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Foundation Recovery Systems

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service5
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
09/15/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

About 6 years ago it was suggested by my bank(******** Bank) to repair my house's foundation in order to refinance it. The bank has hired Foundation Recovery Systems to do the work. The contracted work has been completed, however there was several issues right from the start. Other than filling the dirt back into where it was dug out, no landscaping was done. There was a stone work knocked off of the side of my house and the stones just left in the driveway. I was told by one of the workers that they are not brick layers, so they will not fix it.Today after 6 years I am refinishing my basement nand my contractor tells me that there is plenty of water coming in there. On top of that there is about 20 inch gap between the concrete in my driveway and the ground, so eventually it will collapse. Also there is 10 inches gap between my gutter and the intended plastic pipe drain taking the water away from the house. Since the work completed by the FRS came to the total of $27,000.00 I would think that it should last a bit longer than 6 years. I contacted the company and their representative arrived the following week to take a look at the problem. Right on the spot the System Design Specialist ***** ***** tells me that because of the "mother nature" my warranty is voided. The driveway settlement problem is my fault, because I should have done something to prevent it. My common sense would tell me that if you dig out a perfectly good driveway, you repair it to the original condition. They claim to be experienced professionals, so the settlement should not be a surprise. My last conversation with Mr. ***** was last week when he informed me that they are willing to do some partial repairs, but to fix the existing problem entirely will cost me $3,800.00 plus additional $2,000.00 for the driveway. I really do not feel that after collecting nearly $30,000.00 asking for additional $5,800.00 to correct their substandard work is appropriate to say the least. To make things worse my other project is halted.
Product_Or_Service: Foundation recovery and waterproofing

Desired Settlement
Correct existing problems free of charge

Business Response
Attached is our response to the complaint. Sorry for the delay, the sales rep for this customer was on vacation last week.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information.

This is response is to the complaint #XXXXXXX as submitted to the BBB by **** Z. ****** of Jefferson City MO.

The work completed in 2008 by Foundation Recovery Systems at the home on *** ***** ***** in Jefferson City MO., was done to stop the vertical movement of 3 foundations walls (half of front wall, half of back wall and the entire west side wall). In August of 2008, FRS was contracted to install 13 foundation piers on portions of these three (3) walls. The installation of piers has no impact on nor will it prevent, lateral (inward) movement of a foundation wall.

The lateral movement is the current condition recognized along with soil settlement under the driveway's front concrete pad. This lateral movement has created a new horizontal crack in the front wall that leaks. The new crack appears to be leaking and allowing water into the basement. Please note that soil settlement should be expected after a foundation has been excavated because you cannot mechanically compact the soil sufficiently during a backfill to totally prevent any soil settlement.

FRS is willing to make the following repairs, in good faith and at no cost to the homeowner, knowing that the repairs FRS made in 2008 are not related or directly responsible for the current conditions in the basement. FRS will:
Fill all void beneath the concrete drive with polyurethane void fill,
Reconnect the gutter discharge on the front corner of garage;
Install a water drainage system (26' of WaterGard, Cleanspace on the front wall and a sump pump) to insure against any further water intrusion through the new foundation crack in the front wall; however the homeowner is asked to remove the interior wall finish and any obstructions from the front foundation wall.
Establish benchmarking on the front foundation wall to monitor any further inward deflection of the wall.

The homeowner can notify FRS of his decision through the BBB. If he is agreement to the above, a proposal will be written indicating the work will be performed at no cost to the homeowner. Once the signed proposal is returned to our office, Mr. ****** will be notified of a schedule date, and placed on our production calendar.

FRS stands behind our products and our workmanship. We look forward to a favorable response from Mr. ****** and the BBB. Should either have questions, please feel free to contact our office.

Consumer Response
I have not heard from the business. This issue is not resolved. Please reopen the complaint.

