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02/18/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I contacted them in April - May of 2013 to charter bus for a family trip of 55 to Florida.
They quoted me $7999.00. The company had older buses, but we wanted a newer bus to make the trip. The one we chose had the windows busted out because it got broken into. The owner assured me that the bus would be ready to go, everything would be repaired and ready to go for the trip.
We worked all the details out with him. How many people in the party, pick up and drop off etc.
I worked out payment arrangements with the company. He gave us 10% discount because we have family that was in the military so the price came to $7700. We just had to pay for bus driver's room when we reached our destination.
The bus didn't come at the expected time to depart, it was late. There was 6 people at that time leaving from St. Louis. It was pretty warm on the bus. We told the bus driver how warm it was. The bus driver told us that it will cool down, just give it time. We brought dinner aboard. About 30 minuted into the trip, I went up to the driver and told her it was really hot on the bus. The driver said that was as high as the A/C would go. We asked if there was something wrong with the air. She said no.
I asked the driver to show me what vents the air should be coming out of, so we can test it to see if it was working correctly. She gave me a comment, which was too low for me to understand and did not come back to investigate the problem. We asked the driver to get on the phone to call the company. We had been on the road an hour and it was even hotter now.
She called the owner and spoke to him about 20-25 minutes. It seemed that neither the owner or the driver felt that the air was important, because during their conversation they were laughing and talking about other things. When she got off the phone, we asked her if she asked the owner why the air was not working. She replied that he doesn't know why it wasn't working, that it was working before.
Then just an hour after leaving, we had to stop and fill up with gas. The bus should have been thoroughly checked out and gassed up before picking up passengers.
With the air not working and the extra stops, our party was upset and we had another 40 or more people to pick up along our trip. I told her this air needed to work. When we reached little rock, I spoke to the driver about the situation. The driver said she would try to contact the owner again. This apparently did not happen because we made the trip to Florida without air conditioning. We had family members that got sick on the bus, because the humidity and heat was so bad and we felt like we were going to suffocate. We had elderly people on there with real health problems. We could have lost one of them due to the unacceptable conditions.
We should have gotten to Florida by 7:00 but didn't get there until midnight, because of all the stops we had to make because of the heat. We kept waiting for a new bus, but one never came. Our group missed out on all the activities for Saturday and Sunday. The next morning, the owner was supposed to hire a new bus company to take us around Florida while they fixed our bus. We finally had a bus on Monday & Tuesday to take us around while our bus was being repaired.
Our bus was ready for our return trip home. But on the way back, the driver didn't fill the bus up and we ran out of gas on the highway under the 270 highway. That held us up for 45 minutes to an hour and the driver was cited.

Desired Settlement
I want a full refund due to the problems we dealt with. The second bus driver said that he was also very hot and miserable. He was driving a bus with 55 lives on it, and he was feeling ill due to the lack of air on that bus.
I tried to contact the owners and was not being successful in reaching anyone. I finally got a hold of one of the owners. He said he could give us a $1500 refund. I told him that was not acceptable due to the circumstances. I want a full refund plus the $399.99 paid out for the bus drivers hotel stay.
The owner said he would get back to me after he spoke to the owners and made a decision. He said it would be a week. It's been over a month, and I haven't heard from anyone.
I've tried calling and no one will call me back.
The family is also discussing getting an attorney to sue company if we do not get what we are seeking. I told the owner it would be cheaper to just refund us the money.

Business Response
The Air-Conditioning on the bus did go out on the way to Florida. Mid-way we found another company and paid for them to take the passengers to Florida. We had the bus fixed in Florida and there were no issues with the return trip. We also took them to EXTRA places while in Florida at No Additional Charge. We did offer to refund the portion of the trip associated with the disruption but that was not acceptable to the customer because they are just trying to now get a free trip.

Our offer of the $1500 refund still stands and we are willing to up that to $2000. We feel this is more than fair - They did get their trip with extra stops and transportation while in Florida.

Consumer Response
I never received an e-mail from the BBB so I called to check. I have been read the business response. He did call me back one time and said his name was **** but that was the only message he left. I called him back and left a message. I have been trying to call him for several weeks and his information is incorrect. The air was out all the way to Florida. We did not get air on that particular bus until the day we were due to come back home. They did give us a replacement bus because we refused to get on that bus again. We want the FULL refund. My family members have gotten back to me and are willing to sue. I just want the refund amount of what we paid into the bus, about $7,000-$8,000. $2,000 does not even cover the family member that got sick.

Final Consumer Response
12/09/13: In terms of resolution I do not know how low I would be willing to accommodate but I know that $1,500 is too low given the difficulties I faced and the problems I had in talking with someone higher up. I tried calling for two weeks straight before filing BBB complaint. I had to physically go to office and spoke to one of the owners. I just want to get this resolved.

12/31/13: I will accept $2,500 and can pick up when ready.

01/07/14: I will be fine with refund being mailed and I understand timing issues.

01/29/14: I still have not received refund.

02/11/14: I still have not received check.

Final Business Response
12/11/13: We were going to give her a refund but I do not know for how much. ___ would be a better person to speak with. He is currently out of town but he will call back.

12/16/14: Mediator left message for owner.

12/18/14: Mediator left message for owner.

12/19/14: Mediator left message for owner.

12/20/14: Mediator left message for owner.

12/20/14: We did offer to refund half but consumer rejected it. Trip happened on July 14th-21st and they took the family to trips no included. I will check with _____ to see if we still are willing to issue a refund of any kind.

12/27/14: We are willing to offer a refund of $2,500.

12/31/14: Mediator left message for owner.

01/02/14: Mediator left message for owner.

