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20 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 3 closed in last 12 months
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Advertising / Sales Issues6
Delivery Issues1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service12
Billing / Collection Issues0
Total Closed Complaints20

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10/30/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Misled on warranty. Took car in, they fiddled with it, said was ok or bring back & they'll fix it. Returned, told not covered. Charged. Broke part.
I purchased a 2010 VW Jetta in Oct. of 2014 and was told by the finance manager that the extended warranty she sold us covered everything under the hood. In September of 2015, I took the car in to be checked because it began shifting oddly, the check engine light came on and we were going on a trip to Dallas soon. The technician said it was a misfire on coil 3. He switched the coils, cleared the codes and turned off the check engine light. He told me if it did it again or if the check engine light came on to bring it back and they would fix it.
We dropped the car off on Oct. 21 because the problem was occurring again, along with a new one; the EPC light had come on. After they had diagnosed it, we were told that not only was it not covered under the extended warranty, but that the warranty had expired 200 miles previously. We were charged $125 diagnostic fee that we shouldn't have been charged as we had brought the car in previously for this issue before the warranty had expired. They were also going to charge us $410 to replace a relatively inexpensive part (which we were able to purchase for $17.50 through a national auto parts store). The technician had also switched the coils around without returning the damaged one to its original place, so multiple codes were now being thrown.
What makes matters worse is the fact that when I went to change out the damaged coil, I discovered that they had broken the engine cover and had tried to repair it with super glue. They didn't even bother to let me know this had happened. My partner made several phone calls to discuss what was going to be done, and it was only after an email to Derrick ******* requesting a call by end of business and written steps they were going to take to rectify the situation, did we even get a response. I was told I had to bring the car back so Derrick (the service manager) could assess the damage and decide what they wanted to do. I did, and he initially said that that piece wasn't necessary. I explained to him that it houses the entire air intake and air filter system. He said they would order the part, repair it at no cost, and call us when they got the part. We have received no update as of yet about when the part may be in, if it's even been ordered yet as it seems low on their list of priorities.
The concern for customer service is rather appalling. It took us forever for them to get a front license plate bracket for the car (that I had to install myself) as they sold it without the bracket which is illegal in Missouri.

Desired Settlement
I would like a refund of the diagnostic fee, reimbursement for the part that should have been covered, and written notification of all repair timelines.

Business Response
We will issue a check to Mr. Strobl for the $125.00 diagnostic fee and the $17.50 he paid for the part. The engine cover was ordered and should be here tomorrow according to our Service Director. I'm not sure what the request for written notification of all repair timelines is. A history of repairs can be provided to Mr. Strobl.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
As long as I receive the refunds and the broken parts are fixed I will be satisfied.

10/27/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We purchased the extended service warranty with the promise that it would be refunded in FULL if we did not use any portion of it. We never used it.
We purchased the extended service warranty with a promised that we would receive a FULL refund if we requested it and did not use any portion of it. We never used the warranty. Per the F&I managers (Russell)instruction, we requested a refund and submitted it to the outside vendor that handles this for Reliable. We received all of the funds except $493.10. This took about 3-4 weeks. On 9/15/15 the information Russell requested was emailed to him so he could process a check on Reliable's behalf. He promised to refund the remaining funds. He said it would take one week to process. I called one week later and Russell said that he ran into a problem. Something came back and it appeared that a claim had been made. We promised that we had never used any of the warranty whatsoever. After numerous calls and promises on Russells part, nothing has been resolved and we have not received a refund check for $493.10. For over 2 weeks, he has not returned any of my phone calls and neither has his boss. Purchase date was 2/7/15 and the warranty was sold to us by Russell ********** Original purchase price $2,840. Deal #XXXXX. We received a partial refund of $2,346.90 but are still owed $493.10

Desired Settlement
I want Reliable to pay the remaining $493.10 that their F&I manager promised and is owed to us as we have NEVER used any portion of our extended warranty. After numerous phone calls and promises to pay it back, I have no other recourse but to file a formal complaint against Reliable and their F&I manager Russell. He no longer will return my phone calls. His boss, Kelly has never returned any of my phone calls. So why should Russell if his boss won't?

Business Response
Kelly ******** called and apologized to Mr. ******. A check in the amount of $493.10 will be mailed to Mr. ****** on 10/21/2015.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

02/26/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Deceptive Sales Practices
Sales Rep made a verbal agreement on the terms of a used car sale. Once we were transferred to the finance department and began to complete the paperwork, the terms started changing without explanation (monthly payments and length of financing). We should have walked out but were acting in good faith that the sales price was turned out to be several thousand higher than agreed to. We didn't discover that until all the other paperwork had been signed, including the title of our trade-in.

Desired Settlement
Honor the terms that were agreed upon.

10/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details


***** and ******* ******
Edwards, MO 65326
September 21, 2014
Better Business Bureau of Springfield, MO
2754 South Campbell Ave
Springfield, M0 65807 _
Attorney General Office State of Missouri
Attention: Chris Koster, Attorney General
149 Park Central Square
Springfleld, M0 55806
RE: Purchase of a 2006 Ford E450 Super Duty Diesel 25.5 Forest River Lexington Motor Home on June 23, 2014 Stock Number *******
VIN Number of Motorhome: *****************
Extended Warranty: ************************************************
Issuing Dealer Of **********., Mechanical Protection Plan: Reliable Imports and RV Inc.
Dealer Plan Number: *****
Plan Number: ****** Application Number ********
Written on the: 2006 Forest River Lexington E450 Diesel with 31506 miles reported at purchase.
Sold by: Reliable imports and RV on 06-23-14, to ****** Living Trust, Dated October 15, 2004,
***** and ******* ******, Trustees
Purchase price of Motor Home: *********
Warranty Purchase: $*******
Warranty Terms Start Date: 06-23-14, Warranty Term years/miles: 36 months or 76506 miles


