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MR Direct, Inc.

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4 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
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Problems with Product / Service4
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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
06/24/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Two marble sinks have manufacturing issues, Sinks permanently discolor to black and gray.
Item - **** Cream Pinta Compound Marble Vessel Sinks
Date of purchase - October, 2014
Cost - 2 @ $199
Payment method - credit card
Date of installation - one in November; one in December
approximately 2 weeks after installation, each sink developed black dots and dark gray areas. we called the company immediately. they said the markings were normal. They wouldn't do anything. We have cleaned the sinks according to the instructions, but the spots multiply and darken. We contacted the company again about 2 weeks ago and sent them pictures. we dealt with **** ****** Aside from returning only the initial call, his response has been zero. Not returning further calls, refusing to refund the sinks and even refusing to supply us with an industrial-grad sealer, yet acknowledging that the sinks are now terribly stained beyond their original color. They were originally a uniform oatmeal color.

Desired Settlement
If the company continues to refuse a refund on their faulty merchandise, we ask that they hire someone who will sand out the stains or bleach them out. we would furthermore ask that the company provide the industrial-grade sealer required to hold the color for a minimum of one year.

Business Response
To who this may concern,
The customer has already been contacted and we are resolving the issue. We apologize for the issue, but at the time what it was found through speaking with the customer and viewing pictures that the warranty would not cover what had happened. We were in contact with the customer many times during the time when ******** first contacted us. The issue is being resolved.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
We are satisfied with the resolution of this complaint. we are expecting a full refund. Thank you.

12/17/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company will not replace drain due to wrong color because beyond 30 days even though they ordered me the wrong one on my phone order.
I attempted to place an order online with Mr. Direct on 10/10/12, but their system was down so I called and spoke with a rep whose system was also down so she said she'd call me back which she did later that day. She placed my order on my behalf and inadvertently switched my brushed nickel drain to a chrome drain which doesn't match my faucet. Since I was in the midst of renovating my kitchen and 2 bathrooms and then lost my mother to cancer which slowed down the work, I didn't detect the error until 6 weeks after my purchase. I did open the boxes immediately, counted all parts and made sure sinks were right, but I never expected they would have sent me a chrome drain when I asked for brushed nickel. Mr. Direct will not accept the return even if I was willing to pay the 20% restocking fee because it's beyond the 30 days which they claim they never make exceptions on. They are saying it's my mistake and that I placed my own order online, but I couldn't do that because their website was down. I gave the person on the phone all of the part numbers that I wanted and she put the order through for me. I was shocked that they wouldn't switch it and offered to pay the difference. The drain is in it's original package and never installed and now I have to go out and purchase another one.

When I called on Monday, they said they would immediately ship out the right drain, but then I received an email today saying they couldn't ship it out until I paid the $1 difference in price AND 20% restocking fee. I thought that was horrible since it was their error. I asked if they'd waive the restocking fee so they said they'd check with management and call back. Then, I got an email saying not only couldn't they waive the restocking fee but they also couldn't send me the replacement at all even if I was willing to pay the restocking fee because it was beyond 30 days.

I wish I did my homework since there have been multiple claims against them which I now see here on your site, as well as many reports online about their rigid return policy and bad service. Interestingly, their response is always blaming the customer (saying they tried to help or that the policy is the policy). They are trying to say that I ordered the wrong one online, but I never used their website so they are lying about that.

My order number was XXXXXXXXX
Item 1917 Stainless Steel Vanity Sink and
Pop-Up Drain

Desired Settlement
That's all I'm asking for is a prepaid shipping label to send them back the wrong one and for them to send me the correct one, and I'll happily pay the additional $1 difference.

Business' Initial Response
I am very sorry for your trouble. We will get you a prepaid return label to send back the chrome pop up drain and also ship out the brushed nickel drain today, at no additional cost. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and hope that our efforts to resolve this will cause you to reconsider your view on our company. We do value our customers and believe everyone deserves exceptional customer service. You will be contacted today by someone to confirm the shipping arrangements. Thanks and have a great day!

Consumer's Final Response
I ended up having to go out and purchase a new drain because I couldn't wait for this case to be resolved to use my sink. The new drain cost me $30, therefore, I would prefer to receive a refund in this amount vs. a replacement drain. Thank you.

