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BBB Coast Guard Line, a Coast Guard Qualified Organization, encourages Coast Guard personnel (including Reservists), retirees, and their family members to use the free consumer services and materials offered by BBB, as well as to partner with their local BBBs. BBB is proud to work with the Coast Guard Office of Work-Life to improve the financial readiness of Coast Guardsmen and their families.

BBB Military Line, as part of The BBB Center, is on the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign National Charity List.  Our CFC code number is 88344. 

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Kiplinger-BBB Personal Finance Guide for Military Families- This guide contains  practical, easy-to-understand information about being financially prepared for deployment, buying a home, minimizing taxes, holding down insurance costs and avoiding financial schemes that too often target military families.

Armed Forces Legal Assistance (AFLA) web site is a joint initiative of the Armed Forces legal assistance offices that aims to provide general legal information to the military community to enhance its readiness. The information provided through this Web site is for educational and general information purposes only. It is not legal advice.

Coast Guard Office of Work-Life - The Coast Guard's Work-Life Program is managed by the Office of Work-Life, a Headquarters program manager staff within the Health and Safety Directorate. This staff is responsible for establishing, developing and promulgating Work-Life policy and interpreting program standards for Coast Guard-wide implementation. The overall objective is to support the well-being of active duty, reserve and civilian employees and family members.

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As a matter of policy, BBB and the United States Coast Guard do not endorse any product, service, or company.