01/07/14: I would prefer not to have consumer come in because she caused a disturbance last time. I want to either mail it to her directly or mail to BBB to mail to her. The snowstorm hurt our business and we would need a week to build up reserved and would ideally have it by 01/20/14. I do not foresee this going beyond this month.

01/07/14: I will give BBB a call when check is sent out. (Mediator provided consumer's address)

01/29/14: Mediator left message for business.

02/03/14: Mediator left message for business.

02/11/14: Mediator left message for business.

09/03/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

This is a review for Country Club Limo and JED Limo service. Dont be fooled by the different numbers on the websites (the same people answer both numbers). This is the same company. My wife and I chose Country Club/JED to provide a party bus for our wedding party. We decided to go with them because one of our family members used them a year ago and the price. We scheduled the bus to be at the church at 3:15 and we would board the bus around 3:30, right after pictures in the church. When we walked out of the church around 3:40, there was no bus in sight. I called Country Club/JED and spoke with the dispatcher and asked where our bus was. After being on hold for several minutes while she looked into it, we had someone else call. She picked right up and told that person she was looking into it still. I called back and asked what was going on and she told me she had a service guy go down on the lot to check to see if the bus was gone. While on the phone with her, she said he just came back up and the bus was still on the lot and she couldnt get a hold of the driver. At this point we are fuming and the dispatchers recommendation was I would suggest just getting in personal cars and drive around for pictures. Considering we hired this company to provide service for one day of our lives, an important day at that, we were not going to hop into personal cars. Besides that, we didnt have any personal cars because everyone, but the photographer and wedding party, left. And we shouldve had a bus there. When I told the dispatcher this, she finally said she had a different driver there that could drive the bus if we wanted. Im not sure why she didnt offer this up right off the bat instead of her stupid recommendation of personal cars. I told her yes I would like her to get the bus to us in 30-45 minutes since weve already lost about 45 minutes. We had to spend money in a few bars by the church while we waited for the bus to get out of the heat. Also, we had our photographer sitting there too. We also spent a lot of money on beer for the bus that we couldnt drink. Finally, an hour later and 5 oclock the bus shows up. The bus is only 1 hour and 45 minutes late by this time. The driver was very nice and told us it wasnt his fault. The bus was supposed to be stocked with Champaign and water, but wasnt (no blame on the replacement driver). The air conditioner wasnt working right either and even the driver admitted to this. It was in the mid-90s too. Due to this screw up, we werent able to get pictures at all the places we wanted and only had an hour and a half by the time the bus got there. The next day I called to talk to management about this major screw up and was told to call back Monday and ask for the owner. I called back and couldnt get in touch with the owner, but was put in contact to another owner. I explained the situation to her, which she already knew about, and she apologized and offered me half of our money back. Really? Half of my money back after a major screw up like this on the most important day of our lives. I told her no I wanted a full refund and the other expenses we incurred while we waited. This includes the bar tabs and photographer labor. If we had a bus, we wouldnt have had the bar tabs and our photographer wouldve been able to take pictures. At this point she became very argumentative and rude. She showed no customer service skills. She said her driver had a heart attack and couldnt believe I was calling upset. I told her its unfortunate about the driver, but its her management/dispatchers responsibility to ensure that bus is ready to go and leaves the lot on time to meet reservations no matter whos driving. We arent upset with the driver who had the health issue, we are upset with operation of the business. Finally, as she was getting ticked off, she offered a full refund, but wouldnt cover the other expenses. I guess she never understood that if the service we requested from her company actually showed up, we wouldnt have had those expenses and our photographer couldve taken pictures (the places we wanted). I requested to talk to the other owner again because I couldnt take talking to this one anymore. She put me on hold and came back a few minutes later and said she was busy. I finally just hung up with her because it was going nowhere. We did get the full refund a week later. My mother-in-law called a day or two after I did while we were on our honeymoon and had the pleasure of dealing with the same owner I did. Once again the other one was busy and this owner was in the same form as when I talked to her..very rude and argumentative. She told my mother-in-law she couldnt believe the photographer still charged us that time while we waited for the bus. Why wouldnt they? We shouldve had a bus there but Country Club/JED screwed up. Its not the photographers error. The owner also couldnt believe we were upset because her driver had a heart attack. I already told her our issue isnt with the driver, but with the operation of the business..its called accountability and business smarts. The only additional thing my mother-in-law got out of it was that she said she would give us a free limo on our 1 year anniversary. Why would we want this? We relied on them for 1 day of our lives and they screwed up. We dont want to have to rely on them to screw up again. We passed ** the offer. I recommend staying away from Country Club and JED. They ruined part of our special day, so theres no guarantee they wont ruin yours. There are several other companies out there that have customer service skills and know how to operate a business.
Product_Or_Service: Wedding Transportation

Desired Settlement
We received a refund for the transportation, but we would like a refund for the expenses incurred while we waited for the replacement bus driver to show up with the bus. This includes bar tabs and 1 hour of the photographer's labor.This business also needs to learn how to treat customers and take accountability on their own screw ups and not blame customers. Per my review.

Business' Initial Response
We are very sorry for what happened with the wedding. We were as surprised as they were when the driver wasn't on-time. However, what we found out was that the driver thought he was having a heart attack and was being rushed to the hospital via ambulance. We did locate a driver who was ending another trip and dispatched him to the pickup location as soon as that trip ended. We were in constant communication with the customer and asked them if this would be OK and they said yes..

This was a medical emergency that could not have been prevented but we did EVERYTHING in our power to get a bus to them as fast as possible. We did offer half of their money back because we did provide transportation. We did NOT make a big deal out of it when they wanted ALL of their money back so we gave them a FULL refund and our most heartfelt apologies as well as offering other free transportation services.

We have built our reputation over the years on superior customer service!

These were circumstances beyond our control and we are confident any potential future customers will understand this.

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BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.