Final Consumer Response
I have not heard from Foundation Recovery. I only want the driveway and the downspout fixed. 1135 hours

Business has contacted to resolve one of the issues. We are still discussing a resolution for the second issue. 1143 hours

Final Business Response
We are still willing to do the repairs we offered on 17Jun14. As of this date, we have not heard back from the consumer. 1125 hours

I will check with my production manager and draw the the paperwork to fix the settling under the driveway and disconnected downspout. 1145 hours

We have contacted the consumer and made arrangements to resolve his complaint. 1135 hours

06/10/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We were having continuous water in our basement. We contacted our septic person to assure it was not the septic system and it was not. We contacted Foundation Recovery Systems as they advertise at being specialists. This was the Moberly office. They sent a rep and we told him the water was coming from the floor drain. He then told us that he thought it was actually ground water coming in from around the floor drain. We believed him and he told us we needed a $7900 system put in to take care of the problem. If we signed the contract that day we would save 5%. We signed and they did the work the next week. Keep in mind our house is only 13 years old. One week later we flooded again. We called them and they came out and my husband reiterated it was coming from the floor. They pulled the cover and saw that it was clogged with sodium from the water softener. A $50 fix for a plumber or "water specialist". We are not trained in these situations and we believed what their professional told us. I now have a credit card that has $7400 on it. We are on a fixed budget as my husband has a brain tumor and a heart condition and is on disability. We are struggling to keep our home and did not need this expense. I sent them a letter asking for a refund and they have ignored me. We would appreciate any assistance.
Product_Or_Service: Foundation repair

Desired Settlement
We would accept paying for the materials at cost as they are now under concrete in our home and cannot be removed. OR They can remove everything if they want for a full refund and put the house back the way it was.

Business Response
The FRS Call Center was initially contacted by the homeowner on April 7 2015. The customer record shows the customer stated "water coming in downstairs and they don't know where it is coming from, may be from a floor drain". An appointment was scheduled for April 9 at 9 a.m. with Darrell Wooten, systems design specialist for FRS. Darrell was asked also to contact the homeowner. He spoke with the customer on April 8 and suggested she contact a professional plumber to check things out; if the plumber could not resolve their problems he would be glad to come out and evaluate the foundation. The appointment for April 9 was cancelled pending a plumber visit.
On Monday, April 20, Darrell advised our call center that the homeowner had called him over the weekend with water in her basement. An appointment was scheduled for Darrell to go out the next day April 21 to evaluate the situation.
Attached is a 'customer fact sheet' that our reps complete with each customer that was completed on 4/21 during the appointment. You will notice 6 highlighted questions that I believe are very specific to this situation:
The customer indicates the problem has occurred for a few years.
The customer indicates this happens every spring
They want to fix the problem as they are tired of the ground water seepage
They had professional advice from a plumber; however he did not fix the problem as it was outside his area of expertise
The attempted repair was to have the plumbing snaked
Based on the customer's responses to these and other questions and an evaluation of the basement, Darrell prepared a proposal for installing a perimeter system around approximately half of their basement. The attached contract provides the details. Also please note within the proposal that FRS recommends the installation of a full perimeter system (on earthbound walls) in order to guarantee homeowner a dry basement.
The work as specified in the contract was completed on May 7. On May 15 our office called and left voice message for the homeowner to ensure all was good. On May 18 FRS had a voice message over the noon hour from Mrs. ******** of water in the basement. Shortly after 2 p.m. our service tech contacted Mrs. ******** and was at the house. The problem was a clogged drain that was not associated with the work completed by FRS on May 7. Our service tech cleaned out the drain.
On May 21 we received the attached letter from the homeowner basically stating that they had been sold a waterproofing system for their home that was not necessary. That is not our position. Based on the customer's responses that they get ground water in their basement every spring and it has been going on for a few years; they had a plumber check things out and it was beyond their expertise, then our recommendation was appropriate. FRS guarantees the homeowner will not have water intrusion in the area of their basement where we installed a perimeter water control system.
However, FRS is not going to force our product on any homeowner. We are agreeable to leaving in the system that is below concrete so as not to impose any disruption on the homeowner. We will however, remove the mechanical pumps and cap off the discharge lines exiting the home (a 15 minute visit to their home) and refund the customer $4000.
The other option is to leave the system 'as is' and the homeowner will have a functional water control system that is warranted for that area of the basement for the lifetime of their home.

