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91 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 32 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues39
Billing / Collection Issues6
Delivery Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues2
Problems with Product / Service43
Total Closed Complaints91

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Complaint Resolution Log (91)
08/16/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Fraud Protection.

Spinnaker Resort Marketing/Sales
Conformation # HHXXXXXX
Purchase date: February 19,2016
Refund request of over charge and received refund
February 20th in the amount of $99.00 thru
Resort Sales Missouri Mini Vac
2026 East Phelps
Springfield, MO XXXXX
Sat Feb 20, 01:57P 2016
Merchant ID
Hilton Head Island Spinnaker Resorts
Sold by Edward Montero (XXX)XXX-XXXX
Amount $478.00 when they charged Annette Covert $378.00 which in turn was the refund I requested.
My sister and I purchased these packages in conjuction with each other and no question asked about issuing credit.
Package offered: 3 night 4 days at one of their 3 resorts. $200 in food vouchers too offset the cost of the trip. It's like your only paying $197 dollars than it was stated.
Booking date July 26,2016 for travel dates of Oct 9th thru the 12th of 2016. I further paid an additional $49.00 for travel insurance because the gentlemen said any changes would result in additional penalties upwards of $600.
Annette Covert (XXX)XXX-XXXX went on her trip with her daughter and children on July 30th,2016.
Upon arrival at Hilton head Spinnaker Resorts. They said they were over booked and they didn't have room for them. So they would send them to an alternate hotel. Upon that arrival the complex was under complete renovation, which in turn I was already told we would be staying in a Ramanda Inn and Suites on the island and not at the resort itself as depicted at purchase time.
Upon my sisters return she was given:
1) $200 card
2) 3 cruise vouchers with a $49 dollar additional sur-charge to access booking dates
3)Cruise fees ranging from $199 to $800 in addition to port charges and taxes
4) Booking upon availability only once accessed through travel site.
5) Food equivalent to only a 50% reduction after fee's applied first
I contacted Spinnaker to inquire about the discrepancy between purchase and actual credits and items received by my sister.
Inquire date 8/11/2016 at 2:15pm Ricqual at ext;XXXXX X-XXX-XXX-XXXX
This women said she would have to turn it over to "the higher ups" I said who would this be pertaining too and she refused to answer she said they would contact me with 48hrs.
8/12/2016 at 9:30 am Gabriell Lipinski at (XXX)XXX-XXXX contacted me. I presented what we were both sold and told prior to purchasing and what was delivered to my sister. I told her I would like a refund in the amount of $427 that I paid. Do to the fact it was only purchased under false representation of the package.
Ms Gabriell stated that she could give me $100 cash and $100 certificate to cover the food upon my arrival. And she would move me up to an Condo to ensure we had housing not of a 2 star hotel.
And as far as the cruises go theirs nothing she could do she kept repeatedly stating their would be at a discounted charge. I stated that isn't what he stated and Gabriell her self said well you will still get your cruises free. I said see your saying free your self which she quickly retracted.
She said she would give me a $279 check upon my arrival to compensate the misunderstanding. I said apply that to my credit card or mail it to me. She said i can't do that I said why?
I said because it's not cash either and you know that it's some kind of a "check" voucher isn't it and the phone fell silent.
I told her I didn't have confidence or feel safe in coming their only to have all the issues that my sister did even though she was promised every thing too.
I told her the cruise package was the only and whole purpose of the purchase. She said their would be any cash value refund of any form and she's sorry about the cruise package she is unaware of any of the above fee's. However she proceeded to state that the cruises are offered at discount rates.
Their was also a limit of two cruise liners Carnival and Royal. Which they said at purchase their was no restriction or limitation on liner choices.

Desired Settlement
I would like to receive a credit refund in the amount of $427.00 to my purchasing visa card.

Business Response
Our records show that we did refund Mrs. ****** $99.00 on 02/20/16 to her credit card ending in ****1262. We also show the total owed to her for the mini-vac purchased on or around 2/22/16 is $428.00. We will refund this amount ($428.00)to the credit card we have on file which she used to purchase the vacation pacakage ending in ****0323. We will also put Mrs. ****** on a Do Not Call list; she will not receive any further calls for the opportunity to purchase a mini-vac through spinnaker. We will block both numbers connected to this complaint.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I except Spinnakers offer, a refund is all I was seeking in the first place. Thank you BBB for officiating this settlement.

