BBB Warns: St. Louis Contractor Lloyd Taylor Took Money But Never Finished Work

BBB is alerting consumers to complaints about a St. Louis contractor, Lloyd J. Taylor of St. Louis, who took several customers' money but never completed the work as agreed.
February 26, 2013

victim of Lloyd Taylor contracting

Lee Jackson hired Lloyd Taylor to repair plumbing, but Taylor failed to make the repairs.

St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 4, 2012 – Lloyd J. Taylor, a St. Louis area contractor with a history of customer complaints, is again facing criticism from homeowners who say they hired Taylor for work he either never started or never completed.

Some customers have told the Better Business Bureau (BBB) they have been trying for more than a year to get refunds from Taylor, without success.

“He ran away with my money,” said a St. Louis truck driver who paid Taylor $400 in November 2011 for plumbing work that was never done.  The man said he hired Taylor because he had been satisfied with a previous tuckpointing job.  “I don’t know how this guy is getting away with this,” he said.

Taylor previously has used the name A One Tuckpointing or A-1 Tuckpointing. Most recently, his business cards have read only, “We Do Tuckpointing.” The cards give no address, and the BBB has been unable to locate a current place of business or reach Taylor by phone.

Michelle Corey, BBB president and CEO, said it appears that Taylor has changed addresses and phone numbers several times in recent years in an effort to avoid frustrated customers.

“Given Mr. Taylor’s past, it is no wonder that he seems to be continuously on the move,” she said. “Unless things change dramatically, it’s probably time for this contractor to get out of the construction business.”

Taylor’s A One Tuckpointing has an “F” rating with the BBB, the lowest possible.  The company has logged 16 complaints; several have gone unanswered.

On his business card, Taylor said he specializes in brick laying, block laying, chimney tuckpointing, roofing, plumbing and concrete work.

A couple in St. Peters in St. Charles County said they hired Taylor in June to replace and widen the driveway at their home.  They said they paid him nearly $5,000 of a total price of $7,400, but the job was never completed. “They tore the driveway out and left it,” the husband said. He said he tried numerous times to get Taylor to finish the job, but without success. “I finally stopped calling; it was fruitless,” he said.

Another couple, from the Pasadena Hills area of St. Louis County, said they gave Taylor a $300 deposit in early November to repair and seal a driveway at their home. But after taking the money, “he wouldn’t talk to me anymore,” the husband said.  “He took my $300 and did nothing.”

A homeowner from Bellefontaine Neighbors said he hired Taylor in May for $1,500 to replace a driveway. He said workers dug up the ground in preparation for the driveway, but then disappeared. “He took off and I didn’t see him anymore,” he said.

A customer from St. Louis said she gave Taylor $1,500 as partial payment on a roofing job in August 2011. She  said he vanished after delivering the roofing materials to her basement and she had to hire another contractor to do the work. “I got burned,” she said.
The BBB offers the following tips for consumers looking to hire a contractor:

  • Don’t make a hasty decision.  Take time to ensure the business is local and has a track record of reliable workmanship. Visit or call 314-645-3300 for a BBB Business Review, which includes the company’s BBB rating (A+ plus to F) along with the complaint history and company contact information.
  • Ask the company for references and call those property owners. Ask them if the jobs were performed as agreed upon and whether they were satisfied with the results.
  • Ask whether the contractor has all required licenses and insurance. Ask your city whether they have experience with the business.
  • Ask for a written contract and read it to ensure that everything discussed is included.  Make sure it includes all details of the job as well as when and how payments are to be made.
  • Do not make all payments in advance.  Suggest a payment plan that would include a third of the money in advance, a third once work is underway and the final third when work is completed to your satisfaction.

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