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Customer Complaints Summary

18 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 6 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues4
Guarantee / Warranty Issues4
Problems with Product / Service10
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints18

Complaint Breakdown by Resolution

Complaint Resolution Log (18)
03/26/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Th purchase agreement did not reflect the the dealer discount as agreed to by both parties.
On 3/17/15 the sales manager agreed to a $**** dealer discount off the MSRP. When we returned on 3/18/15 he presented the paperwork to complete the transaction. We noted the numbers were not consistent with what was agreed to. My wife asked him why the discrepancy. He could not explain in a forthright manner an said he been doing this for many years and the numbers were correct. We recalculated the numbers and discovered he had removed the dealer discount and inserted a trade allowance of $****. Effectively increasing the cost of the car by $****. He then brought the General Manager into the cubicle. We told the GM we could not conclude the deal as a result. The GM said "we were not deceptive". I stated my perception was different. It is appears obvious the numbers had been changed since the verbal agreement in the hope we would not catch the discrepancy.
I called back on 3/20/15 and gave a second opportunity for the SM to make it right. He said the GM was in a meeting and he would call me back after discussion. He never called back even though he stated he would.

Desired Settlement
I would request Mr. *. ************ vice president/general manager respond to this complaint. *he GM has already stated he was not deceptive and therefore we can assume will continue this practice.
*he business ethics, respect for the customer, and value of the community relationship are all set at Mr. ************s direction.
*he original verbal deal should be honored and certainly that was my intent.

Business Response
Mr & Mrs Horvatis was quoted a $**** discount on an ordered BMW. Their trade in was appraised for $****** and the discount quoted was added to the wholesale trade value showing a trade allowance of $******. Mr. Horvatis apparently assumed that he should get $****** plus another $***** discount. THe BMW Manager explained to Mr. & Mrs Horvatis that the discount and trade value were combined to show the MSRP less the trade allowance for a total trade difference. They agreed to disagree and they did not order the vehicle. The wholesale value of their trade in seems to be the dispute since we did offer the $***** disoount as we agreed to. *****************

10/24/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

failure to honor recall from manufacturer that is required by national traffic and motor vehicle act
Toyota rav-4 2008 recalls( there are 3-4 ) vin # jtmzd33vXXXXXXXXX has several recalls. My main complaint involves the 2nd recall of the rear lower suspension arms. NOTE this is the 2nd recall for the same problem. Reliable Toyota looked at the rav-4 the 1st recall and put a sticker on the rear suspension. I received the 2nd recall letter from Toyota and contacted Reliable Toyota on 05-05-2014 by phone and was told they where waiting on parts to be available, they are on back order. I called XXX-XXX-XXXX on 05-12-14,05-22-14,06-06-14 each time I was told to call again in about 2 weeks. When I called on XX-XX-XX I was told to leave my phone # and they would call me when the parts came in. To this day XX-XX-XX I have not received a phone call and feel my rav-4 could be dangerous to drive because of the safety recall. My letter from Toyota states " Even if you have had the previous recall completed, you will need to return your vehicle to a Toyota Dealer for the new recall repair.( Safety Recall # COJ )This is required by the National Traffic and Motor Vehicles Act.

Desired Settlement
I want Reliable Toyota in Springfield Mo to honor the recalls by the manufacturer in a timely manor and give me a loaner car at no expense to myself.

Business Response
My service manager **** ***** tried to reach out to Ms. ***** but the contact numbers we had all said the phone was disconnected or not in working order. **** was able to contact Ms. ***** via email and they are working on getting her in at a convenient time for her to get her recalls completed. She has 3 open recalls, one to add smart stop technology at no charge, the other for a part on her rear lower suspension and the last for a cable that was on backorder until recently. Ms. *****'s concern should be addressed in short order once she makes it in for us to perform the repairs. We aplogize for any miscommunication or if we failed to contact her.

04/01/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Oil filter was not replaced on oil change.
Money not being refund.
oil change on 03 camry always overfiled after changing oil. Had oil changed on toyota truck
charged for oil change and new filter checked
after done same old oil filter steel on truck.
They said they would refund the bill.This was
Feb.14 2013.I called back March 14/2013.
I would like a responce or a check in the mail.

Desired Settlement
Money back on oil change.