09/20/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I packaged & returned sink in exact packaging used by MR Direct (minus sheer bag). Company claims insufficient packaging damaged sink-denying refund.
I purchased a sink (901 copper) from MR Direct on May 21, 2013 for the price of $595. The sink was lovely but did not match our kitchen. As per company policy, I returned the sink within 30 days for full refund.
Together with my contractor, we repackaged the sink in the EXACT packaging it came in (minus a sheer material bag). Nails were used to secure and stabilize the contents of the box. The package was sent from the ***** store mid June and received at MR Direct on or around June 25, 2013.

I waited for a refund and called twice on the delay of my refund.
(I believe MR Direct has these calls recorded). I was told the sink was received, restocked and I should be receiving my refund shortly. On those calls, I spoke with a ***** and/or ******* and ******** ***. Finally, at the end of July, I received an email from ******** *** stating that the product was damaged and they would not refund me. Many more emails went back and forth between ******** *** and Returns Manager ****** ************ and myself (all of which I have copies of).

While I also provided my contractors statement of how we used the original, exact packaging (again, minus the sheer bag, which would not have padded sink), MR Direct is refusing to process my refund.

On August 10, 2013, I emailed asking for a company officer's contact information - no reply. On August 13, 2013, I called to speak with a company officer. An employee, *****, gave me the name *** (would not provide a last name or phone number) and hung up on me.

I followed MR Direct's return policy to receive a full refund. I packaged the sink with the exact packing materials and in the same box they they used, send via *** ** - all they requested.

MR Direct sent me photos of a damaged sink. I have no idea how that sink was damaged and/or if that truly is the sink I returned to them.

Desired Settlement
I followed MR Direct's return policy to receive a full refund. I packaged the sink with the exact packing materials and in the same box they they used, send via ****** - all they requested.

MR Direct sent me photos of a damaged sink. I agree that sink is damaged but have no idea how it was damaged - given that I repacked it how it was sent to me.
I have no way to verify that the sink MR Direct sent me photos of was, indeed, the sink I returned to them.
There is no way I can be faulted for damaging the sink when I followed MR Direct's guidelines.

I am asking for full refund of the $595 I spent on the sink.

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern :

In regards to the customer's claim that we are not offering a fair judgement for refund, we will emphasize again that any product returned to our location in non-resalable condition cannot be credited. The customer claims that the package containing a 901 copper sink was exactly as it was shipped to her; however, photographic documentation by our claims department upon first receipt of the product says otherwise. Two of our Claims Representatives were present at time of receipt and upon opening the crate, one mentioned that photos would be necessary as they could foresee a problem with the packaging and the denied credit that would ensue. The Returns Manager was then called out to the warehouse to inspect the package and get a first-hand look at the product in question in the instance there would be any issue in the future.

Although the customer claims the packaging was exactly as it was arriving to their location, she does mention the discarded cloth bag that was not returned surrounding the sink. Granted, the bag would not pad the product, however having discarded of the bag would suggest that other packaging could have also been discarded. The sink was received in very poor condition, nearly bent in half, and with multiple dings and irreparable crushed spots. As the product was not shipped this way and arrived with all original packaging to her location in good condition, it leaves a question as to how the product was received here in such poor condition if all packaging was included (which, as stated before, was not - original inspection papers clearly state this, which we have available for documentation.)

In a recorded phone conversation on June 14th, 2013, the customer discussed the return with a customer service representative as well as a claims representative, describing the sink as follows, verbatim: 'it arrived, safe and sound, absolutely gorgeous-unfortunately... unfortunately, it does not match with my woodwork, with my cabinets.'
In an email to the claims representative dealing with her case dated July 24th, 2013, she mentioned the following in response to our denied claim based on poor packaging and irreparable product: 'If you are referring to the "waviness" of the top of sink (which prevents it from laying flat in sink opening), that was the way I received the sink.' She later states in an email dated August 6th, 2013, the following: 'Bottom line, I sent you an undamaged, properly packaged (FedEx approved) sink.'
Unfortunately, the opposing descriptions she uses to express the condition of the received sink are very far from similar, which confuses the case being made. We do have documentation to support both of these examples.

In reference to calls inquiring about her refund, dated July 15th, 2013, she did call and inquire; response given by returns department was as follows, verbatim: 'I will get with my credit department, see what is going on with that and send you over an email.' (Documentation is available). No credit was promised, and although delayed in response, July 24th, 2013, an email was sent to the customer explaining why the credit was denied, which ensued in a number of emails back and forth between the customer and the Returns Manager, all of which explained cordially and professionally the denial.
The customer did include, in this correspondence, a note from her contractor, which states the following as packaging procedures taken: 'We had bottom Styrofoam top Styrofoam and side Styrofoam to secure the sink so there would be no damage upon return. Also we re-nailed the lid to insure its safe return.'

