BBB Advice on Choosing an Estate Sale Business

April 15, 2014

An estate sale is often held when a person is looking to liquidate and sell personal items within a home. Estate sales can take place during stressful or emotional situations such as a divorce, the death of a family member or the need to downsize before a move. Better Business Bureau serving Southwest Missouri advises consumers to do their research and choose a reputable estate sale business when deciding how best to liquidate personal property.

Consumers and businesses should have clear expectations when an agreement is drawn up to conduct an estate sale. Many estate sale businesses offer a variety of services before and after a sale, whether it isan initial consultation, setting up displays for the sale, or cleaning out a home after an estate sale has concluded.

Each estate sale business has different policies and procedures when conducting a sale. A recurring pattern the BBB has noted in consumer complaints involves miscommunications between businesses and consumers in regards to the timetable for receiving a final check from a sale. The BBB advises consumers to study contracts closely to ensure all financial aspects of the sale are clearly understood and acceptable.

Each business’s services vary, so consumers should ask about all of the details of the sale and if there will be any additional fees. This process can be quite stressful; still, people have to be sure their interests are being protected.

Consumers and businesses also need to be aware of potential legal issues when discussing an estate sale. If a consumer wants to have an estate sale for a deceased family member’s items, it is important to be aware of any legally binding documents which may determine what items are sold at an estate sale

Donation and charity driven thrift stores are good ways for consumers to sort through and give away any remaining items after a sale. You can not only get a tax deduction for your donation, but you will be helping out local charities at the same time.