Business' Initial Response
Contact Name and Title: ************, CRM
Contact Phone: ************
Contact Email: *****************
Dealership shows record that the filter was in fact changed during the customers requested oil service, however, in the interest of customer satisfaction the customer was refunded their cost and offered to bring vehicle in to have another service performed at no charge. Check was mailed 3/26 and Mrs. ******* was notified.

05/11/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

Was forced to buy warranty to get loan d/t credit. ****** warranty) stated to cover electical issues. Refused to fix & repeated no response to calls.
I purchased a 2011 Buick Regal from Reliable Toyota's preowned lot on March XX XXXX, after my credit score was ran I went to sign paperwork, I was told I needed to purchase a warranty in order for ** ********* to give me the loan. When this warranty was questioned, I was given a brief explanation that due to my credit score being somewhat low, it was necessary. The warranty is called ********** and from the explanation I recieved, I was covered for one year for the following issues: gasoline engine, transmission, transaxle, front/rear wheel drive, steering, brakes, electical, vehicle manufacturer installed AC, front suspension. After leaving the lot, I found that I was missing floor mats and my drivers side heated seat did not work. The next business day I called and asked if they had the floor mats there (because when I drove it off the lot, there were plastic mat covers on) and they said, no. A few days later, I get a phone call from the man who had done my loan paperwork asking if I could meet him to sign a paper he had forgotten to have me sign, it was a 30 mile drive one way for me, so he said that he would compensate me with a free car detail. I met to sign the paper. When I called Reliable Toyota to ask if I could make an appointment to get my car detailed, I was transfered several times and eventually I was told I needed any warranty work to be done at ******** ***** in Springfield, MO. I called ******** and they stated that since I bought the car from Reliable and they sold me the warranty, it was their responsibility to fix the seat. On March 24 2014, I called regarding the heated seat and attempted to make an appointment for my car to be looked at, I was again tranfered, no body seemed to know what it would take for my warranty to cover this. After leaving another voicemail regarding the detail I was promised and the seat, I never received a call back. After the weather warmed, I did not call again and it wasn't until November 2014 when it was cold, I called about the heated seat again, I was able to make an appointment for Friday November 14, and due to incliment weather, I was unable to make the appointment and called to cancel. When March 2015 approached, I knew that with the year coming, my warranty would be up. I was able to make an appointment and my car was brought to be looked at. I recieved a call from the service dept that they would need to take the car to ******** ***** to have problem diagnosed, it was determined the heating element needed replaced. I was told this was not covered under the ****** warranty I was sold. I researched and seen this was an electrical issue. I called Reliable and asked if I was able to talk to someone from the warranty company regarding the problem, I was transfered and got to a man who stated he was new (he was with Reliable not the warranty co.) but he said he would look into it and call me back, since my car was still at the shop, I told him I would leave it there until he returned my call because if it was going to be fixed, they could fix it while the car was there instead of me making many trips. He stated on March 10 that he would call me back that day or the following at the latest, it wasn't until March 13 that I went to pick up my car because I still had never received a call back. I still to this day April 1, have not recieved a call, a letter explaining, or anything.

Desired Settlement
I request the money paid for the warranty be refunded to me. I do not feel that the warranty was made accessable to me, and the car dealership made it practically impossible for me to know more regarding the details, terms and conditions of the warranty. The research I have done shows that the heating element would be a covered issue. I called several times and was never able to resolve issue after many attempts.

Business Response
In reviewing the correspondence from Ms. **** with several employees, the ball was dropped in regards to returning calls. We did have multiple appointments scheduled last year to address the concern that were either cancelled or not shown for by Ms. ****. The warranty has since expired and we have reached out to Ms. **** after receiving this complaint and have not heard back from her regarding the opportunity to address her concerns.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There was one canceled appointment this winter and it was due to weather, not several appointments. The warranty expired March of this year and due to the incompetency of Reliable's staff, I was never able to further pursue a resolution to my problem. Each person I asked did not know how to answer my questions, it seems further training of your staff would be necessary. If you are willing to sell a warranty and take someone's money for a warranty, I feel it is only right to 1) explain what the warranty entails AND 2) when an issue occurs allow someone to use the warranty, otherwise, do NOT offer the warranty. I still am demanding a refund. I still stand by my word that I was promised calls back to help fix my problem and never received a call, I was promised a full detail for going out of my way to sign papers, which was an employees error, and never received. I have called several times to have these issues addressed and am just transferred each time. I do have the staff members names in which I was promised things that were not delivered if I need to provide. I received the message from the customer relations manager, and returned the call on April 15th. Ironic that a call can be made to me once there is a complaint but prior to that, it was like pulling teeth to get help.