Ladies and Gentlemen:
We want tell you about our experience with Reliable Imports and RV Inc. on the purchased of a 2006 Ford E450 Diesel, 25.5 foot, class B+ Motorhome.
We went to Reliable RV because they advertise that they are the largest RV dealer in the State of M0. We had been looking for approximately 2 years a class B+ motorhome with certain criteria. Reliable Imports and RV Inc. had the above mentioned motorhome on their lot. **** ******* was the Sales Representative.
**** ******* was present during our inspection. *** pulled out the dipsticks to check both the engine and transmission fluid levels. When we first looked at the dip stick on the transmission, it had black looking mold and some rust colored stuff both on the stick and at the end of the dip stick. We were very concerned. We discussed our concerns with **** *******. (We explained we had paid $******* for a new Allison Transmission this past year in our 2001 Chevy Truck and did not want to have problems with another one.) **** said the B+ Coach had just came in and still needed to be serviced. He stated their Service Department would check it and if something was wrong, they would tix it or we would not have to buy it. That sounded great to us. The coach was just what we had been looking for. We had looked over the coach very well. Generally it looked very good. We were excited to find it. After we completed our inspection, we negotiated a price.
During our negotiations, we talked specifically about the transmission. We were concerned about it and didn't want to be buying trouble. He wrote down on the offer sheet that we wanted the transmission checked and serviced. We also asked for 3 roof vent covers, the repair of a rubber slide seal, and cleaned and detailed. He assured us everything would be in working order, in addition, the above items would be addressed and fixed. A repair order was written up by **** *******. We were not given a copy of the repair order sheet. We also discussed buying a tow dolly. We were getting very close on an agreed priceI when ******** ******, the Manager came in to close the sale. Before we agreed buy the 2006 Motorhome, the transmission came up again. My husband said to both **** ******* and ******** ****** that he was concerned about the transmission. We were told again, it would be checked and serviced to ensure it was in good working condition. My husband said "good, because if something is wrong with the transmission it is a "deal breaker"." They both assured us they would have it checked, serviced and repaired if needed. They said they understood. We verbally entered into an agreement to buy the above listed Motorhome from Reliable Imports and RV inc. as long as the transmission checked out. **** ******* commenced writing up the sale.
During the process of writing up the contract, **** brought up purchasing an Extended Warranty. At tirst, we were not sure we wanted to buy the Extended Warranty. However, decided it might be the best for protection against major repairs. We had told them we traveled every winter to California and asked if the Warranty would cover us at any repair shop? They told us "yes, anywhere in the continental US and Canada". We were also told we would have to pay a $****** deductible on each claim, if it was not repaired at Reliable Import and RV's Inc. in Springfield We could live with that. **** left the room, we discussed it and decided since the RV was such a major purchase, that the warranty policy would give us


"peace of mind" especially if the transmission, motor, or air conditioner went out while in CA or out west. We made the decision to purchase the Warranty for $*******. Yes, I know, that's a lot of money, but we just wanted peace of mind. The small stuff we could handle. Transmission and Engine, would be difficult. We have never purchased a motorhome before or an extended warranty before.
We then went to the Finance Man's office. He was going to complete the warranty paperwork. We told them we would pay cash. I do not recall the Finance man's name. He proceeded to tell us about the Extended Warranty Policy. It was so good, and covered so much, that the company only listed the items that were not covered! If it wasn't excluded, it was going to be covered! (I should have known better!) He showed me the brochure. He stated we would need to sign the application, they would send it in to be underwritten and we would receive it with all paperwork within 10 days. He allowed me time to read the fine print on the Brochure. This one looked excellent for coverage.
l noticed, when we went to sign the Warranty, it said "Mechanical Protection Plan Application i# ******" on the top of the application page. i asked if this was the Warranty and he said it is the application to apply for the warranty. We reviewed the page and signed it, still thinking it was a warranty and it would replace everything that was not excluded, as we were told. I read the front page of the application. Never were we shown the actual policy; nor were we shown the back of the Warranty Application page. We did not know there was any information on the back of the sheet, nor were we showed the back of the sheet, as it had several other carbons attached to it. When we made the agreement to buy the warranty, he showed us the front of the application page only. It included the plan price, the amount of the vehicle, and mileage. When we made the agreement to buy it, we read that page and we signed it.
Then we had a big discussion on the purchase and titling of the tow dolly. l thought, since it was a separate piece of equipment, we should have a separate title. He made a phone calls to the DMV in Springfield, per our request. Then Harrison ****** came in. He assured us he had sold 100'5 and we did not need the title or to license it. He looked it up on the Internet and then they called the DMV again. The result was the DMV did not require us to have anything more than a manufacturer's certificate of origin and did not need to license the tow dolly. (This does not make sense to us, as it will be traveling down the road like a trailer, but who are we, to question the State of MO, who has determined these do not need a license plate.) We then signed paperwork and paid for the RV and Warranty in full. We wanted the purchase of the tow Dolly separate, as we were not buying it as part of the price of the RV, so they sent us to the parts department to purchase the Tow Dolly separately. We paid for it through the parts department and paid the sales tax on it immediately. All the paperwork was put into a sales packet envelope by the Finance man and given to us. We set June 23"' as the date to deliver our trade and to pick up the 2006 Motorhome. They would have all the service work and detail work done.
On June 23"', 2014, we delivered our 5th wheel trade to Reliable. The service manager, ******** ******, inspected it with another man. ******** said, "You could have left this at your place!" I was taken aback. It was a beautiful 2004, 27.5 foot 5"' wheel in excellent condition for its age. They showed it later and the lady said it "looks new". l should have known then, the deal was sealed and from then on, they had our money, they would not do anything else for us.
A service man showed us around the Motorhome, the transmission fluid looked clean when we checked it and we were told the Transmission was in good working order and there was nothing wrong with it. I might add, the mileage on the motorhome when we signed the paperwork was 31506. If no problems


