sorry" indicates our sensitivity to the situation at hand.

5. After this debacle (which costs us thousands of dollars), we find out they designed a "dead" space bigger than an entire stove.
Answer: This statement is broken up into two comments.

5A. "..." cost us thousands of dollars
Answer: A subjective statement that may be difficult to quantify, especially with their delayed pick up and requested design change after their pick up.

5B. Yes, the dead space square footage is greater than the st ove's footprint square footage.
Answer: This fact has no practical significance in designing a kitchen. The space of concern is such that the smallest blind corner cabinet would not be operate as designed because of the close proximity of the stove to the alleged blind corner. The cabinet door would not be able to open properly and the drawer would be restricted from opening its fullest extent, creating an expensive purchase with no value.

6. There were several ways of designing kitchen so there wasn't 8 sq ft of totally wasted space (in an already small kitchen).
Answer: I provided two alternate kitchen designs to Mrs. *****, but neither was acceptable. If Aaron ***** had solutions to the situation, he never came forward to offer them. In fact, he depended on Mrs. to be his spokeswoman. Inaccurate measurements and numerous changes created a fluctuating environment.

7. My wife thought they meant "blind", not "dead".
Answer: I discussed the difficulties with the corner from the onset. I offered several options if the *****'s would be open to changing the floor plan. All suggestions fell on deaf ears. I did produce additional designs, but they were unacceptable. In my opinion Mrs. ***** fully understood the problem and the definition of "blind" and "dead" associated with kitchen cabinet design.

8. Furthermore, the design a random cabinet to be in the middle of the floor (not against the wall), because of this terrible design. (sic)
Answer: No cabinets are in the middle or were considered for design to be in the middle of the floor. The statement is inaccurate.

9. Immediately after we spoke with our contractor, he told us there was one cabinet missing a door.
Answer: An inaccurate statement, there was no missing cabinet door. The cabinets were inspected and picked up on Aug 6, 2015. On Aug 22, 2015 sixteen (16) days later, AHH became aware that the *****'s are alleging a missing cabinet door. On Aug 22, 2015 I explained what was initialed and spoke with one employee and the Warehouse Manager with Mrs. ***** present. The conversation was observed by another Designer.

10. We told them about it "..." back for the missing shelves they forgot to give us as well.
Answer: The *****'s were to return a set of pantry shelves that they failed to return with a returned pantry that could not be utilized due to the inaccurate measurements initially supplied for the kitchen design.

11. When we finally "..." telling us that we were lying to them "..." door?
Answer: Never did I accuse Mrs. ***** of lying. I explained that AHH Procedures were followed and the procedures were verified with two warehouse employees that there were responsible for processing the accepting process.

12. Mr. Aaron ***** referred to his "contractor."
By Arizona Revised Statues the value of his project exceeds the Handyman Exemption value requiring the project be conducted by an Arizona Registered Contractor in good standing with a ROC number, License, Bonded and Insured.

13. Documentation on the pertinent matters discussed in this rebuttal are on file and available upon request.

Consumer Response
***Document Attached***
Just read the response from Handyman's Haven in regard to this complaint. Unfortunately, the original response went into my Spam folder, so this was the first we saw of it. We thought they would ignore this complaint and I was going to follow up to make sure.


1. We did not inspect the cabinets in relation to where they should go, or which cabinets were potentially missing any parts. They told us to inspect it for damage, which we did. There wasn't any damage. Just a missing door, which we found later. It's obvious the door was missing because the holes weren't even drilled. If AHH employees inspected this, they did a terrible job, since this was a major oversight. We trusted AHH to be competent at their job and we expect we would not have to check for obvious things, like missing cabinet doors where there should have been.

2. If Mr. ****** is trying to say that the delays were caused by us, that is simply false. We did create a couple of small delays due to some changes around the fridge, but not the additional delays which were NOT communicated to us until after they happened (missing deliveries, etc.). Please don't try to say that you didn't cause any delays without communication because that's simply a lie.

We had to delay our installation *because* of the delays from AHH. Contractors can't simply sit around and wait for cabinets to be delivered late. The contractor moved on to other projects because of the delays caused by AHH.

In terms of design, there were a couple of other ideas which were floated which had other terrible drawbacks, like the window hitting the microwave, etc.