The message does not mention additional bubble wrap, which the customer claims to have used in emails dated July 24th and a phone call dated July 30th but was not included in the return package. It also makes no mention of the cardboard box that the nailed, wooden crate is shipped in initially - this box is actually never mentioned and was not part of return packaging. Regardless, the condition of the sink is not the responsibility of our company nor is it of our shipping provider, as the packaging is insufficient in many other ways. The customer can make any case that feels necessary, however the evidence remains the same, and we have even offered to send back the product to her at no charge for scrap; as it is pure copper, it has substantial monetary value. A refund will not be issued for full credit. The copper strainer, which arrived intact, has been refunded.

Finally, regarding the service provided to the customer, we also have verbal documentation/recorded phone calls of the conversations between the representative who reportedly 'hung up' on her. The customer was absolutely not 'hung up' on. She was, however, treated cordially and was provided the information she needed in respect with the amount of information a representative of our company is able to release. Supporting documentation can be provided upon request.

All examples and points of contact mentioned in this response can be amply supported, and documentation is available at any point.

Thank you for your time.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

In regards to MR Direct's 8/26/13 response:

I am glad MR Direct sent a response to my complaint, even after stating that they would have not further contact with me. "I must inform you that our decision is final and I will not be able to correspond further regarding a credit of the value" - MR Direct staff ****** ***** 8/7/13.

I do appreciate MR Direct coming to the table with dialog, as that is what a reputable company must do to resolve problems, if they hope to serve customers and stay in business.

However, I have identified a major flaw in their overall dealing with this situation and in their recent response. MR Direct is making many false assumptions and seem unable to take any responsibility for the situation. Let me give details:

The first false assumption made by MR DIRECT is taking my words out of context and trying to speak for me.
On several occasions, they site my reason for returning the sink "it arrived, safe and sound, ...just does not match my cabinets." It is true, like I stated, the sink was fine upon me receiving it, unfortunately, it did not match my cabinetry. Here is the problem, somehow, MR Direct came up with the notion that I thought the sink was damaged when I received it... Why? Because I inquired to ******** *** about the "waviness" on the top part of the sink? (can provide email dated 7/24/13)?
******** ***'s email stated "the sink was damaged and a refund would be denied". Of course, I was completely shocked when I read this as I had used the same exact packing material (minus the material bag) as used by MR Direct to return the sink. I wondered if ******** *** could be referring to the "waviness" at the top/back of the sink that I noticed which enabled the sink to lay perfectly flat on the counter top?? However, this would not have been an issue with installation and I NEVER referred to the "waviness" as "damage" and/or used the term as a reason for return or refund.
Strangely, Ms. ***** of MR Direct was "confused by the information" (from 8/7/13 email) and whomever wrote this 8/26/13 response stated "opposing descriptions she uses to express the condition of the sink are very far from similar, which confused the case being made."
Let me restate, I never viewed the "waviness" on the sink's top, back ledge as damage or a reason for return or refund.

The second major false assumption made by MR Direct: that I "discarded" the material bag used to ship the sink from their location to mine (in their 8/26/13 response).
Never did I use the term "discard" in any of my emails (which I can supply) or phone conversations (which, seemingly, they can supply) when referring to the material bag.
Further, they expound on their false assumption by stating in their most recent response, "having discarded of the bag would suggest that other packaging could have also been discarded." How presumptuous of MR Direct to assume that I threw away anything. How shameful of them to then make a character judgement of me based on their false assumption.

MR Direct's third false assumption is that because terms such as "box" and "bubble wrap" were not included in our (my and/or my contractor's statements) that they were missing. All MR Direct had to do if they were truly looking to justly resolve this situation was ask if they were used or not. To answer the question, yes, indeed, extra bubble wrap was included and yes, (wood crate), originally used in shipping was used to return the sink.

Further, one more mistake in their 8/26/13 response is that they offered to send back the sink, at no charge. However, in ******** ***'s 7/24/13 email, he stated "If you wish to have the damage sink returned back to you you would need to provide us with a credit card to process the return shipping."

The fact remains, somehow, the sink was damaged. Unfortunately, it is my word against theirs that the proper packaging was used. The sink was also in FedEx's hands and in the warehouse staff's disposal at MR Direct for upwards of a month before they notified me that the sink was damaged. Somehow, the sink was damaged...