when purchased, we had a warranty to cover any future problems for up to 36 months or 76506 miles. So we felt pretty good about our purchase.
They gave us one key. We started to pull out and stopped and had to ask for a second key. They said they would mail with the contract. We insisted, if they had the key, we wanted it before we left so we could each have one. They 'finally found it and brought it out. It had been raining terribly and therefore, my husband told me to lead with our pickup truck. We drove out of Reliable Imports and RV Inc. on .June 23, 2014 at approx. 3:00 pm. l wish I would have followed him. Maybe I would have realized the Motorhome was spewing out transmission fluid. We drove straight to our home in Edwards, M0, approximately 85 to 90 miles and parked it on our gravel drive. 0n June 24th. when we went into the Motorhome, we noticed water by the toilet. At first, we thought maybe it was leaking over the new roof vent. Further investigation revealed the toilet was leaking. *** spent most of the day trying to fix the leak. We were 85 miles from Springfield. He finally decided it was not repairable without a part. He put it back together. We spent the rest of the day on the 24th cleaning it. We loaded our contents on June 25th, and drove it to Kansas City. We arrived at friends in Kansas City that night about 10:00 pm. We parked it on the street by their home. We planned to put it in storage the next day and then take our Grandchildren on a trip over the 4th of July weekend.
The next morning, when we backed up to get out of the parking spot, we noticed a puddle of transmission fluid on the pavement. Further inspection showed transmission fluid had splattered all over the rear of the coach and tow dolly. My husband crawled underneath and saw transmission fluid dripping off of the transmission pan and underneath the coach. We were very shaken and distraught. After all, Reliable had checked and serviced the transmission. They told us it checked out great. Since Reliable Imports and RV Inc. worked on the transmission and we had only driven it 241 miles, we felt they must have missed something or done something wrong. We did not drive it. We called Reliable immediately. We spoke with **** *******, our salesman. l told him about the transmission leak and the toilet. I said we were very concerned about the transmission and if they would take care of that, we were not as worried about the toilet problem. When we were told they would take care of it. Not to worry. We trusted Reliable Imports and RV Inc. **** said he would check with the "higher ups" to see what they wanted us to do and call us back. When he called back he told us to drive it to *********** in Kansas City. We were to tell them to expect a phone call from Reliable imports and RV Inc., ****** *******, Service Manager. He would direct them how to proceed.
My husband dropped the tow dolly, which has never had a tow vehicle on it and drove the coach to *********** in Kansas City and left it there for directions from Reliable RV. It had 31787 miles on it when we reached ***********. We did not authorize the tear down. In fact, I signed the service order and said I would not be paying, that Reliable Imports and RV Inc. told me they would take care of the repairs needed. We left the Motorhome at ***********.
0n Saturday June 28, 2014, we received a call from Max at ***********, they had received instructions from Reliable imports and RV Inc. to tear it down for inspection and diagnosis. After inspection by ******** certified transmission specialist, *********** found that it needed a new torque converter. Diagnostic codes showed the transmission fluid was overheating. The overheating caused it to throw transmission fluid out the transmission vent. They said that the transmission torque converter is what was failing. We had caught it in time and there was no other damage found on any other parts of the transmission as far as they could tell.


Ford also stated they had the parts and could start repair on June 30, 2014. The repair estimate was approximately $*******. They could start repairs on Monday. We could have it before the 4"' of July, for our trip.
0n late afternoon, June 30th, 2014, since I had not heard anything from Reliable Imports and RV Inc., I called them. I spoke to *** ********, Director (I may have spelled his name incorrectly). He said that they would take care of everything, not to worry. At this point we thought everything was going to be handled by Reliable Imports and RV Inc. We were relieved they were going to take care of the torque convertor. They told us they would. We believed this would be covered by them due to it being an error on their part in not getting the transmission serviced properly. They were asked to check it and service it and they had had not fixed it. They had told us it was in good working condition. Apparently it was not. We purchased it with 31506 miles. It now has 31787 miles on it in the shop at ***********. We drove it only 281 miles. The torque converter was failing. That is what caused the dark transmission fluid and the gunk at the bottom of the stick found when we first inspected it. We believed we did everything we needed to do to mitigate further damage by getting it to a shop ASAP and had saved it from further damage.
We went back home from Kansas City. Several days passed, we had not heard anything from anyone in regards to our motorhome. We called several times and were getting a run around. *********** Motor Co. also had called and left several messages. No one would take our calls. The 4"' of July weekend came and we did not have the motorhome to take our Grandsons camping. The 4"' came and went. Still nothing in regards to repairs from Reliable. The motorhome was still on a lift at ***********, holding up their bay.
Finally, after not hearing from Reliable, I called ***********. to see if we had even been issued a warranty policy. We had not received a title nor had we received the extended warranty. I spoke to ***** ***** at ******** He gave me claim number 1731578. Reliable Imports and RV had submitted a claim to ***********. under the service contract that we paid $******* for. Needless to say, we were surprised! We did not submit any claim to **********. Reliable did not tel! us they were submitting this to **********. In fact, Reliable told us they would take care of it. ***** ***** said ******** was sending out an inspector. He would not give me any other information. No name, address, nothing! Then Ford called us and said the Inspector was out to look at the Motor Home and found nothing wrong and they were denying the claim! Per ***********, the inspector found nothing wrong with the torque convertor. It showed no heat damage and it was fine. His diagnosis was that the torque convertor did not look like it had gotten hot. He tested the heat sensor with a flash light bulb to see if the needle would move. However ******************** said that just because it moved did not mean that it would work through the full range of temperature changes from O to over 200 degrees. Obviously there is something that caused this to spew out more than 3 quarts of transmission fluid and previously have black burned looking transmission fluid, (it looked dark before Reliable changed it in their shop) and something caused it to overheat enough to show the two overheating diagnosis codes of 710 and 713. However, the inspector who looked at it, said
there was no visual sign of it overheating and there is nothing wrong with it! Still no call from anyone with any authority to handle this for us. No report of his findings and our Motorhome is still in the hay at ***********, torn down. It is now July 8, 2014.
On July 9, I called Reliable for some type of decision. I spoke to ****** ******* for the first time. He said the Insurance Adjuster found nothing wrong! Insurance Adjuster??? He said, "You have a warranty, the adjuster looked at it and is declining the claim because he found nothing wrong with it. Reliable will pay to put it back together with the same torque convertor. I also talked to a ****. He also said, "Our expert,


who is an Independent in the Industry, proved with his tests that there was nothing wrong with the torque convertor." I asked what he did find. He said, "No problems with it at all. Sometimes they just leak transmission fluid." He then said they would like to take it to another shop! I asked if he was going to pay for the tow as it was torn down at Ford. He did not comment again on that. I asked him for a copy of the
report. I never received it.
We believed this Reliable Imports and RV Inc. was going to take care of this. Four people from there told us they would pay for the repair. I spoke to at least 5 different people. Now they are not going to take care of it. Reliable made claim under our warranty policy and Reliable is apparently calling the shots with the Warranty Company. Then we find out Reliable owns the Warranty company! This is unbelievable to us. Reliable Imports and RV Inc. sold us a warranty with a company they own. We feel that is a conflict of interest in the first place. They are the ones who did not repair the transmission, or they missed diagnosis. We thought the Transmission was serviced and repaired. We would never have bought this coach with a bad Transmission or Torque Converter.
After many phone calls and never receiving a warranty policy from ***********., I called ***** ***** again and begged him for the inspectors report. He stated that he had given everything to Reliable Imports and RV and they would be calling me.) 0n 7-09-14, Ford called us, told us that **** from Reliable Imports and RV called and told them to put it back together. There was nothing wrong with it. He said that Transmissions throw out transmission fluid now and then! Then **** from Reliable Imports and RV called Ford and said they were putting it back together with the damaged parts, except for what it needed to put it back together and they were not paying for the torque converter. Again, nothing in writing! In fact, we have never received anything in writing from Reliable to date regarding any of this.
We never received a denial from ***********. They just stated there was nothing wrong with the transmission. In fact, I was not told the phone number or how to contact the inspector, nor did he contact us. I was told by ***** ***** of ***********. that Reliable Imports and RV Inc. was going to take care of us as they owned MPP Co. inc. They are passing the baton at this time. 0n July 9, late in the afternoon I Ford called and said that Reliable would not put the new torque convener in the 2006 Motorhome. i asked how much it would cost to put it in. They said an additional $****** for the part. We had the new torque converter put on instead of the old one that Reliable said to put back on. We did not want to ruin the transmission on our rig. If it all goes out, it would be around $******* to change it.
i begged ***** ***** for the report. received an email report on July 2014 from ******** It says, cause "undetermined". The mechanical inspector sent out by ******** never said there was nothing wrong with it. He said the cause was "undetermined". We were told he said there was nothing wrong with it. He never drove it, so he never got the codes to come up. They never accepted or denied, although they had a claim set up. In fact, the inspector never looked at the inside of the Torque Converter, which Ford stated needed replaced because it's a sealed unit. (We have the Torque Converter. We paid $***** for it as a core charge and it was placed in a bag and box inside our RV. We still have it. It is evidence. Reliable paid to put the coach back together with the overheating (failing) torque convertor. We felt *********** diagnosed the problem correctly and did not want to go through this again the next time we drove the