We relied on the "experts" to design a space with a blank slate and a couple of considerations. Mrs. ***** is not an expert in designing kitchen cabinets and deferred to the better judgement of AHH. Obviously, creating 8 sq. ft. of dead space with an entirely blank slate is bad design. We aren't asking for anything to be done, except to do better at your job. Don't expect the customer to be a better designer of cabinets than you are yourselves. You should be ashamed of yourselves at this point.

Mr. ****** claims there aren't any cabinets in the middle of the middle of the floor. Attached is a picture to prove it. We had to build a custom countertop to accommodate this asinine design. This was also on the same wall as the dead space. We got 8 sq. ft. of dead space AND had to essentially extend a wall all because of this bad design.

10. We returned all shelves which were agreed to be returned, Mr ****** is lying about this. If we need to provide separate affidavits in support of this, we will.

11. You obviously called us (and are still calling us) liars about the missing door. Think about it this way, Mr. ******: Do you really think we would go through all this hassle over $30? Take a moment and ponder this. Why would these people, who spent thousands of dollars at your store be so unhappy about $30? It's because you made a mistake and instead of doing the right thing, you chose to do the wrong thing. Calling us liars instead of simply giving us the missing door was the incorrect approach.

Mr. ******, not only did you handle things incorrectly at the outset, you continue to handle them in the worst possible way. As a result, we not only will continue this claim, but we are going to go the extra mile and we will give your business bad reviews on every single website and organization we can possibly use. We will spend countless hours notifying as many people as possible about your terrible business practices and warn them not to use you AT ANY COST.

Now you tell me...was it worth it? We've already had two other cabinet jobs which would have been yours, and you will lose countless other business opportunities as a result of your failure to properly conduct business.

Mr. ******, you need to realize two things:

1) Charging a customer $30 for a product they say is missing is not only petty, but it's an insult. Again, consider our motives and stop being so defensive for just a moment. WHY would we lie? I would burn $30 right before your very eyes to prove to you it isn't about the $30. The BBB requires we provide some way for you to make the customer happy. Alternatively, we'd be happy to uninstall these cabinets and get our money back. Otherwise, we see no other recourse than to ask for the $30 and an apology.

2) Continuing to fight with a customer only gets them more upset at you, thereby causing you even more grief and lost business in the long run (by a wide margin).

Attached are three affidavits in support of the missing cabinet door, certifying that three independent individuals confirm there was not only not door, but there were no holes even drilled for the door.

Final Business Response
We are in receipt of the *****'s response to our rebuttal from September 4, 2015 and CLOSED by the BBB on September 15, 2015.

At this time, there is nothing new in which to respond. Mr. ***** has now had his wife make a complaint to reopen a closed and settled dispute. Mr. ***** states he had the response in his "junk" mail for 3 months, however the BBB has Mr. *****'s correct email from the initial complaint and we find this to be a lie and his continued reports to be harassment and slanderous.

We are deferring to our original response and can attach the other postings that Mr. ***** and his wife continue to make on numerous social media sites.

Respectfully submitted,

******* ******, Owner

03/28/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We ordered and received new kitchen cabinets. One upper cabinet was too wide, 30 inches vs 24 inches. The owner, who made the measurements, told us it was our contractor's fault and refused to give us the proper width cabinet as a replacement. We also ordered two options in our island cabinet which were not delivered. We did not pay for these options, but were told they were missed when the cabinet order was submitted to the manufacturer. Overall very poor customer service. The owner and his son run this business and were very arrogant when we addressed these issues. Basically, they are not at fault for anything and the blame is on us or our contractor. I would not recommend this business to anyone.

Desired Settlement
I would like the optional items we requested in the island cabinet to be provided to us at cost and free installation. My contractor has agreed to purchase the correct width upper cabinet out of his own pocket.

Business Response
I am in receipt of the complaint letter dated December 6, 2013. I received the actual letter on December 21, 2013 our last business day of 2013. I apologize for the lateness of this response.

I am addressing each item contained in *******'s (Consumer) complaint.

1. "We ordered and received new kitchen cabinets."
This statement is inaccurate. The customer for these cabinets was the Contractor responsible for the installation by virtue of the fact that the Contractor paid for and approved the design.

2. "One upper cabinet was too wide, 30 inches vs. 24 inches."
During the cabinet installation the concerned cabinet extended past the newly dry walled soffit. The Contractor approved the design in concert with the Consumer and partially paid for the merchandise. The final payment ensued at pick up time, approximately 2 1/2 weeks after the initial design approval. Reducing the wall cabinet from 30" to 24" presents a misalignment of the upper wall cabinet with the base cabinet. From a design perspective the change in cabinet design creates an imbalance and an asymmetrical presentation.

