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Maaco Auto Painting & Bodyworks

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Customer Complaints Summary

9 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 8 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service8
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints9

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Complaint Resolution Log (9)
08/27/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I took my car to Maaco paint and body shop to get my car painted, the car had the original paint color but only thing different was the car had clear and metal flake added to it that was done years ago and when the car started peeling after several years I took it to maaco paint and body shop in Hazelwood Mo. It also had scratches on it that was agreed to be sanded down the whole entire car and painted the color that was picked out, I was called and told the car was ready for pick up and when we got their I didn't understand why the color of the car was a bright neon green and not the color I chose and was very dissatisfied with the color they said they added pearl to it and I didn't ask for pearl to be added and don't know that pearl is. I feel if they could not do the car the color that was chosen they should hadn't taken my money and transportation. We agreed to a repaint and I said yes along with the metal flakes added. I talk with the gentlemen at the front desk about the car being repainted in Feb 2015 and now no one remembers the conversation and won't agreed to it after it was wrote on the back of their business card that it will be done and also went up their with the paint color on another pic of paper by another employee, and now they don't wont to honor what they wrote all they wanted was the money and not guarantee their work they are a rip me off and all about the money and a money pit. That is all what that company is about because I have written info that it would be repainted and I they even ask to get information on how to add flakes to a car so I had to go to a paint auto shop on how to tell Macao A paint shop on how to do the work, like I said if they couldn't do the job turn it down and be honest with me instead of taking the money and saying They can't guarantee their work because they say the car was painted before, it wasn't paint before it metal flakes was added years ago. Don't you suppose to sand the car down first. So I called Maaco headquarters and said Maaco and wa

Desired Settlement
I contacted the headquarters and the lady say evey Maaco is independently owned and sanding and stripping is the same thing. I was told the car would be sanded down to the metal and painted so the paint will stick any other lies they want to (***** *********) to say that she talked me about stripping the car and I didn't have money to pay for is a flat out lie because if it was a money thing I wouldn't have got my mom car done all at the same time. HONOR what you wrote.

Business Response
Ms ****** left her car with us on October 27, 2014. It had clearly been repainted since the metal flake on the surface was not from the factory. She also had peeling issues on the car. At the time of the estimate, it was explained to her, as it is to every customer, that since her car was repainted, I could not warranty the paint unless it was stripped to bare metal and reprimed. It is an expensive procedure and she declined to have it done. It states on her repair order that since it was painted before, there would be no warranty on the paint. The only part on the car that was stripped was the front bumper since the paint was obviously peeling very badly.
She picked a color from our fan deck. I checked the mixture that the painter used and also with our paint supplier and the formula is correct. There IS pearl in the color she picked and that in itself will lighten the color especially after it is sprayed over a large area. We also sprayed silver metal flake on the car at her request and she provided the flake. It turned out that the flake was too large and kept clogging our paint gun so we had to buy another spray tip to accommodate this.
When she picked up the car she says it was not the color she wanted, I told her I would repaint it but I would schedule her for a few weeks to respray it. She said she would drive it around a while and let me know if she wanted to repaint it. She then called about two weeks later and wanted more metal flake added to the clear. She dropped the car on November 17, 2014 and paid to have another coat of clear put on the car with the flake added. There was no mention of repainting the car another color. Then on February 9, 2015, she AGAIN asked us to put another coat of clear on the car with MORE metal flake. That is what she paid for. At that time, there was NO mention of repainting her car.
Now she comes in in July of 2015 and tells me the paint is peeling on her car. There is an issue on the front bumper which I told her I would take care of but I couldn't promise that the paint would match since there is so much metal flake on the car. She then decided that I should repaint the car for her.
I told her that the car could not be repainted without being stripped since it has so much paint on it now. She states that I should have done that originally which I agreed but she did not want to pay for it. I also feel that I made the effort to accommodate her in October last year. I would think that if you did not like the color on your car you would have done something about it any one of the additional times you asked to have more clear put on it. Not 10 months later.
Also, the person at the corporate level did NOT tell her that sanding and stripping a car is the same thing, They are TWO VERY DIFFERENT operations and this was explained to her in October. I have attached copies of her repair orders and pictures of the car before we painted it to show the problems it was already exhibiting.