I stated earlier that MR Direct does not seem interested in taking any responsibility for this situation. This is a shame, as this is not the way to run a reputable business. As a customer, I have provided MR Direct with honest written statements from myself and my contractor. We followed shipping guidelines with due diligence and am now appealing, in a very public venue, for MR Direct to do the right thing - to take some responsibility for the situation and offer a full refund for the sink.

Thank you very much.

Final Business Response
In regards to the customer's response dated 9/6/13:
Firstly, we regret that the customer is displeased with the way this transaction has been handled, and we also regret that the customer feels as though we have judged her character in an improper way. However, regardless of character, we have supplied ample information to both the customer and BBB (sent additionally to the BBB: phone calls, and documentation stated in first response). Our case is strongly supported and it is not our policy to provide credit for a destroyed product. Unfortunately, we did not package the return product so do not hold responsibility for the damage done. The sink did appear in a wooden crate back to our location (as stated by customer); however, the wooden crate did not appear in the double-corrugated box in which all of our wooden-crated products are shipped. As stated months ago, all original packaging has not been returned.
Emails dated 7/31 and 8/5 record Returns Manager stating that the product would be returned to customer's location should she wish to scrap the metal. No response concerning was noted.
As a reputable company, we have taken every precaution and spent countless hours listening to calls, making sure promises were not made that we were not keeping, and have poured through emails to support the premise of the claim as we do not habitually make these false. We have not targeted nor denied a claim for any purpose other than product is not able to be returned to stock and not able to be held up to shipper's standards for refund. Credit has been applied for product returned safely (i.e. copper strainers), and as we stand by our department's integrity and uphold fair policy, we in turn stand by our decision that although an unfortunate loss for the customer, the refund is invalid.
In regards to a company officer, the customer has spoken numerous times with the appropriate department and a higher company officer is not applicable in the given situation.
We do apologize for the inconvenience, but a very extensive, thorough case inspection has been performed in a conclusive manner.
Thank you for your time.

02/04/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I am trying to return a dripping and noisy faucet. Since the faucet was installed the company refuses to take it back.
Product: Kitchen Faucet712 ORB dop: 11/13/12
Paid $122.00 + shipping
The faucet keeps dripping long after the use. Also makes a very loud, gushing noise when turn on, and splashes the water all over the countertop. I spoke with the manager Ashley. She refuses to take it back saying that the faucet has been installed (used only for one day due to water coming down the spout). She justifies the problem due to design and lack of earator. If I have known about existing problems I would have not installed the faucet. Mrs. Ashley doesn't see a problem with the water dripping. To me this issue with the faucet is unacceptalbe and what a waste of money on my water bill. After a lenghty conversation she simply refused to help me with the problem. She doesn't offer any other option.
When purchasing the product from Mr. Direct I was asured that all the products are tested and free of problems (conversation with the sells rep. Erica Tidwell on the day of purchase). I wish that I was informed about differences with the build and "missing part due to design".
Thank you.

Desired Settlement
My first opition would be an option to return the product for the full price.
If the company had more selection for bar faucets I would exchange, but I am not sure if they offer that.

Business' Initial Response
I am very sorry for your trouble. Although, we are not able to strictly take back this faucet for a full refund, I am able to exchange it out for an alternate bar faucet at no additional cost. I do hope this compromise will work out for you as we do not want any of our customers to be dissatisfied. Someone will be contacting you today in regards to this option. Thanks and have a great day.

Consumer's Final Response
Mr.Direct sent me another faucet, which was different finish. (and did not match the other faucet that I have ordered from them). She agreed to take it back. Today I have received an email from Ashley "Hello Gen,

I just wanted to touch base with you regarding the faucet you returned. Unfortunately, upon inspection, we have found that the faucet had been installed and there is also a dent on the side of the spout. Due to the condition we received the faucet back in, I am unable to issue a refund as it is not in good resellable condition. I am happy to ship it back if you prefer. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks and have a great day!
My Lord!! I do not know what is wrong with this company, but I have not installed the faucet, and I have not made the dent!!! I have sent it back exactly the same it came to me!!!
I really need some help. I would never imagine that I would have so many problems. I have the feeling that they think that customers are stupid and that they can do what ever they want.

Thank you for your help.
Thank you.

Business' Final Response
We have refunded the buyer in full as a courtesy, despite the fact that it came back to us dented. As always, we will try and accomodate every customer any way we can.

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