Final Business Response
As of April 27th, we have yet to hear back from Ms. **** in order to assit her in resolving her concern; our phone system, which tracks all incoming calls, does not show an attempted call back was on the 15th after our intial contact either. We have called multiple times and have left multiple messages over the last week in an effort to help take care of her concern with no response. We are happy to help find a solution to her concern once Ms. **** returns our calls.

04/06/2015Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

My wife and I went to Reliable ****** and found a 2008 Rav4 that we decided to buy. We agreed to purchase and filled out a lot of paperwork. We were then informed that Reliable didn't have the Title to the Rav4 and we would have to come back when they got it. We live about 100 miles away and this took about a week. On the trip home with the Rav4 we noticed a hang tag on the rear view mirror that said the Rav4 should have had a full tank of gas before leaving the lot, we had less than half a tank. Then we found that the Rav4 didn't have a tool kit for the jack and spare tire. In October after the temperature got into the 30's at night, the battery wouldn't start the car. We found that the battery was original equipment and was 6 years old. The Rav4 was a ****** Certified Vehicle and I expected better than what we received. I complained to the Customer Relation Manager at Reliable ****** and also to *********. My case number is ********-- Reliable ****** wants us to pay them half the cost of a new battery to settle the dispute. We will not pay Reliable for anything more, ever. We bought the Rav4 8/16/14. I filed the complaint with ****** about the first of November. I talked with Reliable two days later and asked them to at least give us the tool kit so we could change a flat if needed and they refused. ****** recommended that I turn this over to the *** since they don't have any control over their dealers.
Product_Or_Service: ****** Certified

Desired Settlement
We want paid for half a tank of gas, provided a tool kit for changing a tire and a new battery.

Business Response
Since it has been 7 months since Mr. Goshorn purchased his used Rav4 the details to his transaction are somewhat sketchy. When Mr. Goshorn's battery went bad several months after his purchase we did offer to pay half the cost of a new battery. The battery was checked out before being sold and checked out fine at that time. When Mr. Goshorn called inquiring about his tool kit he was asked if he checked all the compartments and he said no. He was to do so and call back which apparently never happened. We sent a kit to him this morning and he has been notified via phone. All new cars are delivered with a new ful tank of fuel and all used cars with 8 gallons of gas. If Mr. Goshorn wants I would be happy to fill his tank with the other half in an effort to satisfy him.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response from Reliable ****** was indeed somewhat sketchy. The salesman called the day after we brought the Rav4 home. He asked if everything was well and I told him I couldn't find the tool kit. My wife drove the Rav4 to work and I told him I would search the vehicle when she got home and call him back. I didn't find the kit and called the salesman the next day. My call went to voicemail. I said I couldn't find the tool kit and asked him to call back. I never got a call. The response I received from Reliable is meaningless since my complaint filed with Reliable and ****** was long after this initial contact. I also had the battery checked. It was checked at ********* when I purchased a new battery. It failed their requirement for a good battery. They require a reading of 350 cranking amps and the Rav4 battery wasn't even close. Now for the offer to pay half the cost for a new ****** battery. I was told that I had to pay Reliable ****** $***** to settle the claim. If I didn't agree to this half the cost offer I would not receive anything. To prove this look at what has happened since the claim. Despite several months and another call to ****** Customer Relations, I haven't received anything until this complaint to the****. Not even a phone call. If it is Reliable ******'s policy to only provide half a tank of gas with used cars, why did we have a hang tag stating the Rav4 should have a full tank? How would I even know this since I was never there before? Dealerships make an effort to spruce up the vehicles they want to sell as Certified. The Rav4 had new tires even though it only had 32,--- miles. Tires go 40,000 or more unless they are damaged. New tires add value in the customer's mind so new tires are put on. The engine compartment is steam cleaned to look new even though in our case, the battery was Original Equipment, 6 years old and worn out. My wife said the engine was cranking slow for some time before we had to replace the battery. The fact that the battery was OE was never disputed by the Dealership. They said it was checked. I don't know how they checked the battery; maybe by starting the vehicle when the temperature was 85 in August? If these responses are being monitored by the****, I am making a request that they be publicly posted on the**** website so that people can see that they should choose their car dealers carefully and that a Certified Used Vehicle isn't always what one might expect. Also, one shouldn't expect ****** to intervene in a dispute with the dealership. As I was told by Reliable ******'s Customer Relation's Manager; ****** can't wake us do anything!