07/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Sent a car to get painted, waited almost a month for it to get done. When they finally called and said it was done, I went up there to get it and the car had multiple body panels that were not painted, and multiple spots where the car was not painted correctly and on top of that, they lost the key to the car and claimed I did not give it to them. So now i have to get the whole car repainted and had to get a new key made for the car. When I spoke to the owner, she said that she would not refund me the money for the paint job nor pay for the new key to be made.
Product_Or_Service: Paint Job

Desired Settlement
Would like a either the car to get a new paint job that was done correctly or a refund for the paint job as well as a reimbursement for the cost to get a new key made.

Business Response
We have been painting for this Used Car Lot for over a year with no problems. They brought this car to us on June 17th. It was a busy day and they just left the key on the desk. When we went out to move the car to the back lot, it would not start. We contacted them about the fact that it wouldn't start. It sat in front of our shop for 3 weeks before they decided to do anything. They came out and said our jump box was not good and tried to jump it with their own while our salesperson sat in the car and tried to start it. Then he said it needed a new battery. He didn't come back until Thursday, July 9th. I gave him the4 key so he could start the car. He came in and said the starter was bad and he would replace it. A few minutes later he came in and said to just push the car around because he didn't have time to fix it.
At that point I told him there would be a charge to push the car since I would have to take people off the production line to push it at each station. It is a VERY heavy car. He just said to get it painted.
He came on July 15 to pick up the car. Two of us pushed it to the front of the shop from the back lot.
After a few minutes, he asked me to come outside and look at the vehicle. The rocker panels were not painted. It was our mistake and I offered to fix the issue for him. At first he said ok. It was at that point that he said we lost the key for the car that had the chip in it to start it.
This was the first time anything about a second key was mentioned. He said he drove the car to our shop with the key and it was on the same key ring that the other key was on, We only had one key. At NO OTHER time did he EVER mention a second key. We even gave him the key we had to try to start the car.
I then asked him to please check if he might have taken it with him back to the shop as there was no other key on the key ring. We would have no reason to remove it let alone lose it.
After a while, he apparently decided not to let us fix the problem with the paint. He left and came back about 20 minutes later and drove the car away. I guess he found the key.
He never said anything else to me about the car and now he has the audacity to demand a refund and key replacement? I think he owes me an apology

07/17/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I brought in a bumper that was slightly damaged and brought it up to see what they do as far as fixing and they stated that they did not bondo them or fiberglass but just prepped and painted and if I returned to vendor and got another one they can do it. I did just that and the bumper was sent in perfect condition then I asked so they will sand it down to paint and that the coating placed on will come right off during the prep and was told yes it will be prepped and painted but no repair work and I was fine with that and charged 199 dollars plus tax for a total of 229.34 prepaid. called friday april 3rd they stated it was almost done and I could pick it up friday night and they will call when done. It was not until Monday morning I called and asked if my bumper was done they said yes and would ship it back to St Charles..(drop off location to be sent to hazelwood store) When I arrived the bumper was bubbled all over with every imperfection as they just painted over the seal that was still on from shipping when confronted was told they just scuffed it to hold the paint which is quite different from me being told it would be prepped prior to painting but stated they would charge me and additional $150+ to redo it properly ...WHAT?

Desired Settlement
for the bumper to be sanded down properly meaning void of the shipping coating and painted properly and if not then I want the bumper replaced with exact match from extreme dimensions and I have receipt of purchase and shipping cost included which come out to $268.00 and the cost of $229.34 for the paint job for a total of $497.00 and they can keep the bumper they have because just a refund of the 229.00 will not be sufficient as it will now require additional work since it has been painted over

Business Response
Mr ********** brought an aftermarket bumper to the St Charles store. He was told by the salesperson that the bumper was in terrible condition and he should send it back to the company. The customer did so and brought in another bumper. It was not in perfect condition and the salesperson told him imperfections would be evident. He agreed that we would just paint the bumper and not fix any damage.

