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Customer Complaints Summary

92 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 27 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues22
Billing / Collection Issues3
Delivery Issues2
Guarantee / Warranty Issues9
Problems with Product / Service56
Total Closed Complaints92

Complaint Breakdown by ResolutionAbout Complaint Details

Complaint Resolution Log (92)BBB Closure Definitions
09/23/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint: I had a deal of new car with *** **** ****** on Aug. XX XXXX. I made a deposit ($500) for keeping my favorite car. But on picking day (Aug. 31), I heard that my favorite car had been sold on Aug. 30.My picking time was 10am on Aug. 31. But, my sales agent appeared to me 30 minutes later and noticed me this incredible situation.Although sales manager and other sales agents already knew this happening, they did not let me know. They did not even apologize me and tried to sell another car with over 2,000 miles.Thus, I canceled the deal. I could not understand their sales practice. Their sales attitude was so bad that we were so upset.

Initial Business Response
Contact Name and Title: ****** ****/General Manag
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *****@****.com
Mr. gave us a deposit for a vehicle on 8/28. The following day Mr. discovered that the vehicle had been a "demonstrator" vehicle and had miles on it. He did not want that vehicle and transferred his deposit to a 2nd vehicle. Later it was discovered that Mr. wished to have power seats, which the 2nd vehicle did not have. At that time Mr chose a 3rd vehicle that he saw on our lot. When the order started to be written up for the 3rd vehicle, we found the vehicle sold to another customer. Mr. deposit was refunded to him on 08/31/13.

08/13/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: None of the Above - Repair Complaint Issue

Complaint: I bought a 2007 Dodge Durango February 4, 2013 and paid cash. I left the dealership and took it a shop for service. The service shop told me the ball joints were bad and it should not have passed inspection. I called Lou Fusz and explained the problem and they offered to reimburse me for the repair. I took it to Advance Auto for repair and Lou Fusz paid it. July 5th it would not start, I called AAA and had it towed to **** ***** ***** for service. **** check it and noticed a shutoff box attached and cut the wires and it ran. I called Lou Fusz and ******* verified there was a shutoff box attached and It should have been removed. I asked for reimbursement and she told me to bring receipts. I brought it in and they removed the shutoff box and made copies of my receipts. I was told the person that issues checks was out and a check should be issued the next day . My boyfriend called July 18th about the check and spoke to **** ******** **** said they would not reimburse me because I bought it 10 months ago. He also said I should have brought it to them first.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: **** *******
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***********@****.com
A check will be cut today for $300 to **** ******. I apologize for any inconvience.

07/04/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Unauthorized repair

Complaint: I started this ordeal back around June 5th. My car had a service engine light on, so I took it to Autozone, they hooked up a tester and told me it was a misfire. I called the Kia dealership, and spoke to a gentleman in the service department. I asked him what he thought I should do or what the issue was and he recommended my spark plugs and wires be replaced since they were probably the originals and my car has over 100,000 miles on it. I figured I could do the job myself but after further research that day, I realized this would best be done by a professional. I called the next day and got a quote ****. He quoted me $549 plus tax. I agreed, and dropped my car off a day or two later on the 7th of June. I picked it up on the 8th of June and paid $577.96. A few days later, I noticed my car was not idling properly and was still stumbling when accelerating. I called **** at the dealership and he told me he would take care of it and to bring it back. I brought my car back on Wednesday June 19th, and **** confirmed there was a problem after a short test drive. I left my car for several more hours. **** calls me back, and advises me that the stepper motor control had a bad connection and they fixed it. He said he would not charge me for the diagnosis or labor. At this point, I was very happy. However, the next day, my car was still running the same way, erratic idle, etc. I called **** back once again, advise him of the issue and to bring my car back for the 3rd time on Tuesday June 25th. **** calls me on Wednesday and tells me that I now need coil packs and to replace them it would be another $628. I refused the service and picked my car up. I am upset that my car was never diagnosed or even offered to be diagnosed. I was told by a service employee that I needed to replace my plugs and wires. So, I trusted him and paid them $577.96 believing that my car would be fixed. If my car was diagnosed, instead of informing me of what he assumed was the problem, I would of replaced 1 coil pack for $200.
Product_Or_Service: Vehicle Service Repair

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ***** *******
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ********@****.com
Mr. had vehicle's check engine light diagnosed at an auto parts center. Called Lou Fusz Kia to price plugs and wires which Mr. was advised by the (OUTSIDE VENDER) auto center that he needed plugs and wires to be replaced. Mr. authorized the plugs and wires to be replaced at Lou Fusz Kia, without Lou Fusz Kia performing a diagnostic check before replacement of plugs and wires. Mr. did not want to pay our diagnostic check fee which would of given him the correct diagnostic on the vechilces issue.

