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Concours Auto Sales

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Customer Complaints Summary

17 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 5 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues3
Problems with Product / Service12
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints17

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (17)BBB Closure Definitions
01/07/2014Problems with Product / Service
01/04/2013Problems with Product / Service
07/16/2012Guarantee / Warranty Issues
02/29/2012Problems with Product / Service
10/13/2011Problems with Product / Service
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08/28/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Advertisement misrepresented a product

Complaint: I was in urgent need to of obtaining a new vehicle because my car had been totaled in a traffic accident. I contacted Concours Auto Sales in reference to an ad on for a 2007 Pontiac Solstice. It was advertised for $12995. (still have text responses from auto trader reference vehicle, however, link to this vehicle was removed. There were no statements in this ad about additional charges related to financing a vehicle. After speaking with *****, the salesman, and asking questions about the vehicle for several days, I decided to purchase this vehicle. The dealership offered to help me obtain a loan. Late on July 29, 2013 (after work) I went into Concours to complete the transaction. ***** walked me through the paperwork. I noticed that the price of the vehicle listed on the paperwork was $14,396 not the advertised $12995 from Auto Trader. I asked ***** about this and he explained that the $1401 difference in price was due to "additional fees" added to my loan by the financing company. He also informed me that the financing company required I obtain GAP insurance for this vehicle. I was disappointed about the additional $2295 in charges added to my loan but trust that ***** was providing me with accurate information. I have since contacted the Finance Company, Wells Fargo Dealer Services, #XXX-XXX-XXXX and spoke to ********* she informed that no additional fees were added to my loan they finance company and that they do not require the purchase of GAP insurance as indicated by ***** and Concours Auto Sales. Finally, when I purchased the vehicle it came with a Missouri vehicle safety inspection, which I was glad to accept knowing based on this inspection there would be no other expenses required to insure that this car would be safe for me to drive as well as safe transportation to use to transport my children. I believed the reason Missouri requires safety inspections was to insure vehicle driven in Missouri are safe. I know in the past when I have gotten my vehicles inspected if there was anything that might be determine to be a safety issue, I was required to fix this issue before the safety inspection certificate was issues and assumed the same requirements would apply to car dealerships that issue these inspections with the purchase of new or used vehicles. However, since purchasing the car from Concours I have been informed I have to purchase 4 new tires as the tires currently on the vehicle are not safe to drive on (to the point the cords are showing on them). I was not prepared for this additional expense.
Product_Or_Service: **** ******* ******** ***
Account_Number: ***# ***************

Business' Initial Response
this complaint makes no sense because as the customer states, she was informed that she if she elected to purchase the vehicle with a 60 month financing contract, that it would most certainly cost more than if she elected to pay cash. our salesperson explained this upfront to the customer, and she was fully aware of the charges prior to signing her contract. as far as the gap insurance, she was at no time told that it was required, in fact her paperwork that she signed clearly states that this is optional coverage. as far as her tires, they had adequate tread at the time of sale, and the vehicle passed ******** safety and emissions inspections, so her assertion that she needs tires now is ridiculous. whoever informed her that she needs tires informed her incorrectly. the customer does not need the BBB intervention to cancel her gap policy. if she wants to do so she can come by the dealership and sign a cancellation form just as any other customer could do without BBB help. as far as the sale price, it was explained up front before she signed her contract, and we feel that this is simply a case of buyers remorse. the tires passed ********** at the time of sale, and we will absolutely not buy her a new set of tires just because some random third party told her she should replace them. we are emailing supporting documentation in regards to the purchase price, acknowledgement of her understanding of said price, gap insurance adendum which expalins that it is voluntary, and not required as she claims she was told, and finally a copy of the safety and emissions inspection which shows a "pass" result.

Business' Final Response
Business documentation scanned to file.

07/23/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received

Complaint: We purchased a used 2008 Volkswagen GTI on 05/18/13 for $13,900 at Concours, St. Louis, MO. 52,349 miles on car. No accident/damage reported to CARFAX. We live in Waukee, IA (approximately 6 hour drive). On the drive home, the cruise control and radio were not working, one of the headlights was not working, the other headlight was blinking and the tire pressure light came on. I called Concours the following business day and told them I had concerns as wed just driven the car off the lot. I told them I wanted them to void the sale; that I didnt want the car anymore. If there were that many problems so soon, I was afraid there would be many more. They refused to void the sale. They said it was probably just a fuse and to take it to a car repair place. Over the last couple of months since we bought the car, we have taken the car to a Volkswagen dealership, a local car repair shop and a tire shop in Waukee. The following repairs were completed (cost includes labor): 1.05/30/13 Cost to inspect car and give estimate of repair. Radio and cruise now working correctly. Tires are worn. Volkswagen dealership $ Muffler installed (there was not one installed on vehicle). New headlight assembly/ mounts and bulbs $942.08. Local repair shop3.06/28/13 2 new tires. 1 had fallen off the rim. Bought tires online for $310.20. $78.21 to install the tires. Local tire shop. 4.$233.22 brake pads and rotors for rear wheels. Local tire shop. 07/19/13. Following items were brought to our attention by Volkswagen dealership and local car repair shop that we have not fixed/repaired:1.Drivers latch broken. When open up the door they relock. Volkswagen dealership said $514.20 to repair.2.Rear view mirror wobbly. Needs whole new assembly. Volkswagen dealership said $195.99 to replace.3.Driver door handle broken. Volkswagen dealership said $565.00 to replace.4.Front grill misaligned. Both Volkswagen and local car repair shop indicated car had been in accident. Front of vehicle broken and headlight tabs broken, bumper, grill, hood & headlights are misaligned. I contacted Concours on 05/20/13 and 05/29/13. This was before I knew about the extent of repairs for the muffler, headlights assembly, tires and brake pads. They were unwilling to work with me. They said theyd knocked off $1,100 off the price of the car to compensate for repairs. I responded they did not tell me thats why they accepted my reduced offer. If I would have known there were so many repairs needed on the car, I would not have bought it. I asked to have an owner call me back to discuss; however, I never received a call back. We have spent almost $1,700 just to make the car safe/drive-able. This was the first car my 17 year old son bought with his own money. Sadly, the experience has been disillusioning to say the least. It has been a learning experience for us.
Product_Or_Service: Volkswagen GTI

