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Customer Complaints Summary

5 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints5

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (5)BBB Closure Definitions
01/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

6-13-14 took car in for oil leak. They replaced manifold gasket and MOPG oil pan gasket. Parts, labor totaling $******. 10-7-14 returned, car had developed another oil leak and a high pitch whining noise. They replaced valve cfover gasket and upper plenum. Parts totled $******, but they could not define what the whining noise. They said to drive it for 2 wks and if it still was whining, bring it back in.After 2 wks whine was still there, I decided to take my car to ********** ********** instead of back to JBC Tire & Service. They repaired the whine by replacing the upper and lower intake. Bill totaled $********. ******** told me a bolt was not installed under upper intake by the person who previously worked on my car. This caused all the extra damage.I contacted JBC Service numerous times beginning 11-4-14. They agreed to reimburse me $******* of the ******** ********** bill. Each week I was given the "check is in the mail" or "I will talk to our secretary" lines as to why I had not received reimbursement. To date, I still have not received anything from JBC Tire & Service.

Desired Settlement
I would be satisfied with the $******* reimbursement that was promised to me by ***************, Store Manager. As a widow, I feel that I was taken advantage of.

07/30/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

To: General Manager/Owner JBC Goodyear
**** E ******** **
Springfield MO XXXXX

On April 15, 2013 in preparation for an upcoming trip to Florida with my 5th wheel, I ordered a set of 4 new Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires for my Ram 3500 dually through JBC Goodyear at **** E ******** **** Springfield, MO. The existing tires would have probably been fine for the trip to Florida and back but I am usually extra careful on a trip of that distance while towing. When notified the tires had arrived, I made an appointment to have them installed on April 23rd.

When I took the truck to JBC Goodyear on April 23rd, I instructed the new tires should be installed on the front and inside of the rear on my dually. I also instructed for the best 2 tires of the existing tires to be placed on the outside rear. Additionally, I requested for the spare to be replaced with the best of the 2 remaining tires being removed since I knew the spare was old. I didn't stay with the truck since I had other tasks to get done in preparation for my trip. I picked the truck up that afternoon assuming the work had been completed as requested.

My family and I left for our trip to Florida on May 7th and stopped in Tupelo, MS the first night. That night on the way back to the truck from dinner I noticed one of the new tires on the driver's side front was quickly going flat. Since it was around 7:30 pm, I couldn't find any place open to help me figure out what was wrong so I filled the tire the best possible at a gas station and realized the valve stem was leaking badly if slightly moved. I got the truck back to our 5th wheel location and had AAA come out and change the tire with the spare.

The next day I took the truck with the bad tire in the back end to the Wingfoot Goodyear dealer in Tupelo to get the valve stem replaced and the tire put back on my truck. During this activity I found out that none of the valve stems on the new tires were replaced when the new tires were put on by JBC Goodyear in Springfield. Also, when the spare tire was removed from the truck, we discovered it had dry rot and bulges - JBC had not replaced the spare as directed. The extreme poor condition of the spare had not been noticed the previous night while installing it onto the truck since it was dark.

After having all of the valve stems replaced and having to purchase a new tire to use as a spare with a cost over $260 we were able to resume our trip.

JBC Goodyear failed to safely complete their activities by not replacing the original valve stems (in high pressure tires) and failing to replace the spare as directed. Their failure to complete the work in a safe manner jeopardized the lives of my family as well as others on the road. If we had a front tire blowout while towing the 5th wheel at highway speeds it could well have cause a critical accident.

I have been told by the Wingfoot dealer in Tupelo that the tires should never have been replaced without new high pressure valve stems being installed. Secondly, the poor condition of the spare would have been obvious if JBC Goodyear would have looked it over as I had directed.

Desired Settlement
I would like an explanation from the management of JBC Goodyear how this unsafe situation could have occured. Additionally, what are they going to do about the extra $260 I had to spend which would not have been necessary if one of the two tires from my original tires would have been used to replace the spare as I originally directed

Business' Initial Response
BBB - comment - Manager of company called and stated he did get in contact with the consumer reimbursed him $261.74

Consumer's Final Response
I was contacted by the manager of JBC Tire on July 22nd. He indicated the tech involved was fired and they have sent me reimbursement of $261.74 for my extra expenditures.