08/08/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

False and deceptive marketing led to at least a one night stay in a run down motel with no beach view and no golf as promised.
The representative explained to me that every unit at the property faced the beach. Further, the representative offered me two rounds of golf among other rewards to tour the same property.

I am now sitting in Hilton Head in a run down motel with peeling paint, a hole in the wall, and strong cinnamon apple smell to cover the motel smell. Further, the rounds of golf will be given on the last day of the trip, which is obviously too late to play any golf. This deceptive practice has caused me and my family discomfort and a waste of a hard to come by vacation if not remedied quickly. At the time I found out early in the week, I did request a call from marketing which I have still not received and now must hold my nose through at least one night since I am stuck here to avoid paying more.

Desired Settlement
Compensation for the discomfort of one night, a beach condo unit as promised, and an equivalent gift card to the golf promised that cannot be played.

07/27/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

We had a FIXED guaranteed week and when they talked us into upgrading we now have been told that it is not a guaranteed week.
My Mom and Dad were totally taken advantage of by unethical sales tactics used by a Spinnaker and their group representative at Waterside. His name is Rene Golembusch
They had a time share with Spinnaker Waterside which they have enjoyed. In 2014, they went into the office (because they received a letter about an assessment being charged to them) to see what was going on.A salesperson, Rene helped them....well, sorta!Me, my wife, my sister and her husband were vacationing with them during this time and we went along with them to the meeting.
Rene said that the assessment was mandatory to fix up the Waterside unit; however he said they had another option; of course there was.Instead of the assessment on the Waterside unit, Spinnaker would buy back the unit if they wanted to add $10,400 to the amount that would give them ownership in a unit at the New Spinnaker Blue Water. We asked if we could change our fixed week # 47 to week # 40 - Rene said let me go see. About 20 minutes later he came back and said great news, you can have week # 40 and he said that if we wanted another week to just call and see if it is available!
My parents, being 85 and 86 did not did not want to invest anymore, so my sister and I decided to write a check for $5,200 each. Changing the Fixed week was key for my sister and I because it would be a little warmer for our parents to be able to get out and enjoy the resort.
Due to medical reasons for both of my parents last fall, they were not able to schedule their week. So soon after the first of the year (XXXX) my Mom called and asked if I would schedule Our Fixed week to go to BlueWater. When I called and was told that it is completely booked for 2016.....WHAT? What do you mean- we have week #40 Fixed. They said no, you do not have a Fixed week. My parents were/are beyond upset: my Mom looked right at Rene(your sales rep) and said, if we change our week are we still guaranteed that week just like we had at Waterside? He looked right at her and said YES!
The lies, deception and taking advantage of the elderly IS WRONG for any business. My parents do not have many years to be able to vacation at their timeshare and now they are told they are not guaranteed their week AND they can not book at all in 2016 at BlueWater. They don't answer emails or return any phone calls. We are currently seeking legal advice.

Desired Settlement
All we are asking is to give us the GUARANTEED WEEK like we had at Bluewater.

Business Response
We have gone through each of the contracts for the ***********'s. They began their membership with us in 1980 at that time they did have a "Fixed" week #36, with the type of contract they had they did not have to make reservation. In February 2012 they did an upgrade to a Spinnaker Flexible Ownership/Float. This gives them the option to stay at Waterside, Egert Point, or Southwind. The Float option requires a reservation to be able to stay at any of those three resorts. In November 2014 they did another upgrade to a Premier Float, this gives them the option to stay at Palace View Heights, Royal Floridian and Blue water with no bonus exchange time needing to be used, but they will also need a reservation being that it is a Float. Having the Premier Float they can stay at any of the other resorts using their bonus time. Mr. *********** can find the prices of the bonus time by following the steps of:
Spinnaker Web-site
Vacation Ownership
Owner Programs
View the Brochure
I would encourage Mr. *********** to read through his contract and if he has any further question he can contact us at **

