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Royal Gate Dodge Chrysler Jeep of Columbia Inc

Phone: (618) 281-3000

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Customer Complaints Summary

18 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 7 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues10
Delivery Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service6
Billing / Collection Issues0
Total Closed Complaints18

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Complaint Resolution Log (18)BBB Closure Definitions
11/27/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies

Complaint: Royal Gate Dodge refuses to refund my unearned premium credit after several calls and emails.
I purchased a **** **** ******** from RGD in Oct 2012. Undesirable circumstances left me selling it back to them in April 2013.

Upon purchase I also purchased a GAP insurance policy to be included in the term of the loan.

Upon sale of the vehicle I received a letter from the finance company with the release of lien contract attached. The letter states that since the loan was paid off prior to maturity, there is a unearned premium credit of $672.21 that needs to be obtained from the dealership.

I called the dealership and left 2 voicemails on *** *********** phone. With no response after a week, I emailed the sales rep that purchased my vehicle. He gave the message to ***** in finance. She called me for the reference number on the letter from ** **** ******* and their phone number. ***** then leaves me a voicemail the next day telling me that the insurance policy is still active and they will not send out a refund until it is closed.

I do not have an active GAP insurance policy. Royal Gate Dodge owns the vehicle, the title had been transferred to their name, and the loan(with GAP insurance) was paid in full.

Royal Gate Dodge has held on to my credit balance for 4 months now. Repeated attempts to rectify the situation have failed.

Initial Business Response
We have had several conversations with consumer in regards to this cancellation. When we bought the vehicle from her we called her bank where her loan was on the vehicle to get her payoff. When we call for a payoff they don't disclose to us if there is any extra service contracts or gap contracts that need to be cancelled. Once consumer contacted us after we paid her loan off and informed us that she had a Gap Contract that needed to be cancelled we explained to her that we would be happy to handle that process and get her refund to her. We further explained in order to cancel the Gap contract that she would have to come into the dealership to sign the cancellation form for the Gap contract before it could be processed. Consumer became very frustrated with the fact that she had to come back to the dealership and that we should have known this. When we purchase a vehicle from a customer we don't know what additional contracts that may be in force with there financing. We are still happy to cancel her Gap contract although consumer will need to sign the cancellation form before we can cancel it.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Royal Gate Dodge talked me into purchasing GAP insurance. I signed up for it right there IN the dealership. Royal Gate Dodge is very aware of what they are selling to their customers. I did not call and tell them I have a GAP contract to cancel(like their response states.) I called them for the refund that the financing company told me was due to me from the dealership. The letter states the contract is paid in full, they released the lien, the title was sent to the dealership, and the refund of $672.21 may be obtained from the dealership. NO WHERE in the letter from the financing company does it state the contract needs a signature to cancel. In fact, it states, "since the contract was PAID OFF before the maturity date, you may be entitled to a refund equal to the unearned premium..." Furthermore, the vehicle is in the possession of dealership, why would a customer continue to pay for a GAP insurance policy for the dealership? Royal Gate Dodge responded, "When we PURCHASE a vehicle from a customer we don't know what additional contracts that may be in force with their financing." They absolutely knew what was in force when they SOLD the vehicle, like I said before, they talked me into purchasing the coverage. I'd guess that Royal Gate Dodge is sitting on millions of unearned premiums over the years that are owed to their customers yet their customers are non the wiser. Fraud! Two years ago ****** **** had no problem sending a refund for unearned premiums that I was unaware of. Royal Gate Dodge is NOT being honest. Royal Gate Dodge is blaming the whole situation on the customer(me) and the finance company, yet they claim the paperwork has to be signed at the dealership and the refund is due from the dealership...sounds to me like Royal Gate Dodge is very good at holding on to money that is not theirs. I will never subject myself to stepping into that dealership ever again, I don't associate with criminals. Mail me the cancellation form Royal Gate Dodge feels is necessary for my refund (the finance company doesn't feel it's necessary) and I'll have my lawyer review it before I put my name on it.

09/25/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information

Complaint: We were sold an agreement for $100, then charged $3,800. We went in and bought a car and waited 4.5 hours. When we finally spoke to a finance guy he sat a paper in front of us for different types of warranties. Listed at the bottom was how it would effect our monthly total. It didn't say how much it cost though. I was interested in the mechanical warranty and asked how much it was. He replied with $100 and he even said he didn't know how they could continue to sell these at this price. We were both astonished about the price. When we got our paperwork in the mail a few days later, I noticed the price was increased. There was a charge for services for $3,800. My husband asked what was going on and they said it was the lifetime warranty. We explained we were told it was $100. They said the man was new and it is actually $3,800. They told us we should have read the contract better. I signed nothing that said the warranty was $3,800. They are pretty much telling us tough luck.
Product_Or_Service: Warranty

Initial Business Response
We have communicated with consumer in regards to this and informed her that we would cancel the warranty and issue her a full refund and further apologized for any miscommunication there may have been.