I would like to submit the copies of the documents referenced in our response, please advise how that can best be accomplished. Thank you.

10/28/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

In installing a sump pump, they damaged the cover to my radon abatement system. They have not fixed it to my satisfaction.

In April, 2013 I had Foundation Recovery Systems install a sump pump in my basement. When they put a hole for the pipe though the wall, they also put a hole through the cover of the radon abatement system on the other side. I notified the company and they replaced the cover, but they sawed a corner off it for the pipe. This leaves a hole that not only is unsightly, but leaves a place for birds and small animals to nest on the side of my house. I expected Foundation Recovery Systems to repair the cover so is was sealed. I have called an employee named *** at least 5 times between May and August of 2013. At least once after they replaced the cover someone did come out and do something, but it did not solve the problem. When I have called **** he said he would take care of it, but it has not been resolved.

Desired Settlement
Block up and seal the hole in the cover to the radon abatement system.

Business Response
*** ********* last day with FRS was August 9, 2013 and this type of issue contributed to his termination.

According to our records, we heard nothing from Mr. from early April until October 9 but he could have easily spoken further with Wes and it was not documented.

Bottom line is Mr. is scheduled for repairs on October 23 BUT I will double check everything with our new production manager and complete the complaint form .

Thanks for the call. I do not understand why I don't get the complaint notifications. The BBB is not blocked. I get info from the BBB on almost a daily basis, I will look into this further since this complaint notification was mid September.

Thanks again,
FRS Logo New 2012.jpg

****** ******
Vice President

09/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We contracted to have drainage installed on the perimeter of our basement. The company was to trench, install plastic drainage and rock, cover with concrete. The company sent 3 boys that were more interested in horseplay than professionalism. They arrived at 1:30pm from ******** went to lunch, left again about 3:45 because they were tired. Returned late the next AM, left again about 1:00, went to lunch and to pick up material, came back about 4:00. Dug a trench that was not deep enough, laid plastic product held together with duct tape and put in landscape rock. Plastic was up and down. Our plumber said would never have drained. The salesman said that they always use duct tape to hold the pieces together. Duct tape will not last in water for years! Told them to come back and pick up their product and leave. Charged us $1200.00 to dig trench that now needs to be dug deeper by our plumber and we have sump pump holes in the wrong place in our basement. All in all, this would have been an $8,000.00 mistake instead of a $1200.00 mistake. If you use this company, be sure to watch everything they do because you too might get duct tape.
Product_Or_Service: Dry Basement

Desired Settlement
This is mostly for information, but I would like a refund since the trench that I paid for still needs additional attention and I will need to pay for it again.

Business' Initial Response
We will be putting a check in the mail today for $1200 and mailing it to the consumer.

S ******.

06/04/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Company hired to stabilize slab foundation. Initial work busted sewer line & broke floor. Efforts to repair furthered cracks.