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In our opinion this just got worse. So since age XX (XXXX) my Mother and Father own this time share for 32 years with a fixed week they can rely on for their annual vacation. At age 80 they are talked into a "float week" which IS NOT AN UPGRADE! NICE TRY! If you can't plan a year in advance you may not get your unit!! In 2014 they still believed they had a fixed week. This is elder abuse! Their unit 6331 week 40 at Blueater for 2016 was booked and unavailable since January 2016. These contracts are dozens of pages long and use deceptive tactics/verbiage such as unit #6331/40 on the contract but the "week F" we find out represents "float" not "fixed" like they were led to believe! (In 2014 when they asked if week 40 was available at Bluewater, Rene, the salesman, excused himself from the table for 40 minutes and returned saying he had GREAT news unit #6331 at Bluewater was available for Mom and Dad.). They have been told they could go to Florida or Bransom but sadly they say they did not pay $10,400 additional for an "upgrade" to stay some place they DO NOT want to vacation!! Mom and Dad want this issue resolved by having their unit #6331; week 40 at Bluewater be the fixed week they paid for and maintained for 36 years. Elder abuse is unacceptable!

Final Consumer Response
I am happy to report I have been contacted by Spinnaker and our issues have been resolved satisfactorily. We very much appreciate your assistance and look forward to many happy vacations at Bluewater on Hilton Head Island. We consider this case closed. Regards, ***** ***********

06/29/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Bought a vacation package for $300 with no expiration date .Spinnaker told me today that it had expired and then wanted another $100 to renew it.
Purchased vacation package $300.
Have e mail confirmation and there is no expiry date.
Last year I tried to book it but they told me not available due to a hurricane.
I received a call today asking me for $100 to renew.
I told them why would I renew as it was not expired .
I have looked online and it seems there is a big problem with this company doing this to people. This seems fraudulent to me.
Is their head office in Missouri or Hilton head? I also will complain to consumer affairs and American Express.
This is very unethical. My contract no is HH XXXXXX.
Is this company legitimate as I have my doubts? Do you know their address for service or will I ve to look it up on Secretary of State website.I am very upset and after this do not want to do business with this company and want a refund.

Desired Settlement

Final Consumer Response
Thank you
I contacted the COO and my complaint was resolved .
Please close this complaint.
Thank you
***** ********

06/16/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

We were switched to resort once we signed up and not advised that if we cancelled we would be charged $900 for staying at resort.

We purchased a package to stay with Spinnaker Resort about $300 for 4 day 3 night stay. When we arrived on April 13, we were housed in a type of motel. On 4/14 we went to the presentation and after over 6 hours, we signed to purchase a time share until for about $14000. As the process took so long and they had many problems getting the paperwork correct, they said that we could transfer and stay one of their resorts and move out of the motel property. We agreed and signed the document, not really seeing a line that if we cancelled the contract, we would be charged $900. Spinnaker representatives should have advised us of this penalty should be cancel. If we knew of the potential $900 charge for 3 nights stay should we cancel, we would not have opted to stay at the resort. How many other new potential members were caught in this bait and switch? We are asking for a refund of our $900 and make it mandatory that Spinnaker let couples verbally know of this pending charge.

Desired Settlement
we are asking for $900 refund from Spinnaker Resorts and for them to change this business practice.

Business Response
Mr. ********** has received a call and email from Mr. ****** at Spinnaker explaining the payment of $900. I am unable to send an attachment or copy and pasted the email of the Contract Benefits Agreement (CBA) to this response, of which Mr. ******** did sign and date his understanding of the $900 payment. Since they canceled their contract with Spinnaker they were charged the 3 nights at Waterside at a cost of $900
If need I can put it in an email and attach said documents.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I see the response above. As I said had Spinnaker told me after being in their presentation for over 5 hrs that I signed the document but didn't realize that if I cancelled I would have to pay $ 900. This is where Spinnaker representatives did not share with us if we were to cancel, we would be liable for the $900.Had they told us that we would not have agreed to stay at the resort as we were only 60% sure that we would complete purchase of the resort. Again, I say that the folks at Spinnaker deceived us by not sharing the penalty of $900 we would pay should we cancel. How many others have fallen for this same ploy and been duped as we were.