Business' Initial Response
this customer has a very poor memory and has filed an invalid complaint with the BBB. as she stated, we allowed an $1100 discount specifically for the reasons that she is now asking to be reimbursed for. we are emailing the BBB a copy of the paperwork that she signed which specifically lists what parts our warranty covers. NONE of the items that she is complaining about are covered under the warranty. she knew this at the time of purchase, and we based the $1100 discount upon the fact that the used car did in fact require routine maintenance that she understood that she would be responsible for as the new owner of the vehicle. the customer decided after she got home to Iowa that she was not comfortable having her son driving a high performance vehicle. this is a case of buyers remorse, and NOT a failure on the part of our dealership to honor her warranty. we ask the BBB to dismiss this complaint as invalid. none of the repairs that she is asking compensation for were ever promised to her, and in fact she was allowed to purchase the vehicle for a reduced price in lieu of these issues. once agian, we ask the BBB to rule this complaint as invalid.

Business' Final Response
we ask the BBB to please reopen the case and close as invalid, not AJR

10/05/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a repair estimate or agreement

Complaint: Concours Auto promised, but failed to repair the A/C in the car I purchased from them. After a month of failure, I paid to have the car repaired.
5/23/2012 (85-degrees): Date of sale/Saleman (NAME) promised to have A/C fixed in my 2005 Honda Accord during test drive.
5/25/2012 (92-degrees): Concours has car from morning until evening while I wait. They claim to charge the A/C and replace the compressor.
Tuesday, 5/29/2012: Concours has car through the weekend to repair it while I take a bus to Chicago. Upon return, the A/C appears to be working.
6/6/2012 (82-degrees): I took a trip to Branson. After 40-minutes into the drive the A/C slows down and warms. I discovered a filthy cabin filter; restarted the car, A/C works for another 30-40 minutes; changed the filter ($18); no improvement.
6/9/2012 (91-degrees): Returned from Branson; A/C never runs cold and stops blowing hard.
6/11/2012: Drop off the car at Concours to inspect. (NAME) says it ran for 40-minutes in their parking lot and it blew hard and cold the whole time.
6/11/2012 (p.m.): picked up the car - no A/C.
6/14/2012 (88-degrees): Drop the car off at Concours around 1:00 p.m.; (NAME) witnessed A/C not working (blowing hard, but no cold); (NAME) (owner) says he will take it to a specialist (Auto Air Company on Kingshighway (AAC)) tomorrow a.m.; filled girlfriend's car with gas b/c she was shuttling my daughter and mother and me around ($40).
6/15/2012 (93-degrees): (NAME) says the car will be diagnosed and ready for me to pick up from AAC by 4:00 p.m. He tells me to bring it back to AAC on Monday.
6/18/2012 (95-degrees): Drop off car at AAC.
6/19/2012 (93-degrees): Upon request, Concours denies me a loaner car citing inadequate insurance.
6/20/2012 (95-degrees): 9:30 a.m. Spoke with (NAME) at AAC. They cannot fix the car and they are referring it to the Honda dealer. After a call to (NAME), he says he does not know the status of my Honda. He will call when he knows.
6/21/2012 (87-degrees): 4:00 p.m.: (NAME) tells me the A/C specialist could not find the problem so Concours is getting a "special scanner" from their "tool guy" to find the problem. (NAME) says he will call back before they close and let me know what's going on.
6/21/2012 (5:00 p.m.): (NAME) tells me the Honda needs a new computer and will take a day to get in. I pick up the car.
6/22/2012 (86-degrees): Part is not in. (NAME) will call Monday. I put another $40 in girlfriend's car since I am using it for work.
6/25/2012 (90-degrees): (NAME) called to say the part will be in on Wednesday.
Wednesday, 6/27/2012 (98-degrees): No word from Concours. When I called (NAME) at 4:00 p.m., he tells me he will talk with (NAME) and call me back.
6/28/2012 (107-degrees): I called(NAME) at 9:30 a.m. The part and (NAME) are not in. (NAME) will call me back. (NAME) called at 12:00 p.m. and said to bring the car at 2:00 p.m.
6/28/2012: My 12-year daughter and I arrive at Concours at 1:30 p.m. After a couple of hours, (NAME) tells me the car is still not fixed. The key must be reprogrammed at Honda dealer. (NAME) tells me that should take about 5-hours and they are not available until Monday morning. Again, I ask for a loaner car since my 12-year old is with me and the temperature is triple digits. They again refuse and refuse to pay for a rental car.
6/28/2012: Rented a car from Enterprise (XXX-XXX-XXXX) for $41.64.
6/29/2012 (104-degrees): Returned rental car and drove my car home from Clayton. Gas for rental car from Crown Food Mart on Jefferson = $23.10.
7/2/2012 (101-degrees): (NAME) keeps insisting that I meet him at Concours so that they can change the license plate to a dealer plate in order to fraudulently get "family pricing" from the Honda dealer. (NAME) tells me that I will have to pay for the repair myself if I refuse to play along.
I convince (NAME) to bring the computer (PCM) to Honda Frontenac. I receive a call from the Honda service manager, (NAME). The computer has a broken mounting bracket, but they can still install it.
Total charges at Honda = $262.00
After 40-days, the A/C is finally fixed.