Final Business Response
A tool kit was sent out to Mr. Goshorn 2 days ago. The battery is not a covered warranty item even under ****** certification. As a matter of goodwill we offered to cover half the cost. I am sorry that Mr. Goshorn did not feel that was adequate. Prior to this complaint I was unaware of Mr. Goshorn's dissatisfaction.

02/02/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Extended Warranty bought Dealership isnt honoring warranty Had to pay for services out of pocket dealership altered warranty contract
Extended Warranty bought Dealership isnt honoring warranty Had to pay for services out of pocket dealership altered warranty contract. dealership wont reimburse for warranty and servive provided my copy of original contract is different then what the dealership sent to warranty company. i was never contacted about the change to the contract before it was submitted

Desired Settlement
reimbursement for warranty and interest accured and expenses for repairs

Business Response
Mr. Cloud purchased a used 2007 Toyota Tundra with 38,506 miles on 1/3/2011. He purchased an extended warranty at that time with coverage for 84 months from the original in service date or 100,000 miles whichever comes first. Mr. Cloud came in for a service concern on January 3rd, 2015 and unfortunately his extended service coverage was expired based on time. Mr. Cloud felt that he was mis-lead because the orginal in service date was not on the orginal contract at time of purchase so he asked for a refund of his coverage or the service bill of $**** to be covered. My Finance Director offered him a full refund of the extended warranty and Mr. Cloud declined. I called Mr. Cloud this morning and he said he also wanted the interest paid on the extended service coverage since he financed it. I said that is not a problem and he said he would think about it. Mr. Cloud was sent an ID card from MPP that clearly states the coverage, term and expiration date and he claims he doesn't remember getting that. Mr. Cloud claims that his contract was altered because the missing orginal in service date was added after he purchased it. I do not know why it was not added at time for purchase since it is 4 years later so a full refund was offered to give the customer the benefit of the doubt. Mr. Cloud is supposed to get back to me no later than tomorrow with his decision.

07/29/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

***** & ****** *****
Post Office Box ***
Willard, MO 65781

July 14, 2014

**** ************, Managing Partner
Reliable Toyota
3521 East Sunshine
Springfield,MO 65809

Ref: Toyota Customer Experience Case Number **********

Dear Mr. ************,

My wife and I recently moved to Springfield, and I was in your dealership on June 25th to have our Tundra serviced. We have owned nothing but Toyotas for the past 8+ years, and have always had them serviced at our local dealership. It was not always the cheapest service, but was always the best, and they treated us with respect and always as a valued customer. Prior to our move, our son and his wife moved to the area, and when they bought their first new car, we steered them toward Toyota. They are now customers of yours.

Prior to coming in to your dealership, I looked at your website online, and found a $** rebate coupon for an oil change. I printed out the coupon and brought it with me for the service. When I left your dealership, I was given a form to fill out for the rebate.

Upon returning home, I noticed that the form was not for a 'rebate' at all, but was for a coupon worth $** off of an oil change with a specific type of oil and only good at your dealership. the next morning, I called, and spoke to your service manager (whose name I don't have). I explained to him that I thought this was deceptive and misleading, and that the information on your website should have been much clearer. He spent about *** minutes trying to defend what happened tome, and I finally got him to understand that in my eyes, it was un-defendable. He said that he valued us as a customer, and offered to put a check in the mail for $** to try to mitigate our concerns.

AS of my writing of this letter, we have heard nothing more from your dealership and have never received the check. So much for being a valued customer. Having been in customer service all of my working life; had this been me, I would have invited the customer to come in for coffee the next day to get the check, or offered to drive it to his home; to save a long term customer. It is absolutely not about the *** dollars, but is about what I feel was blatantly deceptive advertising on your behalf, and then a lack of concern to try to mitigate my concerns afterwards.

