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Better Business Bureau is warning consumers, especially Mary Kay consultants, about a new scam. A local resident from Springfield received a text message from someone cla..
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Have you received a call from the Publishers Clearing House telling you that you've won? Here is the information to help you avoid being scammed.
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The Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau urge you to use caution when you consider what security system sales agents have to offer.
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Due to the rise of fraud targeting senior citizens, Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri will host its Second Annual BBB Senior Scam Jam Friday September 28. This free event is designed to educa..
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If you own a vacation timeshare - the use of a vacation home for a limited, pre-planned time - be cautious of bogus resale companies who take advantage of anxious sellers in an overcrowded market.
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Better Business Bureaus across the country are receiving reports of a new scam on Craigslist that deceives buyers by falsely claiming BBB accreditation and participation in a phony buyer’s protection pr..
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Better Business Bureau is warning job hunters to beware of opportunities to work from home processing rebates. While the job offer may claim that people can earn up to a thousand dollars a day without l..
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The continuing downturn in the economy means that many cash-strapped Americans are anxiously looking forward to receiving a tax refund check from Uncle Sam. During this tax season, Better Business Bure..
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Find out which companies earn an A+ and which get a failing grade from your BBB
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BBB of Southwest Missouri is aware of individuals calling businesses claiming to be from the BBB. Numerous business owners throughout the Ozarks have called the BBB office asking about these individuals..
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