After paint, we contacted the customer that the bumper was ready for pick up. When he arrived at the St Charles store to pick it up, he was unhappy about how the bumper looked. again it was explained to him that it was an aftermarket part that he purchased and we were not doing any repairs. He was very unhappy and left the part.

When I contacted him, he said we did not prep the part correctly. He said there was a protective coating on it to prevent it from being damaged that we should have sanded off. Since this was a fiberglass part, it has a gel coat which does not get sanded off. Any other coating is treated properly before the part is ready for paint. He insisted that the manufacturer sent him a perfect part and that the coating should be sanded off. I again explained to him about the material but he would not listen and instead threatened to take me to court. At that point I felt there was no further reasoning with him.

Later that evening the salesperson at the St Charles store informed me that the customer came in and picked up his part. He apologized for his actions and inferred he was satisfied with the results. Therefore I consider this complaint resolved.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There response was that if i wanted it done right I would need to pay more to have it done over. They offered no other solution such as discount or to repaint if i sanded it correctly and was very one sided and unwilling to meet in middle for a solution i could not go without my car any longer so I left with bumper and appologized that I did not have them clarify "prep" bumper before painting. Still not happy that no other solution was offered and waiting to file civil suit after I gater enough documentation from other paint stores and auto shops, also talking with channel 2 news on segment in may because apparently I'm not the only one who has had problems with this shop.

Final Business Response
6/25/2015: The bumper was in bad condition when we received it. I looked at pictures of the bumper after it was painted. There is too much damage and we will not fix it. Consumer should send bumper back to where he purchased it from.

6/25/2015: Here are the pictures you requested, Please let me know if you need any more information.

07/17/15: He purchased an after market bumper online and all we did was buff it so the paint would stick and painted it. He did not arrange for us to remove the imperfections. It is a fiberglass bumper and we provided him with the service he requested.

06/03/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I bought an '86 Z28 Camaro and brought in 3 months ago and spent $1,000. They said the paint job and fixing would be finished in a week, and it took a month and a half. In that time, I had to buy a new car. When I finally got it back, the car had discrepancies and needed to be fixed. I called and they agreed to fix it. When I finally got the car back, it was worse than before. Some emblems are now missing off the vehicle as well. I have before and after pictures. It's in worse condition now than it was when I took it in in the first place.

Desired Settlement
I either want my money back or the services to be repaired.

Business Response
Customer originally brought his vehicle in on March 9 for paint only. It was noted on his repair order that the car was in primer and no warranty was offered. The paint was finished on March 11 and he paid for it and picked it up on March 13. He came back a few days later with some issues. Some of the problems were attributable to his bodywork but we agreed to address the problem. I also sanded the bubbles on his car that another shop told him was water in the paint gun, but it was just his bodywork reacting with our products. we have no control over this as we did not do any of the bodywork, that is why we offer no warranty. He dropped the car off on April 27.

During the repair process, it was noted that the bubbling in the bodywork was a problem and he was shown the issue while the car was still at the shop. We did address the problems he outlined and he picked the car up on May 29.

Customer came in on Monday, June 1 complaining that the car is now in worse shape than before. I asked him to bring it by and I would look at it. Instead he decided to put in a complaint and I have no idea what the problems are.

I am attaching a copy of his signed work order for the original paint where it clearly states NO WARRANTY, and also the work order for the issues I agreed to repair.