Without Lou Fusz Kia performing the diagnostic check, we would not have known why the check engine light would of been on. This resulted in the customer trying to save money by not having the dealer properly check the code.
At the end of the day Lou Fusz Kia did not diagnose the vechicle per customer trying to save money by going to outside vender for diag. we have called customer to offer financial assist for needed repair and proper diagnosis, customer declined and told dealer he was purchasing part over the internet.
Dealer still put in system we gave Mr. a free oil change. this was just a goodwill offer to customer.
any further concerns please call or email dealer at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

06/04/2013Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to provide promised written warranty or guarantee

Complaint: I had an additional warranty ($3000). They kept insisting I did not have the warranty. Later to find out THEY had it in THEIR system WRONG
I was under the belief I had warranty to cover all maintenance of the vehicle. Except wear and tare (sp) of tires and such. Which I loved, since it was my first big car purchase. The first issue arose when I called to get an oil change. They told me I did not have such warranty. But I did have one free oil change. I informed them that the warranty should defiantly be in my file. Oil changes were something I could have someone do so that was not a high concern. I continued to call and was given the run around of different people to talk to another day, or a different location to call. etc. THEN my car had actual maintenance troubles and I had to take it into the dealer. They charged me $125 diagnostic fee and advised me what they could fix it for an additional cost. Hoping to not spend that amount of money. We purchased the Oxygen sensor and put it in ourselves. The problem continued. Not able to pay the $125 diagnostic test each time, we changed out some other parts hoping to fix the issue. When that did not work I called the dealership again. Desperate. This time I found someone to help me. Who informed me that THEY PUT MY WARRANTY in the system wrong and I actually paid $3000 for the warranty!!!
At this time, half the warranty time is over and I'm so upset with the dealership I just want to void and be refunded on the warranty.

Business' Initial Response
Customer has been contacted and will bring in receipts for her to get a full refund on work done to the CX7. We will refund customer warranty if desired.

02/21/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Improper or inferior repair

Complaint: I purchased a vehicle from them in September 2012.. It came with a 60 day warranty.. I brought the vehicle back to them within the first 30 days complaining about the smell of burnt oil and my oil pressure light was on.. They said they found no leaks, but that the oil was low, so they topped it off.. I had another shop look at it and they said they could see that oil was leaking, but couldn't tell from where.. I took the car back to them today, and they are telling me they will not be responsible for the repair.. I feel this was something they could have fixed during the warranty period, but they decided to wait til it expired.. NO they are refusing to admit that this was a problem either when I bought it or when I brought it back to them , during the warranty period..

Business' Initial Response
We have contacted the customer and are working with them to settle their issues.

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10/28/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Failure to honor refund, exchange or credit policies

Complaint: i bought a **** gmc here they had lost a the extra key and remote so they did send me a new key and remote but only the dealer can program the remote they are 100 miles from so they said take it to a local dealer which is 30 miles from i had to pay to get it programmed they said they would reimburse me its going on a moth still no check (***** you do have a copy of the recite chuk confirmed that) i also had to install the cargo lights on the truck my self that should be done before the truck was showed to any one (since when do you buy a new truck with some assemble required) the best part they offered me few dollars extra in the reimbursement that i haven't got to answer they survey that ** sends out with all completely satisfied answers
Product_Or_Service: truck

Initial Business Response
Mr. bought one of the first new ******* we had on our lot, which a manager was driving. Unfortunitly the Tech during PDI did not relieze he needed to install the new bed lights. Also, being a demo, the second set of keys were missing. We offered to take care of this at the dealership but due to the fact that he lives a hour plus away from the dealership, he said he would take care of all of this at his local dealer if we paid for it. We have apogized a number of times, paid for the second set of keys to be reprogrammed and compensated Mr. ***** the amount it would cost the dealership to install the lights since he did it himself. Now he wants money for his time and we told him no becuase he offered to take care of everything. Then he tried to hold the GM survey over our heads if we did not compensate him. We apologize again for the lights missing and key but we would have done that before delivery if he didn't want take the truck that night.

