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Gallery Motor Co LLC

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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Problems with Product / Service3
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (5)BBB Closure Definitions
01/31/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior service

Complaint: I purchased a car from them and they failed to have the safety and emission test performed. When I did get it inspected it failed inspection.
I purchased my vehicle on 7/13/2012. It is a 2004 Nissan Maxima the vin num is XXXXXX.The loan is through wells fargo acct num XXXXXXXXXX.When I purchased the car the salesman and finance manager said they had put up to $3000 worth of work into the car and it passed all tests.The car had gotten worked on at (COMPANY).Although I did not get my license plates in the min of 30 days. The inspection and emission for the card is good for 60 days for inspection and 120 for emission.When I took my paperwork to get my license plates at the DOR on September 8, 2012.They stated that in their system it showed an emissions test had not been done on that car since March of 2012.They told me that it was against Missouri State Law for them to even sale me the car with out that being done and the emission expired the day that I purchased the car.When I contacted the dealership and informed them of this.I spoke with(NAME), who was my salesman.He told me to go to speedway to get it done.SPeedway only works by appointments only.Therefore I asked (NAME) if I could take my car to any state certified station to get the emission and inspection done and they just reimburse me.I needed to have my car reg by 9/11/2012 in order to avoid another late fee.He said yes.On 09/10/2012 i took my car to (COMPANY).They performed an inspection and emission totalling $36.I was then made aware that my car failed isnpection.It needed a new ball joint on the front driver side.I informed Gallery Motor Company of this.And I was willing to have it fixed at their automotive repair shop that they work with which is (COMAPNY).I asked for a loaner car with proof of current insurance and they at first denied me one until I told them that the DOR said they could have CIB (criminial investigation bureau)visit them.Once they were informed that could happen,they gave me a call back and told me they'll have a loaner car waiting at (COMPANY) for me.I then made an appointment,contacted (COMPANY) to get my car done and told them the situation and they expedited my appointment to get it brought in and worked on,on 09/11/2012.(COMPANY) finished the work replacing the ball joint.I then took it back to the Speedemission location on Page Ave.To have them re-inspect my car.They said it did pass inspection.I got my car registered.On 9/14/2012 I contacted Gallery Motor Company and asked about my refund of $36.(NAME) said that (NAME) shouldnt have authorized me to take my car where I wanted to take it to have the isnpection and emission done and would contact me to inform me.About 1 week had passed since I talked to (NAME).I called back to Gallery Motor Company to inquire and the administrative assistant told me to bring them a copy of my charges for the service renderred by the company and once the person who writes the checks comes in she'd contact me.I hadnt heard from them for another week.I then called to gallery again and the admin forwarded my call to an (NAME).She said that they didnt owe me anything and that they did an emission on the car.I tried to explain the situation to her and she kept over talking me and using rude verbage.She then disconnected the call.I called back.Reached the admin and had her to connect me with a manager.She transferred me to (NAME).WHo stated he owned the company.I began to explain the situation to (NAME).Before I could get the whole sentence out.(NAME) said,"What do you want? I heard about the altercation already".I said excuse me.That's not professional verbage to use when your employee talks bad to a customer".He said,"What do you want,so I don't have to hear this ****".I said,"do not talk to me like that,the girl who I was just speaking with was being an (EXPLICIT)".He said,"well that girl is my finace' and you need to shut up talking about her like that".I asked him to separate personal from business and he refused and he kept being rude the rest of the call.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: Controller
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****@
As Ms stated in her complaint
1. The vehicle inspections were performed on her Maxima in March of 2012.
2. She did not license the vehicle within the 30 days from purchase.
3. The ball joint failed on her vehicle over two months after the purchase date.
4. Gallery Motor Company repaired the ball joint at no cost to her.
5. Gallery Motor Company gave her a loaner car at no cost to her.
6. Gallery Motor Company said they would reimburse her for the inspection.
Ms also stated that she was at first refused a rental car. This is true. We are a small dealership and do not have rental cars. After the manager discussed the situation with the owner it was decided that she could drive one of the vehicles that was available for sale. This was at no cost to her.
Ms was told that she could have Speedway (our repair shop) perform the inspection and that they would ****** us directly. If she wanted to use a different repair shop she would need to pay for the inspection and then submit it to us for reimbursement. She chose to have another shop do the inspection and then failed to submit the receipt.
On 9/25/12, Ms called regarding her reimbursement. She was informed that the person in accounts payables was on vacation until Thursday. She was asked for her contact information so that the matter could be looked into. Ms then began yelling and using explicit language including calling the Controller a Dumb ****. The Controller ended the call after trying to calm Ms down several times.
Ms. then called back and began this same process with the Owner. The Owner offered several times to reimburse her for the inspection he just needed a receipt and an address to send the reimbursement check to. Ms. hung up on the owner without providing any of the necessary information.
The Owner decided to reimburse her for the inspection. I can provide a copy of this check if necessary. It is check #XXXXX to consumer for $24.00 in regards to inspection reimbursement. It was addressed to . Since Ms. did not tell us where she wanted the check sent we used the address from the deal.
It is preposterous that a customer who failed to register their car on time, was given a free loaner car after their ball joint failed after having the car for over two months, and was offered a reimbursement for an inspection can be rude and nasty to almost every employee of the dealership and then file a complaint with the BBB.