Motorhome, so we made the decision to put the new torque convertor in. Ford gave us an estimate for the entire repair, less what Reliable was going to pay.
While the rig was in ***********, we also had the oil filter and fuel filter changed. We do not trust the Reliable Import and RV Inc. service department. They said the transmission was in great condition, and clearly it was not. We are not sure they checked anything on this rig. We do not have any confidence in Reliable Import and RV Inc. So we decided to service the RV.
When we had Ford, change the fuel filter, they found it was broken by the last person who changed the fuel filter. Was that Reliable? The cost was $******. We also had the oil changed to the tune of $***** and the air filter in the amount of $*****, which was clean on the top and filthy on the bottom, (we were told it was changed, we have it also if someone would like to see it.) The repair to stop the water leak in the toilet was completed by my husband and we spent approximately ***** for the part. We are not asking for all of the above repairs. However, we are asking for the torque convertor bill to be paid In full. The initial estimate from Ford was for$*******. Reliable paid $******* leaving a balance of $******. We feel they owe us for the balance of the original estimate. They stated they would it. If Reliable will pay us the additional amount of $******, we will sign a release and never use Reliable Imports and RV Inc. again. We believe they iied to us and ignored us, hoping we would get tired of the run around and give up. They tried to use the warranty we paid for, to pay for their promises and negligence. They dictated how the Warranty Company should respond. We feel this is unethical and a conflict of interest. Reliable collected the money for the Service Contract from us under our contract, then made claim against it for our transmission torque converter failure. We decided we would take our chances without the Mechanical Service Plan. We did not want any part of this "Mechanical Service Plan" after they sent an inspector who stated the cause of the transmission fluid spewing out over 3 quarts, was "undetermined" on their inspection report. We asked ******** for full refund of the policy. They returned the money. No questions asked.
Reliable misrepresented the ******** Service plan as an Extended Warranty Policy. When we purchased it, we were told it was a "warranty" by more than 4 employees. We were told it would cover everything that was not excluded under the plan we purchased. We read the small print of the brochure that was given to us to read and took Reliable RV Inc. managers at their word. Yes, we were told by 3 people that everything was covered on the Warranty that was not excluded. Hugh mistake! We should have known better. Shame on us! We have learned a huge and costly lesson. However, we read what they gave us. We finally received the policy mailed to us along with the title on July lest, 2014, along with the title. Both of which we were told would be mailed to us within 10 days of the sale. (Another lie.) We were not given
the entire contract to read.
That said, we, being very trusting individuals, we believed Reliable RV Inc., their service department, their managers, their advertising, and their claim that they are the largest RV dealer in the State of Missouri, would be reputable enough to be trustworthy honest as well. In fact, our experience with the Sales department went very smooth! However, we were duped into believing that we would be treated honestly and fairly when it came to their promises.
We feel it is our duty to bring all of this to your attention. We hope that this will help other Senior Citizens and unsuspecting customers. We should have read the BBB reports before we purchased from Reliable. Not sure we would have purchased a Motorhome from them. We now have read other BBB reports. The run around and delay is a definite pattern. We hope you can do something to stop these practices. No


one should have to go through this very upsetting, emotionally taxing and distressing experience. There should be some rules about promises made and then defrauding buyers.
In the state of Missouri, I wonder if these practices are common due to the fact there are very few laws governing these contracts. If they were under the rules of Insurance Contracts, they would have to comply with the Fair Claims Practices Act. We hope that you can do something to change who governs these service contracts. We also believe, the Mechanical Protection Plan should not be sold as a Warranty. If they are considered a warranty they should fail under rules and regulations of warranties.
l ask for you to help all citizens from these type of practices. If a claim is made, it should be accepted or denied. Ours was neither. As stated previously, we received nothing in writing from Reliable Imports and RV Inc. The last person I spoke to via phone call at Reliable Imports and RV Inc. was ****. He said, "They had a meeting and here's the tricky part, the higher ups told me to tell you that the coach will be reassembled but they were not paying to repair or put any parts in it." He acted like they were doing us a favor. He also said, "Ford took more apart than Reliable okayed, and we have stepped up". I got upset at this time. I could not believe he was lying about ***********. Unbelievable! Then he told me, "You need to listen". He said they were paying to put the coach back together and if "you have any other problems to give us a call." I asked "what I should do if it started throwing out transmission fluid the first time we drive it?" He said, "If the transmission gives you any more problems, call us!"
We made the decision to put a new torque converter in our motorhome. We paid for the additional amount. We also paid a $***** core charge to keep the torque converter in case we needed it for evidence. (We have kept the chain of evidence possession on the Torque Converter and plan to have it tested if needed.) Hopefully, this will be resolved and we will not have to take legal action.
We canceled the Mechanical Protection Policy. We did not want any part of this companies unfulfilled promises.
This whole experience has really taken the excitement of owning our first Motorhome, our dream. We will use it. We missed the 4"' of July due to Reliable dragging their feet. Our G rand kids were disappointed. However, there are worse things in life. We will have a fun journey this fall when we leave for California or other unknown places.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at ************ or by email at ********
***** and *** ****** Trustees
****** Living Trust


Companies involved are the following:
Reliable Imports and RV Inc.
Attention: ******** ******. RV Sales Manager
438 Ingram Mill Road
Springfield, Mo 65802
Phone: 417-708-8099
Attention: ***** *****
P0 BOX ***
Shawnee Mission, Kansas 66201
*********** Truck Center, Inc.
Attention: **************** and RV Service Advisor
Kansas City, M0 64161
Phone: ************

Business Response
Since there was no desired resolution, I emailed Mrs. ****** requesting an exact amount we needed to send to her in order to resolve this. When I hear back from her I will send her a check.