I think it is silly for Toyota to loose a customer over a *** dollar check,and we will continue to enjoy our long term relationship with them as a corporation. We will not however use your dealership to service our vehicles, and when it comes time to replace them, will do what we need to, to avoid having to deal with your firm. That could be moving to another brand, or buying out of the area. While I don't understand it, I hope that the *** dollars is important enough to you to have warranted the loss of what would have been a lifetime customer. I hope that you will take action to keep this sort of thing from happening to others in the future.


***** *****

Toyota Motors Customer Experience Center
Chris Koster, Missouri Attorney General
North Bakersfield Toyota-Scion
**** ****** Toyota-Scion
Springfield Chamber of Commerce
Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri

Business Response /* (**00, 5, 2014/07/16) */
We have used ******* Oil and ******* Oil's Rebate program for 15 years and this is the first time someone has complained. Mr. ***** was offered $** in lieu of the rebate check but that was still not sufficient. He felt that we should have to buy his lunch to prove how much we wanted his business. Sometimes business relationships just don't make sense and unfortunately this one doesn't. I have 190 employees and a business to run and I have never spent so much time trying to satisfy a customer over $**...

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This is not at all what happened. I called the dealership approximately three weeks prior to filing the complaint to voice my concerns. I was told then that they understood them, and would be forwarding a check for $** to clear things up. They never did so. This prompted my complaint. I never asked to be taken out to lunch, and the whole thing was agreeably ridiculous, and should have been taken care of when their misleading web advertisement was pointed out to them in the first place. Had they been proactive in dealing with our concern, this would have been taken care of and we would have become loyal customers, as we were at our last home. As it turns out, I have been told to never go to their dealership, so it really doesn't matter. The gentleman that I spoke to, Mr. ************ spent approximately three minutes on the phone with me before hanging up, so I don't think it was an unreasonable amount of time. Again, his story and mine do not match up, and this would have never happened if they provided the service as advertised.

Final Business Response
It is unreasonable that Mr. ***** would think we would give a $** rebate to use elsewhere. When Toyota offers a rebate it doesn't offer it so you can buy a competitors product, nor do we. Mr. ***** recently moved here from California and apparently has his own ideas of how we should do business. I felt my manager's offer was more than sufficient and quite frankly there was no further need to discuss it. My customer relations manager as well as service manager had already spent a considerable amount of time on the phone with Mr. ***** and so I felt as if we tried to satisfy him as a customer. He has complained to the BBB, Attorney General, Toyota Motor Sales, USA as well as his former service dealers in California, over whether this is a rebate or coupon. We offered him the rebate in cash and it still wasn't acceptable. $**...

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I'm ok just letting this drop. We have a differing opinion of what happened, and the dealership has made it clear that they're not interested in my business, so it is a moot point. Thanks for your help in at least trying to help me deal with this.

07/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

It started on Deliver Day! this car has automatic air conditioning. I had to turn the temperature to 60 to get the car to cool to approx 70. Then on the way home about 7:00 PM I couldnt see because of a dirty windshield on the inside after I got home, I started reading the owners manual In the owners manual, I could not find a quantity of oil the car contains, there is no spark plug change reccamdation change there is no dipstick in the engine. There is no Jack in the car.
On Tues 4/13/14, I returned to the dealership and told them I wanted my old car back - to cancel the sale. The sales manager told me I couldnt do that there is no buyers remorse at that dealership.
While at the dealership,the sales manager had the shop rewash the car. Shop personell did get the inside of the windshield clean, but there was still what appeared to be glue residue on the outside of the windshield which the sales man tried to use glass cleaner on. It didnt work, so I took the car home and finished cleaning the windshield myself.

As I was ready to leave the dealership the salesman lost the remote to the car. He had sent it home with another customer. I told the sales manager I wanted the car rekeyed. He says I dont need that, the other customer was honest.

Also on the day of delivery 5/9/14. The sales man dropped the other remote into the door panel catch all without saying anything. If anyone had known this,they could have just opened the door & driven away. I had to even install the valve caps because they were just left in the right hand catch all in a box!