10/18/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the product

Complaint: Vehicle misrepresented as 4WD but actually 2WD/Extended Service Contract misrepresented/Refuse to provide refund/Will not respond to issues
1/11/13 - Called **** ***** re: ** ******* ******** **** on Fusz website (pics show 4WD badge on back) and offered $21,000. Said he had check with the Sales Mgr and call back. Told him it is a 2+ hour drive and wanted to come the next day but need to know asap due to time restraints. He called back late the next morning and said offer accepted.

1/12- During the test drive, asked about 4WD option. Greco said, "I really don't know anything about this car or how it works" but guaranteed it to be 4WD. LIE #1 Knowing I had a long drive home with an approaching storm, I finished the test drive and agreed to purchase the car for $21k with down pmt of $3k.

Purchased $3091 in ext. coverage from ***** in Finance. Asked multiple times where the vehicle had to be taken for contract work as I live 2 hrs away not going to bring it back there for ANY work. Advised if ANY coverage required me to use Fusz, I didn't want it and would buy from a dealer closer to me. She said, "Oh no, this is all through ********* You can take it anywhere that accepts their contracts". Same response 3 times. Also asked why ppw said FWD instead of 4WD. She said, "Some manufacturers use FWD to mean 4 wheel drive. That's what the 'F' is for". Have a witness to her statements. LIE #2 & 3.

That night,I noticed a small glass chip in the windshield that I didn't see during the test drive. Called many times the next 3 1/2 weeks for fup on copies of the ppw with the glass contract(GC) to fix the chip. When I finally got the GC. I called ***** who had no idea how to help. He connected me with ***** who said, "No problem. Just bring it by here and we'll fix it." Reminded her that she said I would not have to bring it to Fusz for work. She said, "That doesn't include the GC. That is just through the dealership." Told her I'm not spending $90 in gas and 4+ hrs driving for a$40 chip repair. She got hateful and gave the phone to ****** As I talked to him to find out how I could get my $199 back for the useless GC, ***** keeps yelling about how "stupid" I was and that she never told me that. Finally, she yells, "Just tell her I'll cancel the (LANGUAGE) coverage!".

No response for weeks... Started leaving msgs for ***** ******** Sales Mgr and *** **** **** GM. On 2/11/13, ******* called me at work and I asked him to call back that evening. No call. A couple weeks later I reached him and said I pd for the chip myself and just want to know when I will get the GC refund. He asked for a copy of my repair recieipt which I sent. I did get a $35 check to reimburse me for the repair expenses.

March - Decided I wasn't happy with the car (no fault of Fusz) and went to a local dealer to get a trade in value. Was told couldn't give me what I wanted because the car is 2WD and not 4WD as it was sold. After further research I found that he was right and "someone" had place a $20 FWD badge on the car to make it appear to be just that.

4/3 - email to **** *** and ******* asking for an explaination and resolution of the misrepresented car and status of the $199 refund(again). Mr. **** emailed back on 4/9 and said he doesn't see that the car was advertised as 4WD but will "work with me" on a trade in. I responded with ideas on what would work for me.

4/10 - Email from **** *** saying GC is cncl'd and refund sent to lender. This was promised in Feb LIE #4. Said auction will take too long and I need to pick something the inventory. Said my car could depreciate if I wait too long. (Current dep. for mileage is $325)

4/15 - Responded to **** and said I can't pick anything from his inventory until I know what he will offer on the current car. Asked for his offer by 4/19.

4/18 - Called lender to verify refund for GC and was told they recv'd a ck for $140...not $199. LIE #5

4/19 - Email to **** *** asking for explanation of shortage on refund. Asked again for his offer on my car. Again asked for response by EOD.

**** has now stopped responding to my communications

Initial Business Response
As stated in the first email, the vehicle was advertised as FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Car on all websites, and 3rd party sites. As well as sold as and labeled as a FWD car on all the paperwork.