Consumer Response
Dear Mr. *****,
Thank you for your quick response.

I was wondering why you asked the amount of our claim. In review, I see that my numbers do not really make sense. I refigured them and am not sure how I came up I with the $****** I put down in my letter. I must have accidently made a subtraction error. I am sorry.

Our claim is for the balance of the estimate not previously paid for by reliable on the torque convertor repairs to the motorhome. All we ever wanted was to have it repaired.

The total bill at Ford was $*******. We had an oil change and the fuel pump had to be replaced. We also replaced a stool valve.
We are not asking for those repairs.

The estimate for the transmission torque convertor repair was: $*******. This is the amount we believe you owe us. You previously paid $******* directly to Ford. (This told to us by ***********).
We are asking for the balance which is $******.
Thank you so much for your prompt attention to this matter.

***** AND *** ****** TRUSTEES

Final Business Response
A check for $****** was mailed to the ******'s yesterday.

06/06/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I bought a used car and Protection Plan at Reliable. Car was sold with broken AC. Dealer refuses to fix.
On Jan. 31,2014 I purchased a used 2002x Hyundai Santa Fe from salesman ***** ******* of Reliable Imports & RV of 438 Ingram Mill Road, Springfield, MO. At the same time I purchased a Bronze pre-owned vehicle service agreement that I was assured covered the car from bumper to bumper including labor for everything except electronics. At the time of purchase I was assured by the sales staff that the car had been checked out and was in good working order. I drove the car and looked it over carefully. Although it had a few minor dings and dents it had been detailed (even the engine was clean) and appeared to be in good working order for and older model car. As the weather was cold at the time I could not tell that the AC did not function. In early May 2014 the first time I drove the car in hot weather I found that the AC did not work. I took it to Reliable for repair under the service agreement. I was informed that the car needed a new AC compressor and the service agreement did not cover the repair which was estimated at just under $****.
First Reliable sold a car with a broken AC and did not inform the customer of this defect. Had I known that the AC is not work I would have requested that the repair be done before I purchased the car, or deducted the price of the repair from the price I was willing to pay for the car. Second I was assured that the service agreement covered the car from bumper to bumper for everything except electronics. The AC compressor is not an electronic device and is certainly located somewhere between the two bumpers. Reliable Imports sold me a Service Plan for %****. that is worthless.
I have had several discussions with ***** ****** the Customer Relations Manager and other representatives of Reliable Imports there offer is to split the cost of the repair or to refund part of the service agreement. Both of these offers are just unacceptable. The car should be repaired at no charge and I should get a full refund on the Service Agreement.

Desired Settlement
The car should be repaired at no charge and the full amount to the service agreement $**** should be refunded.

Business Response
We will repair the air conditioner and cancel the service contract. Ms. ******** just needs to make an appointment with us.

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06/13/2016Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

To: Better Business Bureau of Springfield, MO
**** ******** Ave.
Springfield, MO XXXXX
From: ****** *****
*** **** ******* ***
Mountain Home, AR XXXXX
Home Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Email: *******************
Re: Reliable RV (*** Fothfuss, RV Director)
*** ****** **** ***
Springfield, MO
I am writing to you because I am concerned about the service I received at Reliable RV regarding an on
going electrical problem I was having with my motor home. Basically, I was billed $364.26 for work
preformed by Reliable RV that did not solve the electrical problem. After bringing in my motor home for the
second time to Reliable RV, the same electrical problem still existed when they were finished.
Short Summery:
Did not solve electrical charging problem
Reliable RV claimed I just needed new house batteries and that would solve the problem.
However, 1 question their judgement as 1 had the exact same problem reoccur later. (I generally get
approximately 8 to 10 years from a set of good house batteries. Please refer to my service records,
attachment # 4)
They installed inferior batteries (which I later discovered and asked them to correct it. See
attachment #2, photo of the inferior "PowerVolt Batteries).
After the second appointment, the electrical charging problem was still not solved.
I finally had to take the motor home to a ASE Master Certified Mechanic to have it done right.
(They charged $182.70 to do the job correctly, please see attachment #3, April 12, 2016)
The reason I chose Reliable RV to preform the work was because they were endorsed by The***** ***
****. As you know, The***** *** **** represents trust and good service and I have been a member for
several years.
Please see the following attachments:
(1) Original information I gave to **** ******** Service Advisor at Reliable RV, on February 1
2016. (The initial appointment)
(2) Letter to Reliable RV on March 21, 2016 regarding my concerns about the inferior batteries
they installed.
(3) A time line of events and concerns about the electrical charging system still not working. April
25, 2016.
(4) Service records on my RV (note the shaded areas on the third page).
****** *****

Business Response
I am sorry we were unable to satisfy ******. A full refund check for $364.26 will be issued.