05/09/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor promised refunds, exchanges, or credit

Complaint: Gave check for hold. As agreed, called to say did not want and was told check was being returned
to me but instead was sent to my bank for collection.
On Sat April 27 spoke with Chad salesperson regarding purchase of new chrysler 300 C. Had none in stock with my specs, told one could be ordered. He asked for deposit, gave him check for $200 with understanding I would advise if veh was wanted. Called on Monday to say didn't want and was told check was being put in mail to me. Next day, check was presented to my bank account for payment. Have made NUMEROUS calls and left messages to sales person and and accountant, with no return calls or results. I want my $200.00 returned.

Consumer's Final Response
Please mark this complaint as satisfacturaly completed. I did receive a check for a full refund.

01/24/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation did not disclose complete pricing information

Complaint: I was told there would be no sales tax due on the vehicle I purchased. When I licensed my vehicle I owed $850.92 in sales tax.
I purchased a Dodge Dart, VIN # XXXXXX, from Royal Gate on 10/25/12. I also traded in a leased Jeep Wrangler, VIN # #XXXXXX, during this transaction. I dealt with two salesmen, (____) and (____) on my deal. Also, involved at the end with the paperwork and financing was (____), the Finance Manager. Everyone was aware that I was trading in a leased vehicle and I was convinced by the dealerships employees that it would be no different than if I owned the vehicle I was trading in. So we haggled back and forth and finally came to a deal. I went into the finance office to finish all of the paperwork with (____). One of the documents we filled out was the ST-556 document from the Illinois Department of Revenue, which is the Sales Tax Transaction Return. This document has my trade in information from my Jeep and also the information on my new vehicle. Also, on this document under Bullet Point 6, where the sales tax is figured is the total price of my new vehicle, Line 1- $20215.00, and my trade-in credit or value, Line 2- $24000.00 and under line 3, which is the amount subject to tax, is N/A. This document states that I owe no sales tax and is signed and dated by me and (____) on 10/25/2012. I went to license my vehicle on 11/21/2012 at Office: XXXXXX. When I arrived at the license office they told me that the paperwork had been filled out wrong by the dealership and I could not receive a tax credit for a leased vehicle and I would owe $850.92 in sales tax. The license office proceeded to call Royal Gate and explain to them that they could not fill out the paperwork that way because again, it was a leased vehicle and I would not get a tax credit on a leased vehicle. So, I payed the $850.92 plus a $40.00 service fee for paying with a credit card, because I was unable to come up with that much cash and had to license my vehicle to make it legal. At this point I was not sure who was right, the license office or Royal Gate. So on 12/06/12 I contacted (____) at Royal Gate and explained the situation and he told me that the license office is correct I cannot use my leased vehicle as a credit and would be subject to the sales tax that I payed. My problem is if he knew this over the phone after the fact, how was he or anyone else at the dealership that was involved, not aware of this when we made the deal and filled out the paperwork. I believe it was just a "sales pitch" to get the deal done and papers signed and get me out the door. I find it hard to believe that they have not dealt with other people trading in leases and had this same outcome. Unfortunately, because someone either does not know how to do their job, made a mistake, or used devious acts it wound up costing me an extra $890.92, after the service charge.

Business' Initial Response
I believe there are couple areas of confusion here. There is no doubt that when purchasing and/or selling a vehicle there is alot of information that is covered. First Mr. is a Missouri customer, and when a Missouri customer purchases a vehicle in Illinois they may be able to take advantage of not having to pay their local sales tax in Missouri. We do advertise this as it is a benefit to Missouri residents. This does not mean they will avoid all sales tax nor has any employee ever stated that to any customers that we are aware of. Next the ST-556 form Mr. is refering to would state no tax is owed on any Missouri resident because it would only have taxes owed if it was an Illinois resident as this is a tax reporting form for Illinois. That being said because we are an Illinois dealer we must report all sales to Illinois even when there are zero taxes collected as in a out of state sale. We sincerely apalogize for any confusion. I would welcome the oppurtunity to speak with Mr. and/or offer a service to further express our apologies.

Consumer's Final Response
Now that the business has not responded to either of the two notices that have been sent to them, what happens now? Is the case closed and it goes against their rating or is there something else I can do?