Final Consumer Response

Final Business Response
7/12/2013: Mediator left message for business.

7/15/2013: Mediator left message for business.

7/17/2013: I did offer to help Ms. ***** out on a trade and she can still come in and trade the vehicle, but we need to see the car, and put a value on the vehicle, as well as for her to pick out a car that would work for her and her family.

7/24/2013: Mediator left message for business.

7/26/2013: Mediator left message for business.

09/05/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation used dishonest sales practices

Complaint: I took my wife's Jeep up to this location to get an inspection. They gave me the inspection and then tried to mark it up saying there were a lot of things wrong with it. The company put something in the system saying there are more things wrong with the jeep than were stated that need to be taken care of before it will pass inspection. When I was there, they told me there was a leak in my exhaust and would not pass. Then they said the ball joints were messed up. One was a little more worn than the other but they were fine. The car did pass emissions. They said this was over $2,000 to repair. When we went to get a second opinion, we found out they put several things on there they never told us about. Whenever we tried to call them about this, they will not respond. No one else will touch it because of all of this in the system.

Business' Initial Response
Here at The Lou Fusz Automotive Network it is our intention and our utmost desire to treat our customers like family and with respect. Occassionally however, we must delivery other than ideal news. Regrettably, we were forced with the task of doing so in this situation. The State of Missouri has guidelines that a certified Inspector Mechanic must strictly adhere to. The technician that performed the inspection on this vehicle was forced to reject it under those guidelines. The consumer was directed, on several occasions, to visit one of the referee stations operated by the state in order to determine whether or not the findings were accurate. The consumer was also informed that the individuals operating such an establishment have the final verdict, and as such can reverse a previous decision. That was two months ago, and as of this date, the consumer has not visited the referee station, as directed by our facility. It is our desire that each and every customer have a positive experience with our establishment. We, as a certified inspection station, have due diligence to that of the law and the safety of the respective populous. It is for those reasons that we stand behind our original decision, and maintain that the failure of the Safety Inspection is both just and with merit.

08/01/2013Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Sales presentation misrepresented the product

Complaint: I bought a used truck. they said their was no warranty on this truck and I could not buy one.Well 45 days after I bought this truck the transmission went out. Took it back up there they had it for a month and a week. I pick it up on a saturday afternoon at 5 Pm. they closed at 6 pm. I didn't make it half way home trans went out. Had to gat a wecker to bring home to it out myself and rebuilt it my self. I'm a ase mechanic. At 4 months with 8 hundred miles on it number 2 cylinder antifreeze is running in it. I went up to dealership and they said i did'nt buy warranty. and i said it was not offered to me I tryed to buy it. well he said he would would check in to it and call me . cents then I have called 25 times , I have even called Mr. and left voice messeges. on respontse. I found out it had head gasket rcall and a timing chain issue.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: **** *******
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***********@****.com
We have offered to help trade the customer out of his truck. The customer has not responded to the offer. The truck has not been brought to our service department to inspect the vehicle. We are more than willing to help assist the customer in this situation.

08/01/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Additional Notes

Complaint Category: Defective, damaged, or incorrect product received

Complaint: This is a summary of all the problems I encountered with my purchase and as of today all the kinks, issues, and problems are still not resolved! I purchased a Dodge SXT Journey on 07/18/13 with my company's corporate program. This is the only reason Lou Fusz received my business in the first place. The corporate program includes an extra discount. The issue is with the overall purchase and the problems with the vehicle and purchasing a "new" car these things are totally unacceptable. I have only had the car for 10 days. Issues as follows. 1: There were extra accessories and items not disclosed on the sale sticker or the buyers order until I inquired about the different price, 6 days later, and then it was explained to me. These things should have been disclosed at the time of purchase! 2. There's is a lot of confusion between the sales team, service team, and management which creates a break down in communication. Each time I called the service desk or receptionist desk the customer services was horrible and I was also put into someone's voice mail because they were always too busy. 3. I wanted to exchange my vehicle 3 days after I purchased it and was told I could not I had to pay sales tax first and they would only accept it back as a trade in and I would have to buy another car and pay sales tax again totally unacceptable!!! 4. The suv had no washer fluid in it and no one explained how to work the vehicle, and this was my first purchase after 10 years and overral a bad experience. 5. The vehicle has a slow pick up, the engine is loud, the car does not ride smooth and THE PAINT IS CHIPPING AND SOME DEFECTS IN THE RED PAINT AGAIN ALL TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ON A NEW PURCHASE! 6. IT IS CLEAR NO ONE CHECKED THIS SUV IN DETAIL BEFORE I PURCHASED IT TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! 7. IF A CUSTOMER CAN NOT EXCHANGE THE CAR I EXCPECT ALL THE ISSUES AND PROBLEMS TO BE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY AND NOT TO BE TREATED LIKE I AM NOT IMPORTANT!! 7. OVERRAL QUALITY OF THIS SUV GETS A POOR RATING!
Product_Or_Service: Red Dodge SXT Journey FWD 4DR 2.4L
Order_Number: DEAL# XXXXX
Account_Number: CUST# XXXXX STOCK#