03/30/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Had car 4 mths, been in shop 4 times. Unsatisfied with diagnostics and work claimed to be done to vehicle and not.
Car was purchased on 11/14/14 as well as extended warranty.Could not pick car up due to replacement of rac-n-pinion to pass inspection picked car up on 11/19/14.Car started acting funny on 1/10/15, got an appt. with the service dept. to have car looked at on 1/24/15.******* was the person we spoke with,he told us it would take time to do a diagnostic test.Received call back, said rac-n-pinion was leaking and needed to be replaced.I was told that i would get updates on my car. No calls were put into me to let me know the status of my vehicle.Called and spoke to service Mgr ****** on 1/29.Got my car back 1/31/15. Car still acting funny.Took car to shop in St. ****** MO.Alignment was in the red and tire belt busted.Called and spoke with service and they sent someone to get the car on 2/4/15.Tires were replaced.No alignment done.Had alignment done at ******** in St.****** because they did not fix the problem completely.
Car died on the off ramp on 3/9/15. Check engine came on.Started and drove home.Called service dept and scheduled an appt for 3/10/15.My driveway was covered in oil and low oil on dipstick.Bought oil added oil.Called service dept again and******** told me as long as oil was kept in it, to drive it there. Stopped every 20/25 miles checked oil and added as needed. After signing papers for diagnostic testing i asked to speak with manager for this was the 4th time the car had been in the shop in less than 3 1/2 months of owning car. Service Mng ****** then told me that the oil leak was my fault, and that they didn't have to do the replacement to the things that they did.They didn't have to service my car and would pay to have it towed elsewhere.He was very rude and talked down to me.We bought this car form this dealership and had an extended warranty threw MMP.
They did the diagnostic testing and then told me that I needed a new motor and that i ran the car out of oil and that it was my fault.I never ran the car out of oil.I made sure of it.Oil level was full before arriving at dealership, after leaving dealership still full.They said the oil was leaking from the oil filter sealing area. Diagnostic codes show that p0026,p0028 intake control solenoid 1&2.These codes can come up for more then low oil.After having the car towed back to my house i found that the oil was not leaking from the oil filter seal it was coming from the valve cover gasket and cylinder 3.Called to have a claim put in so motor could be replaced,dealership then lied the MPP insurance and told them i ran the car out of oil, which voids my warranty.I did what i was told and never drove the car with out oil.We then knew that there was nothing we could do. I have tried contacting the general mgr ***** ***** and have left several voice mail's in regards to the situation.With this being my first car buying experience, i am mortified. I have been disrespected, talked down to, been lied to and about, and am now stuck with a car that does not run, and no job because my car does not run. This has been the worst experience for me and i do not know what else to do.I have replaced several things and had a certified mechanic look at it and says that the motor is not blown it just needs some new parts. I have already spent over $*** in towing and replacement parts and am stuck at a dead end. We were sold a car that should not have been sold to any one at all, yet put in the shop and had many parts checked and replaced. But yet it was put on the lot for someone like me to find and buy and be stuck with.Again I do not know what else to do.

Desired Settlement
I would like to have a working car, one that i do not have to drive back to the dealership every month for services. I would like to be reimbursed for all the parts purchased and the gas driving to and from Springfield. Most of all i would like to have my car fixed. The motor does not need to be replaced. I would like for the dealership to actually care about their customers instead of ignoring them and talking down to them like scum. If anything i would just like to be rid of this car for it has cause me nothing but debt and trouble and lots of money. There are several options that can be taken. I do not want to have to seek help form an attorney to fix this matter.I would like for something to be done. This dealership claims to honor their customers and i would like to see them uphold their responsibilities.

Business Response
We have done all we plan to do for Kristen see the below statement from our Service Director.

Repair Order*******
24 Jan 2015
Miles - 75399
Customer presented vehicle - States Power steering does not work at times, makes a noise when turning and wheel feels tight.
Our diagnostics indicated that the steering rack we had replaced during recondition had now failed. We ordered another steering rack & replaced it.
On 28 Jan - Mrs. Marcum called. She was extremely upset that her car was not repaired yet. She had used foul language at the BDC staff & the ****** Advisor. The call was transferred to me. I listened to her complaint as she continued to be very upset. I offered to check the status of the repair and return a call to her later in the day.
When I checked on the car, it was presented that the failed Steering Rack had caused an additional failure with the Power Steering Pump.
I called Mrs. Marcum back. She apologized for being upset and her foul language. I updated her of the issues, and informed that there would be no charge for this service. She also stated that "touch-up" paint was to be done as per the agreement when she purchased the pre-owned vehicle. She expressed that she needed to pick the car up on Saturday 31 Jan.
The Touch-up was done, the repair was delayed due to the incoming steering pump. When the customer arrived Saturday Morning, she had to wait for the repair to be completed. The customers wait from arrival to departure was 20 minutes. During this time, the BDC & the Service Advisor (***** *****)reported that Mrs. Marcum was using very foul language again in the waiting area. They said she directed it at them & then directed it at the dealership in the customer waiting area to her friend that was with her. The waiting area had other customers present at this time.
Total cost for this repair was ******. this expense was picked up by O'Reilly Auto P
arts, as it was a failure of their products.

2 Feb. the customer contacted ****, informing the vehicle had a bad vibration and was pulling to the left.
Arrangements were made to send a courtesy driver to drop off a loaner and bring back the customers vehicle.
Repair Order ******
4 Feb 15
Miles - 75708
It was determined that the right front tire now had a broken belt inside of it. We elected to replace all four tires at this time.
Total cost - ******
Customer had no charge in this repair.
**** followed up with the customer after she picked up the vehicle. She complained that the vehicle pulled on the way home & that she would have to have it aligned there. **** assured her that we had checked the alignment when replacing the tires.

Mrs. Marcum Killed us on a ****** Survey.

Next Event:
Call Measurement Recordings:
March 9th 1:39 pm
Mrs. Marcum called in about her extended warranty and does it cover towing. She stated " died 3 times, puddle of oil under car and no oil in it."
************ - Stated "We definitely Recommend towing it". ******* found the customers information.

Mrs. Marcum restated that "the check engine light came on, the low oil light is flashing & the cruise light is flashing. Just trying to make it home. It is bone dry."

******* H. Recommends calling the extended warranty company to see if they cover towing, or having a local tow company tow it over. ******* H. gave Mrs. Marcum the phone number and set an appointment.

March 9th 2:17 pm

Mrs. Marcum called back and states "can't afford to tow it. I'll get close and then call them".
******* H states to have plenty of oil and check it often if you are going to drive it over.

Repair Order - ******
March 10th
Miles 77266

Mrs. Marcum drives onto the lot. The vehicle is making an extreme amount of engine mechanical noise.
Mrs. Marcum stated that she was driving the vehicle on 9 march and the check engine light came on. Then the vehicle died at a stop light, restarted and then drove home. She states that she checked the oil and found the engine overfilled with oil on the dipstick. She added oil, and drove the vehicle from home to here. States that she added 5 quarts of oil on the drive here.
Mrs. Marcum stated to ****** that her Husband had performed an oil service, so she knew it was a lack of oil change problem.

Mrs. Marcum was dealing with ****** C., I went out to the vehicle & checked the oil level. No oil indicated on the dipstick.
I looked under the vehicle and observed a stream of oil on the ground coming from the vehicle.

I went in to ****** and the customer. ****** stated that she wanted to talk with me. She was immediately angry about having to pay a diagnostic charge. I explained to her that it was obvious that the engine had a severe oil leak, and from the noise we heard when it arrived that we could work up an estimate without diagnostics or we could bring it in and put it on a rack and have a technician check it out. She continued that she had nothing but problems since purchasing. We again stated that if her husband had change the oil, how was a leak from the filter area our responsibility. She disagreed & again argued that the car was nothing but trouble. I reviewed everything that the dealer had given after the sale, and she was very upset at that, and became argumentative. She stated she wanted it checked out and would pay the fee.