One day after it rained, I noticed black streaks in the rocker panel. Every time it rains they reappear.

The rest of the saga is not in any order but:
1) There is black stuff in the tail pipes
2) The auto engine shut off just isnt satisfactory: If I have to sit at stop light for more than approx. 11/2 minutes the car restarts with a jerk. any passenger asks-What is that.
3) On June 6, 2014, a Friday, I again returned to the dealership. The car sitting in the service lane. I was there for over thirty minutes waiting for a service personnel to talk to me. I never talked to one. The sale manager then cam out and told me I was barred from the lot.
4) On 5/12, I told the F&I guy (*** ******** that I wanted to cancel the MPP and automatic. Oh-No you cant do that. He said first that I had to wait til the end of the month for the paperwork to get back to the dealership. But that I would get a full refund ******* + ******** on the 6th of June. I also talked to Mr. ******* He assured me, he would take care of it.

On June 12, (Thursday) I called the finance Co. to find out if there were any credits to my acct. None!

I then called to talk to Mr. ******* left a message. As of 9:00 pm on Friday June 13, 2014 there has been no call.

I total this is the worst new car delivery I have ever been involved in .

Desired Settlement
A refund of all monies involved. I will very happily return the vehicle. XXXXX + ****** automatic MPP + ******** XXXXX + any attorney + admin fees ******** P.S. There is also ******* lic fee + ****** 1 month insurance extra no should be triple damages for hassle

Business Response
He took delivery of the car on a Friday. Everything went smoothly and he seemed pleased. He came back the following Monday and was upset because there was a smudge on his windshield. He wanted to return the car because of the smudge. We re-detailed the car, it looked great & he left happy.

He came back a few days later and was upset because the door handles were a different color than the rest of the car. He was upset about the owners manual. He said it was confusing. The door handles match perfectly and we showed him more about the car that day. We accidently gave his spare key to another customer who was taking delivery of a new vehicle at the same time. OUr employee drove to Joplin to get the key to give it to Mr. ******.
Approx. 3 weeks ago Mr. ****** came in for service and was yelling on the service drive. He was yelling in front of other customers and making a scene. He was asked to calm down or he would have to leave. He was upset about the car having some black stuff in the exhaust and the fact it has no dip stick. There were three or four employees that saw witnessed his behavior. The car is fine and performs exactly as designed and engineered. It is clean and the paint matches as it should. It appears as if Mr. ****** has buyer's remorse. BMW has a comprehensive 4 year/50,000 mile warranty and will stand behind their product. We will do whatever reasonably possible to take care of Mr. ****** should an issue arise. We simply ask Mr. ****** to conduct himself in a manner as he would want to be treated and to be respectful to the staff that is trying to assist him.

Consumer Response
To BBB of Southwest Missouri:

this is my response to Reliable Super Store, Inc. Yes, there was a smudge, if you call a fully dirty windshield a "smudge" on Tues, May 13 the Service Dept. did re detail the car, but there was that the salesman count get off. If you call that being happy, I dont know what you call being dis satisfied. I tool the car home and finished the clean up.

As of today, this is the very worst new vehicle delivery that I have ever experienced. If black exhaust tips in the the first 1000 miles is normal, why didnt my old car never have them. As to the black streaks on the rocker panels they only showed up after it rained, my old car was also off white, and it never had this problem.

Finally, my advice to any one considering purchasing any thing from Reliable Super Store, Inc. is to have their attorney review the contract so they under stand what they are signing.


***** V *******

P.S. If that individual feels that asking to get my old car back on at least 3 occasions is a happy camper, I feel that he has another think coming!

Final Business Response
Mr. ****** purchased his vehicle and took delivery late in the evening. Everyone stayed late to assist him. I met him the night he was taking delivery, introduced myself and thanked him for his business. He seemed happy, he was jovial and expressed no issues. If the window was dirty it was only because it was cleaned late in the evening to accomodate his schedule. The vehicle was re-detailed. Exhaust tips do get dirt from exhaust fumes, it is normal and not a concern. His vehicle has a 4 year/50,000 mile factory warranty and his maintenance is covered as well. I am not sure what else we can do to satisfy Mr. ******, I am sorry that he is not happy with his BMW. That is certainly not the norm...

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