I was also contacted by Goodyear who indicated JBC Tire is not a Goodyear Tire company and therefore this issue would need to be resolved by them.

I appreciate JBC Tire's quick resolution to my issue and consider this a closed issue.

04/08/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I called ahead for a specific tire service, quoted $16.99 twice, was charged $21.52, wrong part installed.

JBC Tire Center 1019 E Republic Rd XXXXX, ID# XXXXXX, Invoice# X-XXXXX. 02/25/13, I went here since they are close to my home, with a low tire, instead of my regular tire shop.

Desired Settlement
I will not return to this business or any Goodyear dealer. I may have to take it to my regular tire shop for additional repairs.

Business' Initial Response
A refund check for the amount of 21.52 was mailed 03/27/2013 to Mr.******

Consumer's Final Response
Store manager called me over a week ago, promised a full refund, have not received it yet.

08/13/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

JBC told us repairs would be within our stated budget but they weren't and we were asked to pay for service on our vehicle we did not authorize.
Several months ago I had my vehicle towed to your shop, JBC Tire of Nixato be inspected due to issues it was having at the time. We were told at the time of towing that it would be a few days before you were able to look at it, to which we agreed. A few days later we received word that our on board computer was corrupt and wasn't responding at all. We asked if this could be repaired and were told that it would have to be replaced.
We discussed the cost with your technician who advised us about $1,500.00 plus labor costs on top of the part fee. We had told the technician at the start that we only had about $700-$800 to spend on the vehicle so we called around to check prices. We found out that a new on board computer could be purchased brand new right down the street at ******** for $318.99 +$59.00 Core.
We told the technician that we were unable to pay that amount, and that there were far cheaper options for the part than he told us. We advised him not to work on it and we would pick up the vehicle. At this time there were no labor fees incurred, according to the technician, because he hadn't done anything with the vehicle except drive it around the block to hear the issue and hook a device up to it to test the computer.
The technician offered resistance, instead saying that he knew for sure it was the computer and wanted to replace it. We told him again that we could not afford the computer and he advised us that he could get it replaced for $700, $800 with labor costs, which would be affordable for us. We asked if he was sure about the issue because it needed to be fixed in one attempt or we wouldn't have money to repair it. The technician told us it would fix the issue, and the only other possible things that could be wrong with it were minor things that cost less than $200. We agreed to those terms and he began work on the vehicle.
About a week later or so we received a call telling us that the computer had not fixed the car. We asked how much it would cost to fix and were told about another $1,500.00. We advised the technician that we could not pay that and we wanted the computer removed, our old one restored, and to pick up our vehicle and we would pursue other options. We were told that removal and return of the computer was impossible and we would be responsible for paying for it. We asked to speak with management and were directed to Manager *****.
After two conversations with ***** we were told that he would try to return the computer and get our old one put back in the vehicle. Ultimately ***** said he was able to get the part returned because of a good relationship with the company he got the it from and placed our old computer back in the car. Upon putting the old computer back in the car ***** informed us that there was never a problem with the computer in the first place, which upset us greatly. We told him at that time we did not want to do any more work on the vehicle and would pick it up. ***** pleaded with us to fix the vehicle because they had already put so much time into it and didn't want to lose money. He said he knew what the problem was, a cracked head gasket, and could fix it. But the part would cost over $1,000. We reiterated that we could not afford that and would pick up the vehicle. After several phone calls attempting to come to an agreement so that JBC could continue working on the vehicle we ultimately decided not to allow them to work on the vehicle any longer. ***** then asked for us to come into the shop first and see the work they had done, which included spark plugs and other items we did not authorize them to change. We spoke with ***** on 3 occasions about retrieving the car and each time he all but refused to release it to us and wanted to discuss it in person before accepting that we did not want JBC Tire to work on the car any longer. It has been several months and nobody has allowed us to pick up our vehicle without considering letting them do more work on it.