The vehicle was pushed in, raised and inspected. The complete underside of the vehicle was covered in oil. The source of the oil was found to be starting at the oil filter to engine sealing surface. The filter was removed for inspection and reinstalled. This process was video recorded. The on board computer system was scanned and the codes of -P0303(cylinder 3 misfire), P026(oil control valve R malfunction), & P0028( Oil control L malfunction) were found. The oil control valve failures are typical of a lack of oil service or a lack of oil in the vehicle. The misfire is in line with the way the engine was running and the noise we heard when the vehicle arrived.

MPP is the customer extended warranty. I called the claims Supervisor ************ and reviewed our findings. **** looked at the customers contract and determined that an oil filter gasket was not a covered item by their contract.

An estimate for a new ****** Replacement motor was prepared at this time.

During this time the customers husband arrived at the Dealership. The husband was in Military uniform, he & the customer contacted **** ***. The husband was extremely aggressive towards ****. He used Foul language that could be overheard in the waiting area, by other customers.

When the estimate was prepared, I contacted the customer & her husband. He didn't acknowledge me at first and then he immediately burst out in profanity. He was upset that I had "disrespected his wife". I assured him that that was not my intentions. He continued to use profanity directed towards me, I asked him to stop & he continued. I asked him to leave the dealership. He refused, I informed him That I was officially instruction him to leave the dealership or that I would contact the local police department.
He left, and his wife followed. I was reviewing the estimate with her and he came across the parking lot yelling for her to not talk to me.
His continued to insist that I had disrespected his wife. I assured him that was not the case, I had only pointed out all the items we had given after the sale.

They left, I advised them to not drive the car in its current condition, they said they were leaving it.

The customer called back later and stated that MPP didn't have a case on their visit & that we had lied. I called **** L. back. A claims rep. called ****** and ask for our findings during our inspection.

Later in the day they called ******* H. and asked if a tow truck could pick it up. I authorized to waive the diagnostic charges and allow them to pick it up.
I tow truck picked the vehicle up that afternoon.

Service Director
Reliable Imports & RV

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not agree with the statement provided with the several incidents that took place. Each one seems to have a little twist.
01/24 incident- I did not call mad or using profane language I called to inquire about my vehicle that no one had called me about. Yes I was curious as to when I could pick it up, but all I asked for was the courtesy of a phone call for an update, and had to speak with ****** to get that. I was not rude to any of the staff in fact I told several of them that I knew the situation was not their fault, and that I was frustrated that I didn't receive the information I was told I would by this said staff. I was under the impression that the rac-n-pinion fell under the extended warranty due to the fact that it had just been replaced. I did not use foul language in the waiting. Their were children present and I have more respect than that!
02/02 Incident- I did not have these problems until the car was returned to me. If the problem was checked why was the alignment the same as when it was brought it? It was still off and I have the paper work to prove it. Again I did not have these issues until after the car was serviced at this facility. I was also under the impression that this was being taken care of by the extended warranty purchased threw the company. This being my first car purchased threw a dealership I do not know how these things work. ****** told me at the service desk when I spoke with him that no alignment was done due to the fact that they did one 300 miles ago when replacing the rac-n-pinion.
03/09 Incident- When I did speak to ************ I had already made it home. The oil that was in the vehicle was then in my driveway. If the call is recorded it is in there where ******* states " as long as you keep oil in it you should be fine" I would also like to review the said video of the leak. My mechanical findings are different. I never implied that my "Husband" Changed the oil. I said that we had it changed. As my husband is never home he does not have the time to change the oil I my car. The car had been serviced. I agreed to pay the fees of diagnostics before I spoke with ******. Yes I was frustrated, and no I did not use foul language. I did not cause a commotion in the waiting room. I played my 3DS and read my book. Your security cameras should show you this also! If I used my phone I walked outside. If the car was inspected as it was supposed to have been the mechanics wouldn't have just assumed It was coming from the oil filter seal, they would have noticed that the valve cover gasket was burnt and that the oil was leaking from there. The typical cause of the malfunction of the P0026 and P0028 ( Intake control valve solenoid switch) are said caused by lack of oil service, but can also be caused by Faulty intake valve control solenoids, Intake valve control harness is open or shorted, Intake valve control poor electrical connection. Were any of these other test preformed on the vehicle while it was in service? Or was the conclusion that it was ran out of oil just because that's the typical problem.
Why is it pointed out that my husband was in military Uniform, Would he have been pointed out if he was in a suite or boxers and a tee shirt. What does the way he is dressed matter in this situation?
The argument between my husband and ****** happened. ****** was very disrespectful. ****** did not like being disrespected back.
The findings on the car are not correct and this car was never ran without oil. But yet it is being said that there as no oil on the dipstick upon arrival when I took a picture of the dipstick with oil on it. If there was no oil the car then why was there oil on it before the car was towed home? Was their oil added by the dealership? Why was the filter removed and what were the findings? I have a picture of the oil filter seal are and there is no oil coming from it, but there is oil coming from the passenger side valve cover gasket. Which was where it was coming from the whole time if the skid plate had been removed it would have been quite visible.
This whole thing is beyond me. The dealership sold me a car that has to be taken in monthly for maintenance, because faulty parts or things that weren't taken care of in the first place. The dealership is saying that in total they spent $****** on tires that were put back on after having a rac-n-pinion replacement due to a faulty part.
Yes I am aggravated, because no one should have to go thru this with purchasing a car. It's a nightmare. The total amount of time I have had this car iv only been able to use it for 3 months, out of 4.

Final Business Response
We stand by our previous response.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Worst company ever

03/30/2015Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Bought a truck from them paid our part on 2/14/15 and was told could pick up on 2/16/15 it is now 2/18/15 still have not received the truck
Purchased at 2007 Toyota Tundra on 2/14/15 was told to pick up on 2/16/15 due to the fact that the inspection could not be done until then. Called on the 16th and left message to see what time to pick up, no call back. On 2/17 called again to ***** ******* left message no reply so text *** ****** telling him no one would answer to me but they had cashed my check for $****.and I still have no truck. *** did not call back but got ***** to call me back and he said there was a recall it was at the toyota dealer for a recall said pick it up on 2/18 will be ready by 4 now we get a call from ***** who says it is not ready waiting on a part. We are already being charged a payment for this truck we have never drove. *** ****** text me everyday demanding I put insurance on a truck that I didnt even have. I have called and spoke with ******* who literally laughed into the phone when I told him what is happening and told him I was lied to when I signed the papers he told me to bad the papers are signed and I will get the truck when it is done. I told him the permit they gave me for the truck is for the 14th and I still dont have the truck and they have takin my $**** out of my bank no truck and *** hounded me to put insurance and no truck he laughed said hopefully tomorrow is better and told me to have a good day.