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: **** ******, GM
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: *******@****.com
To Whom It May Concern

I have listed below the Dealerships response for each of the items list by ******* ******;
1. There is an addendum sticker on every new vehicle we sell that list the items of the protection package located next to the Factory Window Sticker and they were disclosed.
2. I don't have an explanation about why she gets voicemail when she calls but I do know that every member of my Team she has tried to reach have talked with her several times.
3. We do not take back New Car purchases.
4. We may have missed the windshield washer fluid at time of delivery and it was addresses and corrected.
5. The customer drove both a V6 and V4 cylinder engine and chose the V4 for better gas mileage, I cannot do anything about the performance of the engine it is a 4 cylinder and does not have the performance of a V6. When she brought it in for the paint issue there was a spot of white paint from from a sale price that was painted on the windshield that must have gotten on the vehicle, it was easliy removed while she was at the dealership.
6. We do check over the vehicle before delivery and yes sometimes we miss an item but this vehicle was delivered inside to Miss ****** and at no time of delivery did she mention any of these items.
7. When Miss ****** tried to return the vehicle for performance issues V4 verses V6 she did not mention any of these issues, they all came up after we explained we did not take back new vehicles and she was treated by my entire staff with the utmost respect. She told my business Manager she was sorry after she accused him of not disclosing a warranty purchase (showed customer where she signed to purchase the warranty) that she cancelled and then came back the next day to repurchase.
7. I am sorry that she is unhappy with her purcahse but I feel we have done everything she has asked us to do with exception of taking back the vehicle, and if there is ever an issue that needs to be addressed we will be more than happy to accommodate her as I feel we have already done.
If Miss ****** feels like she is owed something for her inconvenience I will be more than happy to offer her 4 Oil Changes, and if she has any additional issues that have not been addressed I will be more than happy to address them as well.

**** ******
General Manager
Lou Fusz CDJR

Consumer's Final Response
The key point the manager mentioned was "at time of purchase!"
The facts are as follows:
1.) Lets be clear the sales rep. ****** did not dislcose the additonal sticker and other items until I came back to the shop for a explanation.
2.) The buisness manager apologized that he forgot to explain this to me. (an impt error)!
3.) When I purchase a "new" car I am not going over every section of paint on the vehicle in detail. I am trusting that in "good faith" the dealership thoroughly checked the car and it has no known problems. (common mistakes happen)!
4.) The service rep at the dearlership said my paint is chipping on the (right passenger side door) and on a NEW car paint should not be chipping 4-5 days later. (I have taken pictures for additional evidence)!
5.) Thank goodness the car is under warranty and I only decided to extend the warranty out of worry and concerns that the SUV will have more issues. Based on consumer reports and KBB there will be more issuses with this SUV. Please Note: A NEW customer does not inspect every inch of the car looking for chipped paint, because that is highly unlikely and should not occur on a new car. This was noticed after the car was washed the car!!!
6.) Unless a customer is an auto body specialist some things will be missed.
7.) The paint chips are supposed to be repaired today 8/02/13. If there are additional problems with the paint the dealership will address it.
8.) Failure to do so would not be good for the business or the reputation of the shop and the Dodge manufacturers.
9.) I am trusting that there will be no more issues with this car's defected paint to prevent a notice sent to the Attorney General's office.
10.) I will accept the 4 oil changes for all of my hassels due to making 7 additional trips to this dealership.

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