Consumer's Final Response
01/29/2013: Mediator attempted to reach consumer by phone but number was not in service. Mediator emailed consumer requesting a call back.

01/30/2013: Mediator attempted to reach consumer by phone but number was not in service. Mediator emailed consumer requesting a call back.

09/10/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior repair

Complaint: I bought a car, a 2005 Nissan Exterra from Gallery Motors June 30th, 2012. Less than 1,000 miles later, the radiator transmission cooler came apart and got antifreeze in the transmission and it is a known Nissan problem. I brought the car back to them and told them what the only proper fix would be through Nissan and they took the car to a repair shop and had them replace the radiator and flush the transmission and when I told them I was not happy with this because Nissan says when coolant gets into the transmission it is only a matter of time before it goes out the manager told me if there were any problems, he would stand behind it. I am now having transmission issues and have called 4 times. I finally got someone to answer and they said they were not doing anything about it. I know it's been a year but the owner said he would stand behind it. It should have been handled two weeks after I bought the car.

Business' Initial Response
Mr. purchased a 05 Nissan Xterra with 79,806 miles in June of 2012. The car was inspected by a third party before the sale and no issues were reported. Mr. did not purchase a service contract that would have covered the cost of future repairs. A few months after the sale, Mr. experienced the issue with the vehicle. The issue that Mr. experienced is a known Nissan problem as he stated.
Gallery sells most vehicles with a 90 day powertrain warranty and the Xterra also received this warranty. This warranty does not cover the issue. Gallery made the decision to fix this problem even though the warranty does NOT cover the problem.
We have no record or knowledge of a manager or owner stating that they would warranty the transmission on this vehicle beyond the 90 day powertrain warranty. If the customer can provide some documentation of this it would help legitimize his case. I do believe that this never was warrantied and not even stated by management. It would not be logical for Gallery to forever warranty a transmission on a 10 year old vehicle with almost 100,000 miles.
Gallery Motor Company repaired a non-covered item months after the sale in order to provide superior customer service. I believe that we went way beyond what was required and even expected of the dealership. We understand the hardship that individuals face when costly repairs are needed to their vehicle and we offer superior extended service contracts to make it easier for the customer. Unfortunately, Mr. did not purchase one on his vehicle.
I did some research on the radiator/transmission issue that Mr. is experiencing. In October of 2012 consumers won a class action lawsuit against Nissan for this problem. Clause 15 of the agreement states that a person can "obtain reimbursement for repairs to his or her radiator and other damaged components (including the transmission) because of the cross-contamination of engine coolant and transmission fluid as a result of a defect in the radiator between 8 years or 80,000 miles, whichever is less and 10 years or 100,000 miles whichever is less, subject to the customer copay amount." ( It is unclear whether or not this issue was the culprit to the transmission failure due to the length of time between the incident and the transmission failure. I was only finding cases online that the radiator failure caused the transmission to seize immediately. I have not been able to find a case where it took over a year to occur. I am not a lawyer, but I would advise that Mr. contact a lawyer in regards to his potential claim in this class action case. Holding a dealership responsible for every potential defect from a manufacture would set a horrible precedent and would surely drive us all out of business. Also if that was the case it would not be logical that Gallery Motor Company would be held responsible for this issue when Nissan already has.
At the time of sale the vehicle had no sign of a potential coolant leak, much less that the transmission was going to fail over a year later. We did our due diligence prior to selling the Xterra and we paid for the radiator repair that was not covered under warranty. At Gallery we pride ourselves with our customer service and believe that we have gone above and beyond to assist him.