Final Business Response
After reviewing our records we show that Mr. ********** arrived on April 12, 2016 on a marketing package to view the resorts on
****** Head Island and attend a sales presentation. His upfront cost was $250.00 for 4 days 3 nights at the ** ****** This
marketing package includes staying at the ** ****** $100.00 in dinning vouchers and a $100.00 check to be used in any way he
desired. He attended in the presentation on April 13, 2016, and signed a contract and purchased a timeshare from Spinnaker
Resorts. As a contingency to the contract signing it was agreed to extend Mr. & Mrs. ********** stay and upgrade them to one of
the Resort Condos. This is the reason for the Contract Benefit Agreement and the money which he is currently disputing. Also this
agreement clearly discloses to Mr. ********** that if he chooses to cancel his contract with Spinnaker then he agreed that $900
would be withheld from his down payment collected on April 13th. He then checked out of the SR Hotel on April 14, 2016 and
moved into a Condo at our ********* Resort on April 14th and checked out April 16th. Our CBA indicates that he was planning to
stay for 3 nights but only stayed two. We will reimburse Mr. ********** $300.00 for the night he did not stay.
This matter was reviewed by the Credit Card Company due to the Dispute initiated by Mr. **********. We subsequently answered
the dispute with Full documentation to support our position and the dispute was found in our favor. I have sent this
documentation via email to **** ******** as there is currently no tool available on this website to attach documents.

Final Consumer Response

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07/29/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I referred several people to the resort as requested. My referrals completed their stay and I have not received my referral pay.
I referred several people to the Spinnaker Resorts per their request for referrals. My referrals completed their stay at the resort and I have not received My referrals were Devonna Hendrix (June 2016) and Guary Connelly. I contacted the resort on several occasions and I received the run around. In addition to my referrals I filed a complaint about the my stay at the resort having fleas in my room. The manner was not addressed properly. Can you assist me in receiving my referral money for my referral and resolution regarding the fleas I had in my room during my stay.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


K. ****
PO Box 961
Grover, NC XXXXX

Desired Settlement
I am seeking my promised referral credit for Devonna Hendrix and Guary Connelly. I am also seeking restitution for the fleas that were in my room during my stay at the resort.

Business Response
Spinnaker has gone through all of our records and we do not show that we have a ****, K as an owner of any properties within Spinnaker. Therefore she would not be given credit for any referrals.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I referred several people on the Marketing side for a stay at the Spinnaker resort. I stayed at Hilton Head on 4/27/XXXX - X/30/16. I was asked by the representative to provide names of people who would come down. I previously provided Larry Moore and Collar Bell. In the second round I provided the names of Devonna Hendrix and Guary Connelly. Devonna completed her stay the first weekend in June. I called several times and they could see she was my referral. I was also advised they would be sending out a gift card on several occasions. When I did not receive it I contacted the BBB for assistance.

As am asking them to provide me with the promised $20 Visa gift cards for my guest. Doing anything less than promised is fraudulent.

Can you assist me in getting my $20.00 Visa gift card? Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The information provided by the resort is false and the person responding is lying. I also have a voicemail from someone at Spinnaker resorts. I was contacted by their marketing side for people to come and stay at their timeshare at Hilton Head. I have proof that they contacted my referrals and based on my referral that is the only way they went to Hilton Head Island, SC through Spinnaker resorts. They are as follows: Larry Moore, Collar Bell-Graves, Devonna Hendrix and Guary Connelly. They will be more than willing to attest in writing they were contacted by Spinnaker and have copies of their stay with the resort. None of them would have stayed with Spinnaker if it were not for my referral.

Can you assist me in retrieving my referral monies?


Final Business Response

Spinnaker does not nor have we ever had a referral program for non-Spinnaker owners. Therefore she would not be given any credit for referrals because she is not an owner.

07/11/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Business is selling wrong information after talking to them over the phone saying there is no black out dates and availability is guaranteed.
Marketing rep called up saying you have won a vacation with us saying 4 days and 3 nights in their resort for One Bedroom Condo. But if you book today we will also offer you 2 more vacations which will be Cruise and vacation Package and no black out dates. When I contacted them first time in April for vacation there is no availability for long weekends which was never issue while paying them. After calling 3 or 4 times they said there is no availability, and when I said cancel it they said 30 days money back for full refund. Now they don't want to pay me back my full money and I am not satisfied so please cancel which they are not honoring.

