The BBB Eye - What You Need to Know before Buying Furniture

December 19, 2010
tool belt Even though we’re not in the best of economic times, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your home a makeover - economy style. This month on The BBB Eye we’re going to cover five areas of improvement that go a long way toward beautifying your home.

Carol Odell of your BBB gets tips from Dale Pepper at American Furniture Warehouse about what we need to be aware of before we even start looking for furniture for our home.

“Before you decide on what furniture to buy, answer some basic questions,” says Dale. First, what size furniture can you get through the doors of your house? Don’t just say your doors are standard size; measure the doorways. Measure the area where you will be putting the furniture. Visualize the delivery team bringing the furniture in. Can they get it around the “bends” and up and down the stairs? Dale says it is not unusual for customers to buy furniture they can’t get in their house.

What room are you buying for? If it is the living room or family room, do you want leather or fabric upholstery? Black or brown leather is popular. Think about how heavily the furniture will be used. Do you have a dog that gets on the furniture? Dogs’ nails scratch leather.

If you are buying wood furniture for the bedroom, determine what style you want. What kind of wood. Veneers don’t mar as easily as solid wood. Veneer is comprised of a layer of wood over high density board. High end and less expensive lines use veneers.

How about construction of the drawers? Dove tail construction of the joints is the strongest kind of construction. Also, look for metal on wood glides for the drawers. Both types of construction function well in Colorado’s dry climate.

These are just a few of the many things to consider when you are buying furniture. Have fun shopping.

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