Thank You,

11/12/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation did not disclose key conditions of the offer

Complaint: I bought a vehicle July 21st and later found out it had prior hail damage. They said they would buy back the vehicle and get me another one. I have not heard from them.

Business' Initial Response
I wanted you to know on the attached complaint a settlement has been made with the customer and everything is resolved.

Thank you!


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09/18/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor a contract or agreement

Complaint: I went to Royal Gate Dodge to look at a used Wrangler. I was told by the sales person (who is no longer there) that it would be better to look at a 2013. I told him I could not afford for my payments to go up nor could I afford the sales tax. He proceeded to look at the 2013, we found one I liked that was located at their other location. He said they would include the sales tax into my financing. He then asked for a $500 check just to hold to ensure I would come back for the transaction. I was told my payment would go up $40/mth but I wouldn't have a payment for 45 days. I agreed. When I went back to sign the paperwork I was told they needed the $500. I told him that was not possible as I live paycheck to paycheck and that money was for bills. He said, ok well your payment may go up a couple extra dollars. I then went into the financing department to meet ***. He rambled on quicker than the salesman did. By the time I knew what was happening I was enrolled in ***** **** and my payments went up $100/mth and my first payment was to be deducted in 2 weeks. I was so confused. Now, I realize I should have questioned this, but I didn't. I asked *** about the paperwork to transfer my plates. He said I would receive the paperwork within 3 weeks. I asked him about the sales tax, he said a check made out to DOR would be included in the front of all the paperwork. I called the dealership because I am about out of time to transfer the plates. After a couple days of non returned calls, I finally spoke with Scott the Sales Manager who proceeds to tell me I should have received it in writing!!!!!! In writing, it was part of my financing. They refuse to pay the sales tax. ***** said, let me give you a scenario, this is not in writing so maybe you decided that you didn't want to pay the sales tax so you decided to say your salesman who is no longer here promised this to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Product_Or_Service: Jeep Wrangler Sport

Business' Initial Response
We have inspected the entire purchase transaction between us and consumer and there is no indication that sales tax was to be included in the purchase agreement. We have a signed Initial Purchase Agreement, Financing Contract, and Final Purchase Agreement. Unfortunately we can not give money that we never received in the purchase transaction.

06/10/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the product

Complaint: I bought my car new.My salesman (***** ****** told me I had sirus radio and navigation. I have neither. I was lied to. the night I picked it up it was dirty and my tire pressure light was on. I called my salesman the next day about my tire because I found there was a screw in it. He told me that he is not a mechanic and he just sells the cars and to drive on the spare until I got my coupon book in the mail. (30 days) I then called him about my window tint, it was coming off he said he would handle it. Its been two weeks and I still heard nothing from him. Then today I notice that my dashboard is completely loose! So I get in it and I just drive to the dealership. I go in to talk to the manager,who claims to be the GM. He did nothing but tell me to go to service and that he will get my windows fixed. said nothing about the radio other then ' oh I don't know' I then ask him who is over him. he says 'no one' so I take my car to service and he tells me they are keeping my car over night,and now I have a rental car and I am extremely unhappy.

Business' Initial Response
Consumer did come into the dealership and voiced her concerns. We did direct her to service and provided her a rental car at no cost to her which is not our normal policy. I did make arrangements for the tint on her windows to be completely replaced and the tint company is going to her so she isn't inconvenienced. We didn't sell her a car with Navigation & Sirus Radio. All new cars come with a Monroney Sticker from the manufacturer to eliminate any possibility of a customer buying a car that does or doesn't have what they are looking for before they purchase the vehicle. I feel as though we went above and beyond to rectify consumer's complaints.

02/14/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Non-delivery of products

Complaint: Bought a new 2012 dodge charger, on a i owe you form. They owe me a complete chrome grill since last july. I was promise this in order to buy car
The sale man and manger agree to supply complete chrome grill and installed it on my 2012 dodge charger. I have been to this dealership several times and they just give me the run around. I have wasted gas and hours of my time going there. Either they supply the grill and replace my gas or they can take the dodge back and issue a full refund. This is now matter of pride and making of promises these dealership make in order to make a sale.

Business' Initial Response
Royal Gate Dodge will honor any agreement that may have been made in writting to Mr. . We have asked Mr. to provide the copy of the We Owe that stated what was promised. We are required to see and obtain a copy of the We Owe in order to process the order. Upon reciept of this we will honor the agreement. Please let us know should there be any further information needed.

