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Peter & Paul Community Services

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(314) 588-7111 2612 Wyoming St, Saint Louis MO 63118-2402
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"to provide housing and supportive services to persons who are homeless, especially those who experience mental illness or live with HIV."

Also Known As: Peter & Paul Community Service


Emergency Shelter -- Provides case management, access to health care, substance abuse counseling, food and showers for approximately 500 men annually. Meals Program -- An evening meal serving up to 200 men, women, children, elderly and veterans who are homeless or living on limited or fixed incomes. 711 Allen Transitional Housing Program (Substance Abuse Services) Housing and case management for men who are homeless and substance abusing. Labre Center (Mental Illness Services) Labre Center offers transitional housing, case management, occupational therapy and nursing for men who are homeless and living with a mental illness. Positive Directions (HIV Services) Positive Directions offers transitional housing, case management, occupational therapy and nursing for men and women who are homeless and living with HIV/AIDS. FUTURE PROJECT: Safe Haven -- Permanent supportive housing for men and women who are chronically homeless. In Fiscal Year 2011 Peter & Paul Community Services ended homelessness for 212 men and women and prevented homelessness for an additional 119 people. Served more than 127,000 meals to those who were homeless or living on limited or fixed incomes. Provided temporary housing to 495 men in its emergency shelter. 75% of residents in the organization's clinical transitional housing programs successfully transitioned to a life of self-sufficiency and independence.

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