February 11, 2009
The BBB - Google Partnership has been seeing amazing growth. We had NO IDEA Google was so powerful and generated so many consumer "clicks" on BBB Accredited Business reliability reports (including the highly successful new letter grades.)

Now, the Home Remodeling/Maintenance Specific Service Pages Are Here!

We are now in the process of assembling Google pages for the following home remodeling/maintenance specific service categories:
Window & Door Sales, Installation and Service Contractors (not including garage doors)
Roofing Contractors
Deck, Patio and Room Addition Contractors

And also - Pest Control Services

Each of these categories will have its own sponsoring member page on Google and each page will have a separate charge for sponsorship. These categories generate considerable activity on Google and therefore Google considers them to be separate categories from general home remodeling and charges us "click" fees accordingly. Yes, it is expensive for us...but not you.

The sponsorship fee for each of the new pages will still be $75.00 per month (not per week!) for metro Toledo members and $50.00 per month for non-metro Toledo members. Fees are usually just billed via your credit card. Adding your business to one or more of the pages can be done either the same day or the next at the latest.

To demonstrate for yourself how a BBB-Google page works, start by doing what 70% of all consumers do every day: log on to Google. Then type the following words, depending on your page (s) of interest, into the regular Google search box:
Windows: Type "Toledo Windows" into the search box
Roofing: Type "Toledo Roofer" into the search box
Deck & Patio: Type "Toledo Patio" into the search box
Pest Control: Type "Toledo Pest Control" into the search box
When the page comes up, you will see "Better Business Bureau" near the top (or right side) of the page. Click on the BBB's name. At that point you are taken to a page listing those Accredited Businesses supporting that category. Another click on the business' name or BBB report link will take you directly to the AB's BBB report just as if you had come to the BBB website on purpose to research that member's reputation!

Getting onto the top of a Google search page normally costs hundreds of dollars a month. And companies without web sites can't ever get to the top. The BBB - Google Partnership SOLVES THIS DIFFICULT PROBLEM FOR YOUR COMPANY! Think of it; a first search page Google position, under the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU NAME! You can have a web presence or additional web presence for just $75.00 or $50.00 per month. What else can you do for such a relatively modest expenditure that will keep your name in front of those searching GOOGLE for your services on a 24/7/365 basis?

For those of you eager to put Google to work for you, please do not wait for my call. Contact me as soon as possible. Due to the large number of members in each of these categories it may take awhile until I call you. To become a page sponsor or for further information call me, Steve Slusarski at Direct Phone (419) 720-7164, (419) 578-6000 ext 134 or e-mail me at

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