December, 2011: FRS was contracted to stabilize slab foundation on my addition with piering. During this project, the clay sewer line going into my house was busted and covered back up by the employees. A rusted culvert was discovered underneath the slab and caused the contractor to relocate a pier and install an additional pier not originally planned, at no cost to me. Work appeared to be satisfactory with an overall scan of the appearance of the rooms on foundation. Full payment was made, of approximately $11k. Two days later, the toilets exploded all over my bathroom floors. I contacted FRS & was told it wasn't their fault. It was my responsibility to locate sewer & water lines. I argued I would have happily paid for the repairs to the line if I had known they had been busted before contractor filled the hole back in. Contractor refused to come fix but did make a deal with me to cover half of the repair costs of a plumber.
June, 2012: After a period of 6 months, I made repairs to the walls in the addition. Within 2 weeks, the walls had recracked. After further inspection of the rooms that had been piered, I discovered the floor was broken. My sons's bed was sitting at an angle. I contacted FRS to examine the piering of the foundation according to the warranty, as well as to pier my bedroom on the front of the house. It was decided the floor had broken during the lift. Work was scheduled & a few weeks later, contractor appeared on site. I had told the salesperson who quoted the piers to make sure the employees onsite knew of the broken floor. I returned to my home to examine the "repairs" & was told a pier had slipped but had been righted & lifted again. I asked about the broken floor & the employee indicated he had no idea what I was talking about. Inspecting the floor again, I found the crack in the floor was much worse than before. Instead of just the corner, it now extended all the way across the bedroom, under the wall, and into the family room. I noted this further damage on the job inspection sheet, made full payment of $8k and continued pressing the company to fix the cracked floor. The salesperson returned to look at the damage, told me it was the fault of FRS & they would fix it at no cost to me. I should wait for a phone call. That never came. I called again. No phone call. I called again. The salesperson inidicated my paperwork had been lost. A couple weeks later, the office contacted me to schedule a technician to examine the project. He arrived, indicated the repairs needed included poly-filling the crack and the salesperson would contact me to give me a quote. On January 5th, I received a quote totalling $2,944. I contacted the owner of FRS again, told him I wouldn't pay for it, it should be covered under the warranty. He indicated at that time the crack was a cosmetic damage & would not be covered under the warranty. I aruged with him & he offered to grind down the crack & fill with concrete to level the floor.
February, 2013: The project to grind & fill the crack was postponed due to the snow storms.
March, 2013: Technician arrived on site to cosmetically repair the crack after I had pulled back the carpet & moved all the furniture. He called me not long after his arrival indicating he couldn't fix it. His boss would not allow it because it needed to be poly-filled. The salesperson would contact me with a quote.
March 25, 2013: I received the same quote of $2.944.

Desired Settlement
I would like my floor fixed. The foundation needs to be poly-filled according to the company. If the company refuses to fix, I would like a refund. The job has been completely unsatisfactory. I've been dealing with this for a year and a half, paying out over $18k in total, $8k in good faith the company would right the situation. A cracked foundation is not a cosmetic damage. My room is colder, bugs are getting in. The $1k I spent fixing the cosmetic damages in the addition has been wasted, damages reoccuring. I do not understand why the company's insurance company has not been contacted to handle this lack of performance, starting with the covered-up sewer line damage to the lack of communication when the broken floor was relifted and made worse.

Business' Initial Response
My apologies for the delay in responding. The wet weather is keeping us extremely busy. Below is the response to consumer complaint; the response is provided by **** ***** FRS General Manager. Please advise if you have questions or need further information.

As stated by the customer, , a large culvert was located beneath the slab of her home, that no one was aware of, including the homeowner. The FRS foreman at the job sight did not document that a sewer line was contacted or covered up intentionally. There would be no benefit for an FRS employee to not report or cover up the damage, as it has been stated by Mrs. ***** that the crew attempted to assist her by adding one pier at no additional cost to her. The other additional piers that were recommended were needed in a different area of the home. The slab movement she mentions in her complaint is a separate problem resulting in the separate quote for the recommended repairs.

Based on our continued history with Mrs. , I ***** ***** spoke with her and offered to make the slab repairs at a discounted price of $2000.00. Mrs. states she needed the work completed within two (2) weeks. To accommodate the customer's request, FRS rescheduled other customers to work in her project. The day of the scheduled repairs, the customer was contacted by the crew foreman (standard procedure) and was told by the customer NOT to come and that she would get back with FRS if she wanted to pursue but that she may be selling the house 'as is'. No further communication has been received from Mrs. . A follow up call was made to the customer to attempt to reschedule but she has yet to respond to the message.

please let me know if anything further is needed.

FRS Logo New 2012.jpg

****** ******
Office Manager

04/06/2013Problems with Product / Service

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