I have worked for this customer before and that is why I tried to accommodate him with the paint problems since he has been very easy to get along with,

05/15/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Dropped off our Subaru for paint on 10/16/14 at Maaco Hazelwood. On Monday, they tell us they broke the transmission. Locked in 3rd or 5th gear.
They refuse to fix the transmission. They checked in the vehicle with the wrong mileage and cleared the tripometer before we picked it up. *****, the franchise owner towed it to a transmission shop next to her Maaco Hazelwood location and now refuses to fix it once they told her it was internal. Me: "Probably very expensive to fix"

Desired Settlement
I am contacting Police in case it was out on a joy ride over the weekend while in their possession, also contacted an attorney and left web reviews online which were negative of course.

I have the car being towed to a transmission shop and will hold Maaco Hazelwood or Maaco Corporate responsible for payment in the future once the final charges are determined.

Business Response

This vehicle, a 2002 Subaru Impreza, came into the shop on Thursday, October 16 about 4 pm, for paint service only. ****** our estimator, drove car around to shop and put in building. It remained there all weekend until Monday morning, October 20. At that time, my sander moved the car outside of the building to make room for another vehicle. He then pulled the Impreza back into the shop and at that time, it got stuck in gear. I was informed of the problem and had Billy contact the customer to inform him of the problem. He spoke to the father who told us to finish the job and he would deal with it when he picked up the car. At no point did we say anything about "broke the transmission".

I want to be clear here, WE DID NOT DRIVE THIS VEHICLE ANY FURTHER THAN THROUGH OUR BUILDING AND ONTO OUR LOT - A DISTANCER OF NO MORE THAT 500 FEET. Certainly, no "joy ride" was taken; we have not done anything like that with a customer's car, and never will.

On Thursday, October 23, the son came to get the car. He alleged that it was stuck in 5th gear. He also drove the car home.

Later, after closing, the father left 2 separate, threatening phone messages which I have saved. He said he contacted his lawyer, was filing a police report, that we took his son's car on a joy ride all weekend, we misrepresented the mileage of the vehicle on the estimate by 90K miles, that the car is stuck in 5th gear, and also that the tread on his tires are now worn.

Again, to be clear, we did not write the vehicle mileage on our estimate.

I contacted him on Friday morning, October 24 and offered to have the car towed to the transmission shop 2 doors down from mine (***** Transmission, an "A" rated, BBB accredited business) to have them see if they could find out what the problem was. The father agreed. They had the car until Tuesday, October 28. The son called every day to see what was going on and each time I told him I was waiting for the shop to inform me of what they find. He called on Monday, October 27 and asked me if I was going to have them look at his clutch because it was slipping. I told him "no". On Tuesday, October 28, the son called us again and said he spoke with the transmission shop and was told that they were waiting for me to give them the ok to fix the car. I spoke with the transmission shop owner about this. He said the son called but was told they were waiting for a technician to look at the vehicle. At no time did he tell him he was waiting for us to authorize any repairs. During that time, I spoke with the owner several times about what the possible problem could be. He said he had 3 different technicians look at it and they felt there was nothing externally wrong with the transmission and that NOTHING THAT WE DID COULD HAVE CAUSED THIS PROBLEM. They also felt the car was stuck in 3rd gear, not 5th. They feel the problem is internal and is probably caused by wear and tear or misuse. The son has all kinds of engine modifications on the car for racing.

I called the father Tuesday afternoon and told him of the findings and that I would not replace the transmission. He was belligerent and threatening. He again said he was going to his lawyer, to file a police report, that he was going to get the mayor of Hazelwood involved, that since I was just a franchisee, he was going to get my corporate people involved and that they would not be happy about my dragging the company name in the mud for something like this. He also said that I would be paying a lot more money trying to defend this instead of just replacing the transmission. He did pick the car up from the transmission shop on Tuesday evening, October 28 just about closing. I have not spoken to the shop owner yet to see if the father was just as belligerent to him.

At this point, I feel these people are trying to strong arm me into fixing this car. The father has been belligerent and threatening on the phone several times.