08/07/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the product

Complaint: vehicle advertised with $3,000 dollars worth of aftermarket performance parts. I later found they were not on the car. They would not pay for parts.
I purchased a 2008 VW GTI from Gallery in April 2012. The vehicle was advertised as "Stage 2". This is what sparked my interest in the vehicle, so I went to the dealership to find out more.

The salesman immediately pulled me into his office and pulled up the website (APR performance parts at (____) where he claimed the aftermarket parts came from. He described the aftermarket parts to me and explained their functions. "Stage 2" (as stated on the website) includes a downpipe, catback exhaust, an intercooler, and the stage 2 computer software.

The vehicle did not come with safety inspection, and I was instructed to go to ********* performance to get an inspection, as they are the only dealer in town that deals with the Stage 2 APR software. I went to *********, and found out that the vehicle only had a chopped off muffler to make it loud. It also had the stage 2 software, but ********* refused to flash that software because the vehicle did not have the other supporting modifications (Downpipe, exhaust, intercooler). They told me it would be harmful to the car to drive it the way that it is.

I then contacted APR. They solidified *********'s statements. They told me that it would be harmful to drive the vehicle the way it is.
I then contacted Gallery and told them the situation. I just asked for the supporting modifications, in order to keep the car "Stage 2" just as the car was advertised. They agreed that the car should be as advertised, and told me that they would research the parts.

After many dodged phone calls, I was informed that they would not pay for the parts. They lied to me and told me that "stage 2" just meant the computer software. They lied again, and told me that If I could prove to them that "stage 2" was everything that I have previously listed, that they would pay for it.

I got on the phone with (____) (who was uncooperative, as they do much business with Gallery), and APR. I even brought them a printout from the APR website that proved the required equipment. This is when Gallery became uncooperative with me. They stopped answering calls. I even stopped by the office again to talk to the owner, and he slipped out the back door while I was waiting, just to avoid me.

After many more dodged phone calls Gallery informed me that they would not pay for the parts. They were too expensive. exhaust (with downpipe) was $1,495, and the intercooler was nearly the same price.

I was unable to drive the car until I purchased the parts. I Had to rent a vehicle to drive to and from work while I ordered the parts.

After nearly two months of dodged phone calls, I had the owner agree to pay me 500 dollars to help with the cost. He would not pay any more.
Basically, I was stuck with a vehicle that was not driveable until I replaced the parts, and GAllery would not pay but 500 of the 3,000 dollar bill.
My sales Rep was (____), and the owner's name is (____).
(____) even had the audacity to call me and ask me to apologize to him. He lied to his boss and told him that he never explained the modifications to me, and that he never showed me the website. (Not that it matters, I came in on the internet add that stated the car was "stage 2").
I have been lied to, and stuck with a car that isn't drive able. I'm very upset, and I would recommend that nobody does business with this dealership.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ************ Controller
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
Ms purchased a 2008 Volkswagen GTI with vin #XXXXXXXXXX on March 28th 2012. The vehicle was advertised as being a modified car with a stage II upgrade.

After having the car for weeks Ms. 's boyfriend contacted Gallery Motor Company stating that the vehicle was misrepresented because the vehicle did not have straight pipes. He was informed that we never stated it had this type of exhaust system. He was also informed that this type of exhaust system would make it ILLEGAL to sell, because it would not have catalytic converters. The customer already knew of the legal issue, because he is employed at a competing car dealership in the St. Louis area. Gallery Motor Company abides by all state and federal laws when conducting business. During the sale the salesman, , showed the customer the stage II software that the vehicle had on APRs website but never discussed the other parts that are mentioned in the complaint.