Desired Settlement
Need my full refund back

Business Response
Spinnaker would like to apologize for the misunderstanding with the purchase of this get-a-way. Mr. ****** did call and try to make reservations that are unfortunately our more demanding weekends. It was explained to him that he needed to book 90 days out and it was based on availability at the time he desired. We at spinnaker have refunded his money back to the credit card ending in ********* He has also been sent an email invoice giving him the information for the refund to his card.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I don't take their response as i have asked for any weekend not just demanding weekend. They said while calling there will be no blackout dates and whenever I call no dates. Then last time I called he said we have availability in FL but not in Hilton Head,SC.

Final Business Response
Again Spinnaker does apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred between the customer and Spinnaker representatives. We have refunded his money and he is released from any obligations, we will also put Mr. ****** on our DO NOT CALL list so he will not be receiving any additional promotional calls from Spinnaker.

06/06/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Our vehicle was hit in the parking lot of the Branson Welcome Center. The situation was grossly mishandled.
My wife and I attended the sales presentation on X-XX-XXXX at the Branson, Mo. Welcome Center. While there, we purchased a price lock package that included another 7 day stay, as well a a two year price lock on the purchase of a timeshare. As we were leaving the Welcome Center, we noticed that our truck had been hit in the parking lot. We told an employee who was outside, and showed him the damage, an began to look around the parking lot for a vehicle that had matching damage. The employee went to notify management of the situation.
Eventually a women came out introduced herself as a manager, named ********, and said that we should call the police to make a report and she would finish up some paperwork inside and come back to file an incident report in a few minutes.
After calling the police station and requesting an officer to the scene, We walked around the parking lot and took pictures of all the vehicles o the lot with damage. We noticed one particular Vehicle in the lot with damage that closely matched ours and looked fresh. We were discussing the situation with a couple employees who had come outside to see what was going on when the officer arrived to take our report.
As the officer was pulling into the lot, and we were going to meet and speak with him, ******** walked back out and stated to my wife that that car we were looking at was hers and she didn't hit our vehicle. She was very defensive and unfriendly with us. My wife, *******, told ******** that we didn't know who hit our vehicle, but we took pictures of hers because her damage matched ours. ******** began yelling profanities at my wife and stating that she didn't hit us, she hit someone in the school parking lot recently, which i may add, was not a comforting fact. ******* stated that there was no need to be so rude, or ignorant to us, if she didn't hit us then why be so angry and defensive? ******** continued to yell at us, and defend herself against accusations that weren't even being made. We filed our police report and left without further incident. ******** never spoke with us rationally or filled out an incident report.
We returned to The French Quarter Resort, where we were staying for the weekend, and called another number we found for Spinnaker. ******* spoke to someone names Ashley Card, who told her to email her pictures of the damage to our vehicle, which we did, and to go to the French Quarter front desk and file a complaint, which she did. She was told the complaint would be filed with a manager named ****** ********, and we should hear from ****** first thing Monday.
We waited all day Monday and Tuesday without response. On Wednesday Morning, I called the welcome center back to speak with ****** and try to resolve this issue. I was put on the phone with ********, Who would not allow me to talk to ******, or leave a voicemail. ******** brought to my attention that it was her we had the confrontation with. She immediately got loud and defensive, and stated she was not rude and did nothing wrong. I told her that i was obviously not going to be treated properly and felt that it wasn't going to be possible to resolve this issue with her so I would call someone else.
I could not believe what I heard. This is how Spinnaker treats Families who spend thousands of dollars on their services??
I looked up and called the number for the corporate headquarters in South Carolina, and spoke to someone who transferred me to a person named Rhonda at Ext. ***** I left two Voicemails for this person on 04/27/2016. I have still not gotten a response.
****** should have been notified by several different means of this incident, but we still have not had any response at all.

Desired Settlement
We are absolutely appalled at the terrible customer service, the lack of response to a serious complaint, and the way we have been treated.
I would like a full refund of the $995 we spent on the price lock package.
We would very much like to purchase a timeshare in the future, but never under these circumstances. If this is not the typical behavior of Spinnaker employees, i feel like Spinnaker should not only refund our money, but honor the package that we bought as well. As I said, we would love to buy a timeshare, but in order to do any future business with Spinnaker, I need a major gesture to show this is not acceptable, and they will do what it takes to make a bad situation right.