We will attach, under separate cover, copies of our original estimate and signed repair order, a cop of the signed delivery receipt, a copy of the tow bill (picking up the car at the owner's house and bringing it to ***** Transmission to diagnose the problem) which we paid and a copy of ***** Transmission's report of their findings (which we have agreed to pay).

We do not feel we are responsible for anything further.

Consumer Response
The transmission shop which ****** ***** has commissioned to inspect the transmission stated they believe the transmission suffered damage after Maaco moved the car the first time otherwise they would have noticed it the first time. In order for the FORK in the transmission to be bent the way it was, someone FORCED/HARSHLY DROVE the vehicle before it was moved the last time at Maaco. This would have definitely been noticed the first time it was moved on their premises. A full report will soon be provided to ****** ***** by Austin at the transmission shop and will also be provided to our attorney, the BBB and Maaco corporate. Whether the vehicle was "joy-ridden" or driven improperly - in either case - the customer believes Maaco should be held accountable. The customer wishes the BBB contact Maaco Corporate so they may investigate as well. ***** with Maaco Hazelwood claims they do not have surveillance cameras on the premises to assist. The police will soon be involved in the event the car was ticketed over the weekend or may have been exposed to any red light camera photographs. The father being firm with ***** over the phone when she chose to speak over the father in the conversation is not being belligerent. ***** threated I could be sued for contacting local media for reporting such an incident against Maaco. ***** also claimed her son also has a key to the Maaco building which opens additional concerns. The mileage on our check in ticket for service reads only 47954 when the vehicle has over 139,000 miles on the odometer. The tripometer was cleared prior to pickup. The transmission shop is firm in their opinion that it was in fact driven harshly in order to bend an internal transmission fork. The engine only has a cold air intake, no further modifications as ***** stated. Keep in mind we removed the hood in which she agreed to paint in the future. So the engine was EXPOSED. Obviously she has made a few false statements.

Final Consumer Response
03-03-2015: I contend that our Subaru that we brought to them could not have sustained the kind of damage it currently has without being driven in an aggressive way. I am sending a report from our mechanic that states the car must have been forced into gear. Also the modifications that Maaco talks about is just an after market air intake. I will say I did misunderstand the paint code as being a mileage amount.

03-03-2015: Mediator left message to ask if Maaco insurance company had tried to contact him.

03-03-2015: I never heard from Maaco insurance company. It's possible they called my son's number XXX-XXX-XXXX and he does not have voice mail set up.

03-17-2015: I will get the other opinion from the transmission company that towed my son's car. I understand that Macco is contacting their new insurance company with my number to call to me. I will also get the information from the other company to you.

03-31-2015: I have not gotten a phone call from Macco's insurance company. I understand that you will check with Maaco and ask them to follow up with their company and call me.

04-07-2015: I have still not gotten a call.

04-21-2015: Mediator left message for consumer.

05-05-2015: Mediator left message for consumer.

05-12-2015: Mediator left message for consumer providing update.

Final Business Response
02-24-2015: (*****) I agree with all information you currently have as a statement from us. I do want to add that the father misread the receipt from us and thought we had listed the mileage incorrectly. He misread the form because he quoted a mileage number that is actually the paint code the son chose for the vehicle. Also we turned the issue over to our insurance company. They told us they tried to contact and work with the customer but did not get a response so they closed the issue out. I thought it was done. I will send copies of the transmission company's report to you that states we could not have caused the problem as the customer alleges.

03-17-2015: We will give the father's number to the new insurance company we have contracted with since the incident.

03-31-2015: Mediator left message with ***** C. to let her know that Mr. ***** has not gotten a call from insurance company but is expecting it.

03-31-2015: I have talked to the insurance company and they will try Mr. ***** again and then close.

04-07-2015: Mediator left message that customer has not heard from insurance company yet

05-05-2015: The insurance adjuster said they left 3 messages for customer at XXX-XXX-XXXX and no return call. I will see if adjuster would be willing to give number to mediator to give to customer for customer to follow up.

05-12-2015: Mediator left message for business.

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