The original inspection that was completed was expired by the time the vehicle was sold, so we did tell Ms. she could take it to ****** for a re-inspection it and that they would ****** us for it. The allegations of the car being "harmful to drive" are completely not true. This vehicle was a trade-in that was good condition and it was inspected by an outside vendor prior to the sale. After speaking with ****** ourselves, we found out ****** told them they would not make the illegal modification that he was asking for.

Mr. 's boyfriend stated that her salesmen told him that it did have straight pipes. He later apologized to the salesmen for lying and stated that he was under the impression that a stage II upgrade included removing the catalytic converters.

Gallery Motor Company does not typically sell "modified" vehicles so we researched the terminology. We found a great variety for the definition of stage II and for what type of exhaust system it would include. We gave Ms. two options at this point.
1. We offered to take the vehicle back. - she declined.
2. We offered to pay for the modifications they wanted. We found parts online and offered to purchase them however the customer did not like the brand names of the parts we found. The customer wanted some of the most expensive parts on the market. We offered the amount of what the parts we found in a cash settlement (approximately $500) that they can put toward the modifications of their choice. - she accepted

On July 20th 2012 Ms. picked up a check for $500.00 and a letter stating that this matter was closed. The check was cashed on the same day. She waited 10 days to for the check to fully clear and then filed this complaint.

We do not believe we misrepresented the car. We never stated that the catalytic converters were removed nor did the customer ever ask the question. We also would not be able to even sell the car legally if this was the case. In an attempt to keep the customer happy we offered more that we were morally obligated to do so. The customer told us they were happy with the agreement but then filed this complaint.

I can email a copy of the cleared check and the letter that accompanied the check.

03/13/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information

Complaint: I went in to the dealership on (address) I paid $2500 cash to (name) on 02/11/2012. This transaction was to purchase a 2007 Mitsubishi Galant VIN# (number). This vehicle was advertised online for $9390. There was many problems getting the vehicle financed after I took possession of the vehicle on 02/11/2012. I was delayed getting the car registered because I didn't have any of the paperwork (i.e title, title application or the vehicle invoice). My main complaint is that I was over charged by the dealership. I feel like the dealership "TOOK" $2500 and then added $960 to the price of the car.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ************ Controller
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****
It is Gallery Motor Company's opinion that Ms. is confused about her vehicle purchase because each of her claims is false and we have documentation to prove so. Her original car deal was completed on 2/11 and due to inconsistencies with her proof of income we had to redo her paperwork days later. The sale price for both sets of paperwork was $10350. She has not contacted her salesmen, finance manager, or any member of management regarding any problems with her car or the financing.
Response to Complaint regarding online price:
The price the deal was contracted for was sticker price of $10350.00. Ms. signed multiple documents agreeing to this price. We will often run "Online Specials," but those prices are given to customers who contact us regarding the online special and we do not automatically give these promotional discounts to every customer. Ms. agreed to buy the car for $10350.00.
Response to Complaint regarding down payment:
The $2500.00 down payment was applied to the purchase price of the vehicle. I can email a copy of the invoice which shows the breakdown $10350 + $10 (Missouri Fees) - $2500 =$7860.00. The amount financed by Ms. was $7860.00.
Response to Complaint regarding paperwork delay:
Ms. chose to finance her vehicle. The bank delayed the paperwork due to proof of income verification. She was not able to finance the full amount of the deal with the proof of income that she could provide. We worked with the customer and removed the extended service contract out of the deal in order to reduce the amount financed and the bank approved. Once the paperwork was adjusted Ms. came back into the dealership to sign the paperwork with the sale price of $10,350.00 again.
Ms. received her title work and paperwork in less than 30 days. In Missouri you have 30 days to register a vehicle. Even with the delay caused by proof of income verification Ms. still received her paperwork in enough time to register her vehicle and comply with state law. We can provide UPS delivery verification for date received if needed.