01/04/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the service

Complaint: Purchased 2006 Dodge Truck vin ____________4/2/11 paperwork dated 3/31/11. Pre purchase paperwork noted Clutch didn\'t work properly and truck bed cover didn\'t lock and was to be fixed. Salesman \"Promised we wouldn\'t have to replace clutch - clutch would work properly or they would fix it under the 90 day 3000 mile warranty that came with truck\".
Left truck twice with dealership to get fixed. Lower Left bearing failed Missouri Inspection, Royal gate fixed bearing but told me there was nothing wrong with clutch and I didn\'t know what I was talking about.
Took truck to ____________ Chrysler Jeep Dodge. They went for test drive with me. They found clutch worn out, pressure plate and throw out bearing needed replaced. All replaced at cost of $1,513.13.
To date still have not received part to fix the lock on the truck bed cover.
Remote keyless entry key - doesn\'t work. Told salesman when went back to pick up truck about the key. It is checked off on 125 point inspection list as working. Salesman tossed me a battery. The insides are trashed and a new key is required per ___________ Chrysler. New key will cost $200.00.
Royal Gate offers No Charge Lifetime Oil Change program for any vehicle purchased. Advertise the free lifetime oil changes on television on all of their commercials. Told me I would receive coupons when going through the dealer financing. They are to send 4 coupons that have to be used within the year to get the next years coupons. To date I have not received the coupons. I called the financing officer once to request and included information that I hadn\'t received the coupons in letter sent on June 14th.
Since purchasing the truck in addition to the clutch the following work has had to be done to the vehicle. Replace Tie Rod $1,216.84. Replaced Right Upper and Lower Ball joints $704.15. Oil change at 62.35 - no free coupons!
All of those items (except oil change) were supposedly part of their 125 point certified pre-owned vehicle inspection checklist. All were checked off as meets standards. If they met the standards of Royal Gate, they didn\'t meet the standards of ____________ Chrysler.
Then Royal Gate lost the deposit check of $6,500.00. They called my mother(as that is name on check)but didn\'t leave any message. Then I get a certified letter that they are going to turn me over to a collection agency if I don\'t replace the check. ________ called _____________ XXX-XXX-XXXX x530. She discussed all of the issues with him on the phone. He said he was off but would look into this when he got back to work the next day and get back to her. _________ sent the replacement check and sent a letter to ____________ with the issues. She received no response other than he did send a $100 goodwill check.
I sent another letter on June 14th to ___________________ to cover all of the complaints. The letter was sent with a delivery confirmation. The letter was delivered on June 16th. I specified in the letter that I expected a response within two weeks or I would contact the better business bureau. To date, I have had no response.
I have copies of the certified checklist that is erroneous. I have the clutch parts that were replaced if they don\'t believe the clutch was worn out. Since another Chrysler-Dodge dealership replaced the clutch I believe that there was a problem and Royal Gate chose to ignore the problem. I have receipts from _________ Chrysler for all of the work that was done.
I have sent ______________ copies of all of these receipts along with the letter that I mailed certified on June 14th.
They demanded response from me when THEY lost the deposit check, but have yet to respond to a my letter.

Business' Initial Response
To whom it may concern:
Mr. Consumer purchased his 2006 Dodge Dakota from our dealership and did mention that the clutch feels "sticky" and was addressed by our service dept. On 03/02/11 the vehicle was in my service dept. for the first time when being traded in and had all service work performed where a tie rod was replace and documented at a cost of 122.00 not 1,216.84 like customer stated in complaint. We also replaced lower ball joint for the customer, as that is the one the technician found that failed during Mo. state inspection so why did'nt the inspection techs not catch there was also a right upper and lower ball joint bad like ___________ Chrysler did? On 04/2/11 customer brought in to look at clutch issue and we kept all day and found no problem. Then on 04/6/11 customer started complaining about a vibration when braking so out of good faith we replaced front rotors and brake pads at a cost of 329.00 that we paid for to make customer satisfied. The pads did not need replaced we just did out of good faith. Then on 04/9/11 customer was back complaining about clutch again, which we have documented technician drove for 30 miles and found clutch "wearing as designed". As far as the key, on the customer we-owe sheet there was no key not working mentioned. As a manager of the dealership I sign off on what we owe a customer, and pulled file and there was no mention of it. The certification does not state that we have to have 2 working keys just 1. The customer had 1 working key and 1 not working as to my knowledge. The lock for the tonneau cover was never mentioned to me by the internet salesman, who sold him, that he ever wanted us to fix it after he was upset about clutch. I would've done so in a quick manner. We tried calling customer for over a week about missing check with no response so we sent a certified letter, and that's when he finally decided to return our call. We never stated a collection agency, we just stated it was important to get a hold of us before we have to contact our attorney. I'm not saying ____________ Chrysler is lying about the work they performed but they are his local dealer, and the clutch is not part of the extended warranty since it is considered a wear and tear item, and I believe the customer was just trying to get us to put a clutch in it. As far as the tie rod replacement of 1216.84 the extended warranty he purchased from us would've covered less a 100.00 deductible and also covered the ball joints cost of 704.15 which was performed at _________ Chrysler. Also the customer is told at time of purchase nothing is needed for the lifetime oil changes, the customer just brings in vehicle and upon entering the vin# it brings up the customer gets 4 free oil changes every calendar year. Maybe the customer believed he was getting coupons but he can just show up anytime for his free oil changes. I would be happy to get the locking mechanism for his topper also.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response from Royal Gate Dodge is extremely difficult to understand. The Service Manager seems to be confused over the timing of events. He states that the truck was being traded in on 3/2/11 and a tie rod was replaced for $122.00 not the amount of $1,216.84 as in my statement. I don't know what was done on 3/2/11 - when the truck was being traded in.