Business Response
The customer's request for a cancellation and refund of their monies is not justifiable based on the type of complaint they have filed. If you read the information, it is directly related to a parking lot vehicle damage report filed with the Police Department in Branson, MO which happened to be the parking lot of our sales department.

The incident the complainants are bringing to the BBB is one that has no Merritt against Spinnaker Resorts based on the business that we conduct. They are trying to co-mingle their Spinnaker Resorts contract with an incident and verbal confrontation they had outside of the work place.

There is clearly no evidence to support their accusation that an employee had damaged their car and furthermore, a damaged car in our parking lot does not constitute a reason to cancel a contract they signed prior to that parking lot incident.

Thank You,

Customer Relations Department
Spinnaker Resorts, Inc.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
We are absolutely NOT filing a complaint about property damage. The fact that the customer relations departments response is so incredibly focused on property damage, which isn't the issue at all, tells me that this issue was not even remotely taken seriously by Spinnaker as a company. We NEVER claimed that an employee damaged our property because there is clearly no evidence of that. If there were, we would have filed an insurance claim against the person responsible.
The issue here, as was clearly stated in the complaint, is about my wife being yelled and cussed at on Spinnaker property, by a Spinnaker employee. Not just an associate, but a person claiming to be management. The entire situation was grossly mishandled and ********, the employee I'm referencing, was nothing but rude and offensive. I also add that ******** is NOT management, and when I called the Branson welcome center I was told once again that ******** is a manager and put on the phone with her once again. She refused to let me speak with a real Manager, and once again was hostile and defensive, and very loud with me. I absolutely do not accept this response, or even acknowledge it. We were never allowed to fill out a proper incident report, we were never allowed to speak with real management, and we were yelled, cursed at, and intimidated by Spinnaker employees. We have absolutely no interest in doing further business with a company that treats their clients in this manner.
Also, we never received a response from customer service at the Hilton Head company headquarters, even after several voicemails were left. I fully Expect a refund and cancellation of my contract.

Final Business Response
The contract in question is a Lease Option Agreement which provides the ability for the purchaser to travel to any of our Resorts within the next 18 months and stay for 7 nights, based upon availability, and use all of our accommodations and amenities, etc. like any of our owners would have the opportunity to use. During the stay the purchaser would also have the option to purchase a timeshare for whatever locked-in price was offered the day they entered into the Lease Option Agreement. The cost was paid in full at point of sale by the purchaser.

We would ask that the complainant please provide the section of the contract where it states that a purchaser is eligible for a cancellation of legal binding contract with a refund of monies paid due to the the fact one party didn't like the manner or tone of an employee of the other party.

We understand that there is no such clause in the contract, however we are willing to negotiate a settlement and release for the contract. Please have the complainant contact the following email address in order to contact us directly: **

Thank You,

**** ********
Director Customer Relations
Spinnaker Resorts, Inc.

06/03/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Spinnaker has my contract completely wrong. I own every other year and they have me owning every year. So, I can't pay for the year I own.
My name is ******* ********, and I am an owner (owner id is XXXXX) and contract number is XXXXX.

We originally purchased our timeshare on August 4, 2001. We purchased a one bedroom, Unit Week No 9 Season White with a BIENNIAL occupancy commencing 2004 at the French Quarter Condominium II. Unit number is F242BO

I later received a contract addendum, stating that there was an error in the first contract, and that the first year of occupancy shall be corrected to read 2003, instead of 2004.

I somehow now have TWO contracts that seem to both be on the books. I only own every other year, and I should not have two contracts. I was only to get this changed in 2014, and now it is showing up again in 2016 with screaming, threatening calls from the collection agency. No one will help me, and I can't pay for the year I actually own until this is cleared up. I get calls from the collection agency on a biweekly basis. They will not listen to what I am saying, refuse to help me, and are the rudest people I have ever dealt with in my adult life.

Can you please help me. I've called multiple times this year, left messages for supervisors, emailed attorneys at Spinnaker, etc and no one has ever called me back or returned my emails. I'm ready to contact my attorney.

******* ********

Desired Settlement
I want a new contract, stating the correct years that I own.