09/16/2011Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Refund or Exchange Complaint Issue

Complaint: I purchased the vehicle on 9/10/11 and after leaving the the dealer that evening i noticed that the heater did not work. I called on Monday to tell them of the issue and that I had noticed there was no antenna. Tuesday morning I had to call back down to the dealer again because my passenger window would not roll down. ____ the gentleman I have been speaking with since purchasing it was not there that day so I called back on Wednesday 9/14/11 and stated that since there had been so many issues with the vehicle in less than a week I would simply like my money back and to bring the car back. ____ one of the managers called me back stating they could fix those problems but they would not take the car back even though I had only had it for a few days. I stated to him that I wasnt comfortable with the idea of them fixing it and having more problems arise in the weeks to come and that since they buy vehicles then why couldnt they just buy the car back from me. He stated that they could buy it back for $6500.00 which i felt was an insult since I paid $7600.00 for the vehicle with a check from my bank.

Business' Initial Response
Gallery Motor Company has made every attempt to satisfy Ms. B. We operate in good faith and immediately upon hearing her complaints offered to have the vehicle serviced at the dealerships expense even though the alleged issues do not fall under the power train warranty. Ms. B. has repeatedly refused our assistance in making these minor repairs to her vehicle. Please keep in mind that Gallery Motor Company has not been offered the opportunity to diagnosis her claims nor has the customer had her vehicle diagnosed by a third party repair facility. The timeline of events are as follows:
On September 10, Ms. B. purchased a 2002 Toyota Celica #052615 with 105,805 miles. A vehicle that is ten years old with over 100,000 miles does not have any remaining manufacture warranty. The dealership did give the Celica with a 1 month power-train warranty. During the financing process our Finance Manager offered a more extensive service contract, however, Ms. B. declined.
On September 12, Ms. B. contacted her Sales Representative, (name remved). During this phone Ms. B. explained that the heat was not working properly and that she had an issue with the radio due to a problem with the antenna. He told Ms. B. to take the vehicle at her convenience to our mechanic shop (Speedway Automotive) and we would correct the problems.
On September 13, Ms. B. called to report a new issue and spoke with _____. She said although it worked in the past, that morning her passenger window would not roll down. _______ told her to have Speedway Automotive diagnose the problem when she took the vehicle in for the other repairs. Ms. B. was told the dealership would pay for the fees related to the diagnosis. At this time Ms. B. was able to confirm that she had the contact information for Speedway Automotive and that she would be scheduling an appointment.
On September 13, ________ followed up with Speedway Automotive to inquire about the issues Ms. B. was having, because they were the shop that serviced the vehicle prior to the sale. She was informed that the car was inspected and serviced during a heat wave and the car's heater was not tested. Speedway also said that Ms. B. spoke with their service manager earlier that day and inquired about an appointment.
On September 14, (name removed), the Sales Manager, contacted Ms. B. to further discuss the issues that had previously been reported. At this time Bill reiterated that Gallery would pay for the diagnosis fees and repairs to the ________. Ms. B. complained that Speedway Automotive was an inconvenience for her, so ____ told her that she could take the vehicle to another mechanic shop, even though this is against Gallery Motor Company's policy. Ms. B. refused to have the car repaired and then informed _____ that she wanted to return the car for a full refund. ____ told her this was not possible, but if she would like a different vehicle we would give her a credit towards the purchase. At this point Ms. B. began using very foul language, stated that she would be making a complaint to the BBB and hung up on ____.
Gallery Motor Company does what it can to accommodate customers. If a customer refuses to be helped than we are powerless. We offered Ms. B. several different options to assist and feel that her request to return the vehicle is not reasonable.

Consumer's Final Response
They stated that I could take my car to a local mechanic to fix then said I had to use theirs
On 9-14 I belive I spoke with ____ in the Service Department and he stated to me that since I live an hour away from their location and had the same business hours as their mechanic I could find a closer mechanic to do the repairs that we had discussed and they would cover the bill. I talked to my local Mechanic on 9-15-11 and he asked that I call the dealer and have them call him to verify which repairs needed to be made. On 9-16-11 I called and spoke to ____ again and asked him to give my mechanic a call to verify which repairs he was to make and ____ stated that would be fine he would give him a call. Withing 15-20 minutes ____ called me back stating that since I had filed a complaint with the BBB they would no longer honor my mechanic that I would now have to use theirs and I have 2 weeks to get that done. They went back on their word and are now causing me to lose money by taking time off of work when they had origionally told me that I could use someone closer due to convenience.

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