Desired Settlement
We felt that this was an attempt to get us to pay them something for all the work they had put into the vehicle. We had told them previously that we would pay $250 for labor fees for fixing the car, however we were lied to about the vehicle and what was wrong with it and then not even allowed to come pick up the vehicle. We spoke with ***** on 3 occasions about retrieving the car and each time he all but refused to release it to us and wanted to discuss it in person before accepting that we did not want JBC Tire to work on the car any longer. After a two or three weeks of this back and forth banter we had made up our minds that we were done letting them repair the car. ***** called ***** and told him that we would be coming by to pick up the car and needed to know when it would be available. Before giving ***** and answer, ***** said he had an emergency and would have to call ***** back.
After several days we had not heard anything back from *****. ***** tried to call JBC Tire to speak with ***** several times over the next two weeks and each time was told that he was busy or not at work that day but would call him back. It has now been several months as we have reviewed our options online and tried to decide what our best course of action should be. We were finally contacted by JBC around the beginning of June and asked if we were going to pick up our vehicle or not. We informed ***** from JBC Tire that we were taking other action at this point because of the issues we had with them up to this point and to expect a certified letter from us soon.

We are asking that either
a) the vehicle be towed back to us at JBC's expense with no charge for the labor that was done unauthorized and with misleading circumstances, or
b)to repair the vehicle as promised for the $250 we were told we could ultimately pick it up for which was for labor costs and fees.

We have been without our vehicle for several months now and it has cost us dearly. Having 2 children, a job that is almost an hour away from home, and only one vehicle has been harsh on us and made it nearly impossible for my husband to look for work. We would like to have our vehicle fixed like we were promised and feel that paying $250 to have it fixed, given that we have been deprived of it for almost 6 months now, is not asking too much. If this can not be honored then we request that our vehicle be towed to our house at JBC's expense and we will cut our losses. Either option is acceptable but we strongly feel that the least that could be done after all this time without our vehicle is that the vehicle be fixed so we don't have to go through this process again.

Business' Initial Response

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
As previously stated, the location is the Nixa, Mo office behind ********'s, the vehicle is a 2003 Ford Focus, light blue in color, and the invoice number is XXXXX. The vehicle was dropped off at the shop on February 17th, 2012. I contacted JBC Tire of Nixa to gather this information as requested and I am assuming they already know about our complaint because I was told by ****** that we were contacted by JBC Tire a little while back about our vehicle being ready for pickup. This was only about a month ago, even though we requested it to be picked up back in early March. While we would like to discuss this with someone by telephone we think it best that all of our communication be in writing so as to verify the accuracy of all information. We have had several bad experiences already with other members of JBC in Nixa and would like to make sure all correspondence is recorded from here on out.

Business' Final Response

06/12/2012Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

My husband and I went and had the oil changed. We we're told that our left tie rod and our right ball joint could go any time. He had an estimated lis
list of 7 diffent items that were in need of fixing. He kept on about the items I stated above.
Gicing us stories of how bad it is. He offered us finacing and said they could fit us in today. This scared us and we just wer'nt able to have it done. We went to a previous auto repair place and they verified the ball joint needed relaced but the tie rod was ok and in no way did was the ball joint at a life threating need of replacement. This compamy had fixed our right outer tie rod. This person's name is ********. All I want is a letter of apology for putting us through this scare.

Desired Settlement
A letter of apology. Do better business pratices in the future for all customers.

Business' Initial Response

June 4, 2012

Mark & ****** ******
Springfield, MO XXXXX


Dear Mrs. ******

I would like to personally apologize if you and your husband felt pressured to purchase service from our company and any other treatment thereof. Mr. **** felt very strongly about what was diagnosed regarding your vehicle. The steering and suspension parts were recommendations per MAP Guidelines. The other items were recommended as preventative maintenance. If Mr. **** offended you in any way, I am sorry and would like to personally speak with you about this. I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX or if you prefer I could call you. Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding this matter and I hope we can still do business in the future and provide a better experience.


****** ******

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