The BBB Eye - Planning Your Next Appliance Purchase

December 27, 2010
tool belt Even though we’re not in the best of economic times, that doesn’t mean you can’t give your home a makeover - economy style. This month on The BBB Eye we’re going to cover five areas of improvement that go a long way toward beautifying your home.

Carol Odell of your BBB stops by Appliance Factory Outlet to get an education from J.P. Gray about what appliance features are currently driving the market and how to investigate consumer feedback about products, necessary features and available rebates.

As in anything, appliances continue to change. Front load washers and dryers are popular because of the energy savings. Washers and dryers come in such colors as bright red or blue as well as the usual colors.

French door refrigerators are huge sellers because they are attractive and versatile. The double doors allow you to be able to place a large platter inside. Also, it is more convenient for some to have the freezer on the bottom, since you do not get in it as often.

Brands such as LG and Samsung are offering new features. Although you may want to stay with the brand you have had for years, check out what other brands are offering. Also, go online and investigate what consumers are saying about the brands they have. Check with Consumer Reports for model ratings.

Determine what bells and whistles you want to pay for. What ones do you like on your old product and what ones do you like that are now being offered. Middle-of-the-line priced products are the most popular.

Finally, check on government websites and with your utilities company to determine if any energy rebates are presently being given.

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