Business' Initial Response
while we can certainly appreciate the customers frustration with the time it took to complete the repairs, what he fails to mention is that there is no "fraud" as he implys by US taking this car to the Honda dealer to be worked on. we are extended a wholesale discount towards any parts and labor charges if we request the work. the customer was informed of this up front but chose to take the vehicle directly to the dealer, which we explained very clearly to him would eliminate our responsibilty towards any reimbursement. also,we do not provide rental car coverage, and therefore we cannot cover any of the other costs that he is seeking reimbursement for such as gas, time, etc. the air conditioning system is not even a covered part under our limited warranty, however we decided to extend coverage for the customer as a good faith effort. once again we feel awful that it took so long to get the vehicles air conditioning in good working order, but we have spent close to $600 already on diagnostics and parts and we do not feel that we should have to pay retail for the Honda repair as the customer has requested. we will reimburse him the $115 cost that it would have cost us to have the repair done under our dealers discount.that is the best that we can offer.

Consumer's Final Response
10/03/2012: I would be willing to accept $327.97 to settle this.

10/03/2012: Mediator left message for consumer.

10/03/2012: I do not accept and I remain dissatisfied.

Business' Final Response
10/03/2012: The AC repair was not covered under warranty. We replaced the compressor at no charge. We get whole sale pricing if we check in the vehicle. This does not require any plate swapping. We are willing to reimburse $115 as this would be our cost.

07/10/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a repair estimate or agreement

Complaint: Repairs to the purchased truck within 30 days of purchase date were dismissed as not under warrantty. Sale was based on the repairs being made
2002 GMC Sonoma I purchased on June 05 2012 from Concours. The check engine light was flashing at time of purchase. I was told the detail job to the motor left oil on the coil that would burn off after a short while of use. I phoned Concours several times over a period of two weeks with the complaint of the light still flashing. (Name), the salesman, finally told me to get it checked. The check revealed that the fuel injectors needed to be replaced. The check also revealed that the front brakes were unsafe. I phoned Concours with my findings. After a few calls (Name) set an appointment for repair on Monday June 25 at 2pm. That morning (Name) phoned to say they would not repair the brakes even though they are required to pass Mo state inspection before a sale. They would though repair the fuel injectors . I arrived to my appointment and was sat in an office for 90 minutes while fuel injector cleaner was put into the truck. (Name) came into the office to inform me that I would need to speak with the owner, (Name). (Name) informed me of the cleaner put into the motor and I should just drive the truck until the light stopped flashing. I complained that my repair shop already tried that and that the injectors were needing to be replaced. I also asked for the brakes to be repaired. (Name) dismissed me . He said it was not his problem and he was not repairing anything. I am then left with a truck that I paid $8500 for and have to add $1013 to in order to achieve the dependable truck that I was assured I was purchasing in the first place. I would like Concours to pay for the repairs that they should be required to pay. I also do not want any future consumers to be cheated and treated as I was. Thank you for your help

Business' Initial Response
Mrs.***** has a very selective memory. we discounted the truck $500 and waived the normal $199 administrative fee in lieu of making any repairs to the vehicle. had we promised to make any such repairs as she claims, we would have provided a "we owe" letter promising the repair. the customer was provided a 25% limited powertrain warranty that covers mechanical breakdown, not routine maintenance as she is expecting us to provide. the brakes passed Missouri safety inspection at the time of sale. they were not in need of replacement at the time that she brought the vehicle in for re inspection. the customer was rude and threatining when she was reminded that we gave her close to a $700 discount off the list price in leiu of further repairs. the customer has already been well compensated towards these repairs that she claims are necessary and we cannot contribute any additional funds to her repair bill for items that are not under warranty.

07/07/2014Problems with Product / Service
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