I purchased the truck on 4/2/11. The clutch was discussed with the internet salesman and I believed him when he said that Royal Gate Dodge would stand behind the clutch and I would not have to replace the clutch. According to the salesman, Royal Gate Dodge would fix the truck before I took it home. The truck was left with Royal Gate on 4/2/11 - the date I signed paperwork. Nothing was done on the clutch or the latch as promised.

The $1,216.84 was to replace tie rod and fuel pump. This work was done by ____________ Dodge and all but $189.96 was covered by the warranty. What Royal Gate Dodge fails to even address is the replacement of the clutch.

Royal Gate Dodge said the clutch was working as designed yet I had to pay $1,513.13 on April 27, 2011 to ____________ Dodge to replace the clutch, bearing and resurface the flywheel.

Royal Gate Dodge states that they replaced the front rotors and brake pads out of good faith - even though the pads did not need it. They never replaced any rotors or pads to my knowledge. The receipt from them only shows that they drove the truck and the clutch was working as designed.

The Service Manager states he would be happy to get the locking mechanism for the topper also. That would be fine. Get the locking mechanism and mail it to me.

I still expect some restitution on the clutch. I didn't start "complaining" after I had the truck for awhile. I discussed this in detail with the internet salesman at the time that I was negotiating the purchase of the truck. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have signed the paperwork until the work was completed on the truck clutch.

Business' Final Response
12/02/2011: Mediator left message for business.

12/07/2011: Mediator left message for business.

12/08/2011: Mediator emailed complaint to business.

12/13/2011: Mediator emailed complaint again to business.

12/15/2011: There will be no offer made for clutch reimbursement. We will repair, replace or refund locking mechanism on truck bed cover, only one working key required.

12/27/2011: Mediator left message for business.

12/29/2011: Consumer can call _______ at XXX-XXX-XXXX to bring in vehicle to repair trunk lock and key.

10/11/2011Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Disputed warranty coverage and/or terms

Complaint: My wife and I purchased a vehicle from Royal Gate, in April, 2011, after we were promised by our salesman that the damaged center console, damaged front bumper, and damaged rear seat would be replaced. To date the car has been back to fix these issues three times and they have still not fixed the front bumper or the center console. They did fix an issue with the rear bumper but they refuse to fix a new issue with the interior mirror that has a broken clip.

I feel that after spending an extra money for the extended bumper to bumper warranty that these issues should be fixed, especially since we were promised that the main issue of the front bumper would be remedied before we signed the paperwork.

Business' Initial Response
Mr. and Mrs. Consumer purchased the 2008 Caravan on April 14th. 2011. She did mention the console and the rear bumper during the time of sale and I adressed what we could do to fix the issues. I wanted them to be happy, so I decided to fix the issues on the van before they drove off the lot. It took approximately 3 days to fix and customer returned and picked up the van. The console was off track and was sliding fine when they picked up, and the chips on the rear bumper were repaired. About 4-5 days went by and she complained about a front bumper issue that was not addressed at time of delivery, and a "seat" issue that was never addressed either. We have scheduled the vehicle in for service 3-4 times and have found no problems, and have given them 2 free tanks of gas and no-charge rentals each time. I feel I have spent 250.00-300.00 in "no-charge items" and customer for no reason is still upset. She has talked with the pre-owned manager, new car manager and the general manager of my dealership, and has consistently yelled at everyone, although we have had her vehicle in and have found no problem. Ms.Consumer has been very rude to all management, and service advisors within our dealership, and I believe there is a concern of "never being able to make her happy" and she keeps saying she should have bought a foreign vehicle because that's all she's ever owned!

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