3. "The owner, who made the measurements, told us it was our contractor's fault and refused to give us the proper width cabinet as a replacement."
Yes, I verified the measurements on site with the Consumer present. The Consumer provided the competitor's design as a reference. The Consumer was present on site and actively participated in the discussions. Our discussion did not address construction of the area, only if the cabinets proposed by the competitor's design as presented to A Handyman's Haven for an estimate would fit on the walls.

The Contractor, paid for the merchandise, thereby being the actual "customer" on this project, not the Consumer. Realizing the Consumer's concern, I presented an alternative solution at a minimum construction cost. The Consumer rejected the alternative solution. Thereby, the discussion centered on who would bear the responsibility for the additional cabinet cost, The Consumer or the Contractor? The Consumer stated that, due to cost overruns, the Consumer would not be accepting any additional financial costs.

4. "We also ordered two options in our island which were not delivered."
These two additional items were not ordered by the Contractor or the Consumer.

5. "We did not pay for these options, but were told they were missed when the cabinet order was submitted to the manufacturer."
The items were never missed by the manufacturer, the Consumer never ordered nor paid for the merchandise either through the Contractor or as the Consumer.

The specific items requested, not known as of today, by the Consumer, requires notifying A Handyman's Haven of the specifics.

Many Rev-A-Shelf organizer options were discussed and presented to the Consumer and his Spouse at the initial interview. The Consumer shall notify the Contractor, the payee, what discussed options would be included in the project.

The Rev-A-Shelf Organizers are not provided by the manufacturer of the cabinets. The items generally are provided by A Handyman's Haven and either installed by the payee of the merchandise or installed by A Handyman's Haven at our Store.

6. The remaining statements in the Consumer's complaint are relative to the recipient's agenda and/or expectations. These opinions are not going to be addressed by me; I respect the Consumer's opinion. However, I respectfully disagree with the statement and the Consumer's conclusions.

7. History of the Consumer's Project
The Consumer came into A Handyman's Haven with his Spouse upon being referred to us on behalf of a Contractor. We have utmost respect for and have worked on many projects with the Consumer's Contractor.

The Consumer and Spouse provided us with a competitor's kitchen cabinet design requesting an estimate predicated on the dimensions and cabinet selection as depicted on the competitor's floor plan drawing. During the interview process the Consumer and Spouse were shown several cabinet companies, some seven that we represent along with various cabinet organizer options that are on display or are available. It was recognized during the interview that the Consumer and Spouse were not the Customer; their selected Contractor would be the payee, the true Customer.

At the initial interview, the Consumer requested that we go on site to verify the competitor's measurements. I, Owner, went on site with the Consumer present and the competitor's approved design. The kitchen was under construction with incomplete dry wall. Open ceilings and portions of walls were present throughout.
SOUTH WALL (Sink): I recognized that the South kitchen window was wider than depicted. The cabinet sizes would not fit as depicted on the competitor's floor plan. Cabinet sizes had to be adjusted to conform to the wall and window structure.
SOUTHWEST CORNER: The Southwest corner of the competitor's design was improperly arranged requiring major adjustment.
WEST WALL (Refrigerator): Dimensions checked out okay.
NORTH WALL (Wall Oven): The dimensions of the wall were adequate, wider than required for the competitor's cabinet selection.
ISLAND (Cook Top): The Island area did not require cabinet adjustment. Discussions did not reveal additional items requested for the island's cabinets.

All items were discussed including the changes on the South and West walls and the Southwest corner with the Consumer. The following changes would be presented to the Contractor along with potential price adjustments. The Consumer requested that he also be informed of the outcome.
A. Changes in the sizes of the cabinets on the South and West Wall and the Southwest corner.
B. All other dimensions as to the competitor's floor plan were verified.
C. The discussions concerning the North Wall, oven unit area, were solely associated the cabinet arrangement as depicted on the competitor's floor plan.
D. Initially, during the onsite discussion concerning the North Wall, with the Consumer, or during design approval concerning proposed construction constraints with the Contractor, cabinet size selection was approved.
E. The options concerning the island during onsite discussions were not brought up by the Consumer, since cabinet selection did not require adjustment..
F. Floor plans and photos can be provided substantiating the situation.

8. Consumer's Desired Resolution:
A. "I would like the optional items we requested in the island to be provided to us at cost and free installation.

