March 04, 2014
Your BBB has warned consumers for years to be careful when purchasing prescription drugs online, especially from other countries. We have learned of a new problem – stolen over-the-counter products being sold online by third parties at discounted prices. While a deep discount on these medicines may sound like a great deal, you should think twice before purchasing them. 

Recently, in Kentucky, many drugs were recently stolen in an elaborate shoplifting ring. Shoplifters go into stores, steal products, and sell them to a middle man. That person will then sell the product online, sometimes for 30% less than retail stores. The crime can pose a real physical danger to those purchasing the stolen medication. 

“A lot of these products have temperature requirements, they have to be stored within a certain degree, and when they are stolen they are either stored in big warehouses, or cars in hot weather. The criminals involved in these schemes are focused on money, not temperatures or expiration dates.” 

If someone consumes a product that is possibly spoiled, they can get sick, and one of the main concerns was that a lot of the products in this scheme were baby formulas.

If you are looking online to purchase any medication, beware of deals with price tags far below typical market value. 

When it is that much cheaper than the store, you kind of have to wonder where is that product from. 

Remember that no one has more buying power than the national retail chains. In the case reported in Kentucky, the individual was discovered from leads provided by some retail stores; however, consumers should beware as this trend, most likely, continues around the U.S.