Business Response
Spinnaker has looked over her contract and agree her contract is for every other year/Odd years. We will be fixing the issue

05/02/2016Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

We were promised that we could always reserve ******** **** ********** week and that our Salesman would have his friend rent it out for $2000.00.
We traded our timeshare plus $17,000 for a 1 bedroom unit. Our Sales Manager convinced us to buy by swearing that we could always reserve the week of the ******** **** ********** if we called 360 days in advance. He further guaranteed that he
had a woman named ***** that would always rent it out for at $2000.00. We could then stay anytime we wanted at the low owners cost. He gave us his personal cell to call when we were ready. He lied about all of it. We can't get Heritage week because they sell special events weeks ahead to people which he never said. I have called his cell and the sales office numerous times and he never returned any calls. *** ****** his name, our contract number is XXXXXXX,contract signed 11/10/2015. We paid in full and signed over our ******** ********** We would never have purchased if he had not guaranteed us that he would make sure that we were able to get heritage week and rent it out for $2000.00 every year. When we called to reserve for next year we were told that was impossible and that we cant't rent them out. They said we should never have been promised that. We are retired and this was most of our savings that we thought would be an investment. Now it is something that will cost us maintenance and is useless to us.

Desired Settlement
We would like our old timeshare back and our $17,000.00 refunded. I don't consider myself a foolish person but this slick Salesman really fooled us. I am retired from 30 years in the police department and probably should have known better. I just didn't believe that a company as big as Spinnaker would allow one of their Sales managers to practice complete fraud like this. I still have the card that ** ****** wrote what was supposed to be his personal cell number on.

Business Response
We have reviewed **** *****'s file and she acknowledged and signed the below statements from her contract:

1. It is acknowledged that the member purchased a 1 Bedroom unit and further understands that the usage is annual, biennial (every second year) or triennial(every third year) depending upon type of vacation Timeshare purchased. The purchaser further understands and acknowledge that reservation will be accepted at Blue water by Spinnaker for occupancy during all weeks of the year.

2. Member understands that this Vacation Timesharing Lease Interval is being purchased for his/her/their own personal vacation use and enjoyment and not because of any financial or monetary advantage such as rental income, price appreciation, or tax advantage.

As to her complaint about not being able to reserve her unit for the Heritage week in 2017. She called on 03/24/2016 to make that reservation. Reservations can only be made 360 days out from desired vacation time. The Heritage week is either the second or third week in April. At the time of her call the representative advised her to call back within the 360 day she has also been encouraged to send an email for her reservation. I encourage her to call at the end of April to make the reservation for 2017.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I guess they got us because we believed the salesman when he said he would always handle renting the week for 2000.00 every year. We trusted him at his word . I know that we have to reserve 360 days in advance but I wanted to make sure that I could reserve it at midnight so I called ahead to see the exact way to do it. When I called she told me that they were already fully booked for that week and I would not be able to rent that week. She said that people buy a scheduled week ahead of time. Again I would never have bought it if he had not lied to us about being able to rent it and his friend ***** would do that for him. He said as long as we called 360 days ahead we would always get it and he would always handle the rental. He said he gave us his private cell number and never answers that or his office number and never returns any calls. This was a SCAM plain and simple. They must know he is lying and I am sure we are not the first to complain be swindled !

Final Business Response
Mrs. ***** called on 03/24/2016 and was informed that she would need to call 360 days out to book the week of the Heritage, there is nothing in the notes that she was told there was no availability. On 04/11/2016 she was sent an email thanking her for her request and detailing that she would need to call "Thursday April 14, 2016 in order to book for April 9th - 16th, 2014" Heritage week. Thursday April 14th Mrs. ***** did call and reserved her unit for the week of 04/09/2017 for (4) four Guest, at ********* ******** and a confirmation letter was emailed to her on 04/14/2016 with a reservation number.
To answer her rental complaint I can only refer her to the signed contract which Mrs. *****'s acknowledged and signed the below statements from her contract:
1. It is acknowledged that the member purchased a 1 Bedroom unit and further understands that the usage is annual, biennial (every second year) or triennial(every third year) depending upon type of vacation Timeshare purchased. The purchaser further understands and acknowledge that reservation will be accepted at **** water by Spinnaker for occupancy during all weeks of the year.
2. Member understands that this Vacation Timesharing Lease Interval is being purchased for his/her/their own personal vacation use and enjoyment and not because of any financial or monetary advantage such as rental income, price appreciation, or tax advantage.

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