(1) The optional items were never requested by the Consumer or the Contractor.
(2) The Contractor would have to indicate to us the items that are being requested.
(3) The cost of the items would be the Contractor's.
(4) Free Installation: A Handyman's Haven cannot accomplish onsite installations due to Arizona Revised Statues concerning Contractors; A Handyman's Haven is not a Registered Contractor, is not Bonded, nor Insured for onsite installations.

B. "My contractor has agreed to purchase the correct width upper cabinet out of his own pocket."
The Contractor contacted me concerning the cabinet purchase. I agreed to accept half of the cost of the cabinet involved without requesting the larger cabinet returned to us.

A. The Consumer may not realize the fact that The Consumer is acting as the overall "General Contractor." The ultimate responsibility lies within the Consumer's jurisdiction. I am not privy to the agreement with the Contractor, cabinet installer, as to the reason for the Contractor being the payee on this portion of the project.
B. The relationship between the Consumer and Contractor is of question. The responsibility for the entire project, flooring, doors, cabinet selection, cabinet installation, electrical, painting, dry wall, tear out, etc lies with whom? Were there other contractors, registered or not, involved in the overall project. If the Contractor was not responsible, then the Contractor is a Sub Contractor.
C. A Handyman's Haven, then, is a Sub to a Sub Contractor by virtue of the payment arrangement. Apparently this process is not recognized by the Consumer, even though our position at the onset was explained to the Consumer.
D. We can respond favorable to any and all communications when the concerns are addressed in a professional and timely manner.

10. Resolution through A Handyman's Haven
A. Contractor or the Consumer notifies us of requested island options.
B. Contractor or the Consumer responsible for payment.
C. Contractor or Consumer responsible for installation.

Respectively submitted,

******* ******

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I appreciate A Handyman's haven response to my complaint. Item #2 was resolved by the installation of a 24 inch cabinet which was provided by A Handyman's Haven and my contractor at no cost to me. A Handymans's Haven, by admission, made on site measurements of the south, southwest, and north walls and made adjustments as necessary. Yet, the north wall not being compatible with a 30 inch cabinet was missed. Had this been caught during the on site inspection, we could have saved time and money. A Handyman's Haven is the "expert" in this case, and I relied on their experience to guide us through our cabinet installation process. The competitor's design they reference only showed a computer generated depiction of what the cabinet installation might look like, not a accurate template of final installation.
Item #5 addresses the option of Rev-a Shelf inserts to the island cabinets. We were made aware of these options by A Handyman's Haven during our initial consultation and told their rep that we wanted them installed in the island side pull-out drawers. As I stated previously, THEIR rep pointed out this option to us. We had no idea these were even an option until pointed out to us by THEIR rep. Obviously this was missed in the ordering process. They got the color correct, the style correct, most of the cabinet dimensions correct, but omitted our selection of these options.
Item #8 states these options were never requested by the consumer or contractor. The Handyman's Haven rep who took our initial order and physically got up from his desk, and showed us these options as installed in a display cabinet, evidently did not add our selection to the order. He was twice distracted by his cell phone while he was talking to us, so it is possible the request by us was overlooked or forgotten due to this distraction.
Item #9 contains statements by A Handyman's Haven which seem to purposefully convolute this issue, as well as distance themselves from any blame or liability. The facts remain that THEY measured the kitchen and THEY took the order with our selections. THEY made adjustments as necessary but missed one. THEY brought to our attention an option and THEY did not order it. With regard to the legal issue of who is a General contractor who is a contractor, a sub of a sub etc., A Handyman's Haven may not realize that MY money paid for this project and whether or not they think of me as a General Contractor or consumer, it is obvious I am not considered a customer.
Item # 10: I would be content with sharing the cost and installation of the Rev-a Drawer options with A Handyman's Haven and my Contractor.
Cordially, ****** *******

Final Business Response
I received BBB letter dated Jan 14, 2014 on Jan 18, 2014 with the rebuttal from the consumer.

In response to the consumer's rebuttal, I am not going to ruminate the areas of concern because they are adequately addresses in the initial rebuttal provided.

Item 10 (initial rebuttal)
To this day I do know what organizers the consumer is referring to, since the cabinet installer not the consumers has contacted me with the requests. Therefore, I am unable to properly address the situation of concern as to the costs. A fair market value may be established for the desired products.

The installation as indicated initially has to be borne by the consumer (see rebuttal online). DA

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