Desired Settlement
I truly do not want this truck I feel that I was not told the truth the truck is not going to run right I have been lied to repeatedly by the entire group at Reliable I am sure without a doubt there is alot more wrong with this truck then an inspection and a 10 minute recall I know this is a 10 minute recall due to looking it up on the internet. I am a small business owner and would never ever treat anyone the way they have my husband and I I will tell every person I come in contact with how horrible I have been treated. I am paying for full coverage insurance on a truck that I dont have my payment is due in 20 days and the temp tag is not for 30 days as it is suppose to be major rip off no one should ever go and spend there hard earned money on a purchase this big and be lied to for 5 days now and still NO TRUCK!!

Business Response
Mr. and****. Jeffries took delivery of their truck Thursday 2/19/15. The recall was delayed due to the part having to be ordered. They were happy when they left and**** Jeffries sent his salesperson a text stating that he really liked his truck.

Consumer Response
This matter has NOT been resolved we take the truck on the 19th the next day the engine light came on we took it back left it in the shop the 26th all day to be told parts being ordered took it back the 25th of Feb for repairs and light back on few days later same problem have put less then 100 miles on this truck have called sales guy who was part of selling this truck ***** and he hung up on us also have left another message for **** used cars manager will see if we get a reply no very unhappy and matter is not resolved $****** for a broke truck way to go!!

Final Business Response
Our Preowned department Manager, **** ********, spoke to****. Jeffries this morning and she told him that her truck was doing well.

11/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Service department damaged my 2014 Mazda on 2 separate occasions, has yet to repair after several contacts.
Vehicle was damaged during installation of Satellite radio one year ago, never fixed. Vehicle damaged on 10/2/14 during seat part replacement, service department will not return calls.

Desired Settlement
I want the damage they caused fixed.

Business Response
Mr. ******* is scheduled to bring his vehicle in next week and we will repair it to his satisfaction.

10/07/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Reliable RV kept our RV for 5 months to repair. RV was in worse shape when we picked it up than when we dropped it off 5 months prior.
Purchased our *** **** ***** RV, VIN # 5SFBG3629DEXXXXXX thru Reliable RV in March 2013. In March 2014, while still under warranty, the kitchen slide-out wouldn't work, damaging the vinyl floor. Reported it to ********* at the time. Dropped off RV on March 28, 2014 at Reliable RV to repair the slide-out problem, vinyl flooring and a leaky hydraulic leveling cylinder. After not hearing anything back for several weeks, went to see them in July 2014 and were told that the guy who handled it, was fired and left them with a big mess (not our problem). But were told that they would get right on it and promised that because it has been sitting on their lot now for 3 1/2 months, they made sure it wouldn't cost us a dime to get it fixed. Then on August 6, 2014 **** ******* from the Service Dept called and suggested we must have "ran into a tree" and that's what caused the slide-out to catch and not work. There were some scratches above and below the bracket that holds the awning, but the reason it caught was that it was installed improperly.The marks on the bracket were from my husband kicking it to free it up so it wouldn't catch anymore. We explained all that to him, but it didn't seem to matter to him. He also said that Heartland would only pay them for 20 hrs to get it fixed and he needed 60 hrs.
After many e-mails, phone calls and hassles, the Service Director Mr. ******* called the end of August and said the RV was "ready to be picked up". Said they fixed the leaky hydraulic cylinder and other little things that were under warranty, but will NOT fix the slide-out problem or flooring, because he still insisted it was our fault.
Since we were preparing for another trip we went to pick up the RV. Now it was in worse shape than when we dropped it off: the ladder in the back was now broke loose and bent, the molding around the kitchen cabinets was tore out and sitting on the counter. The battery was deader than a door nail. They did screw the ladder back in and told us they put the molding back before we drove it off the lot. Upon arriving at home, we discovered that the molding had only 2 staples holding it, both were broke and it was sticking away from the cabinet about 3/4 inch. After a couple of days being parked in our driveway we discovered that the hydraulic leveling cylinder was still leaking and to top it all off, the fire extinguisher is also missing, leaving a couple of holes in the wall!
Talked to **** ******* and he insists that they had the hydraulic leveling cylinder re-built, but my husband is a mechanic by trade and found out that the seal is squeezed out of the top of the hydraulic leveling cylinder, causing it to leak.
We are very disgusted with their Service Department because after 5 months keeping our RV they should have at least fixed it as a courtesy to us, with or without warranty. We sent an e-mail to the General Manager Mr. ******** but got no response to our request.
At this point, we will never ever bring our RV back to them to work on it, because they simply cannot be trusted, instead we will have to drive 2 hours to Joplin to bring it to another authorized ********* dealer.

Desired Settlement
We want Reliable RV to be responsible for the cost of having our RV fixed properly by another authorized dealer, since they don't seem capable of handling the job themselves, including our expenses to take the RV all the way to Joplin.

Business Response
The *****'s brought their trailer in for factory warranty repairs. We contacted the manufacturer (Heartland) and they approved 20 hours to do the work and they requested pictures. When we took the pictures we discovered the vehicle had impacted trees down the side. The impact damaged a componet of the slide out awning. The damaged component prevented the awning from unrolling and caused the slde to tilt in a bind causing the floor damage. ********* declined warranty coverage once they observed the pictures. We contacted the *****'s and informed them of ************ decision. We encouraged the *****'s to file a claim with their personal vehicle insurance company. They declined to do this. We are not responsible for the damage done to their trailer.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The scratches are from a tree branch, brushing up against the RV, but they are ABOVE and BELOW the bracket, which is in line with the vinyl awning. Why didn't the vinyl get damaged, since vinyl is a lot softer than a metal bracket, it should have damaged the vinyl before it ever touched the bracket!
This was just THEIR scenario, after they found out that the warranty company was only going to pay them 20 hrs, and they wanted 3 times as much (60 hrs)!
But the point now is really that they had our RV for 5 months before any of this was ever addressed, and they returned it to us with NOTHING done, not even the warranty items that were not disputed. PLUS the molding was slapped back on with a big gap showing and the fire extinguisher is gone. We also have to buy a new battery now, since they left the switch on and it won't take a charge anymore.
How is it ok to treat their customers that way? We bought our RV thru them and then they drop the ball when there is a problem!

Final Consumer Response
Password: *********** previous request stays the same. We want them to pay for us to get our RV fixed properly at a different dealership and also be responsible for the cost of us having to take it all the way to Joplin

Final Business Response
We will not be paying for the repairs to the *****'s RV. We did not damage the RV.

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