Don't Get Swindled by a Solar Energy Scam this Summer

July 03, 2014

Summer is here and homeowners looking for new ways to go “green” may find solar energy to be a great alternative, however, the Better Business Bureau advises consumers to beware of solar energy scams.

There are many state and federal rebates that offer a reduction in the initial costs of solar products.  However, consumers need to be wary of the less-than-reputable and unqualified contractors that breeze into town promising a variety of “green” services at discount prices.  Homeowners should find an installer that is trustworthy, as well as knowledgeable about the benefits of solar energy.

If you are considering investing in solar energy:

Get expert advice before making your decision - Due to the high costs associated with the initial investment of solar power, it is important to conduct an energy audit to determine if solar energy is right for you. 

Inquire about tax credits - Find out the amount of tax credits you will receive for the amount of energy that is generated. 

Settle the details - Be cautious if installers promise no out-of-pocket costs prior to reviewing your specific situation.  Be wary if an installer suggests obtaining credit for the full amount of the system even though they are promising very low or no costs due to rebates.  Ask what will happen if you do not save as much on your post-installation utility bills as was promised.

And finally, make sure the roof of your home is equipped to sustain a solar panel system.  Even though a properly installed solar system will not damage your roof, make sure your roof is in good condition before you begin the installation to avoid any future problems.