Back to School… Shop Smart!

August 04, 2014

Getting ready to go back to school?  In 2013, $83.8 billion dollars were spent on back-to-school shopping in the U.S., according to the National Retail Federation. That breaks down to the average person spending around $688.62 on each child in grades K-12.

Of course, not everyone will spend that much, but before you dive into buying new clothes and supplies, check out these back-to-school budget tips from BBB:

Do a Home Inventory List. You may already own many of the items.

Make a shopping list. Even if you don’t know the exact school supply list, you should get an idea of school clothing and other school needs. Beware of impulse buying.

Create a budget. Go to the Internet and sign up for sales alerts from your favorite stores.  Watch the ads for coupons and don’t forget price matching policies.

Network with other parents.
Seek out or host a clothing swap online or in your neighborhood; this can be a great way to recycle your gently used items and save money on the things you need this year. Also, research the potential savings of buying school supplies in bulk and splitting the cost with other parents in your area.

Take advantage of discounts. Many stores offer student and teacher discounts on hot items like laptops and uniforms. Retailers will be trying to make room for fall fashion and the newest models, so there are incredible savings to be had on older items.