The BBB Eye - How to Protect Yourself from Skimming

November 01, 2010
Putting credit card in gas pump As much fun as the holidays are, it’s a time when scam artists come out in full force. They know we are feeling generous, which makes it the perfect time to play on our sympathy, kindness and concern for others. So this month on The BBB Eye, we’re going to give you an update on the latest scams to watch out for.

In our segment, How to Protect Yourself from Skimming, let's join Carol Odell of your BBB and Steve Noblitt from the Colorado Springs Police Department as they talk about the ways thieves can skim your credit card information and ways for you stay vigilant.

Skimming is stealing credit card information. What’s one of the latest ways to skim your information? It’s done at the gas pump.

Thieves put a device on the gas pump that captures your credit card information without your knowledge. They use a key or pry the front panel of the pump open, attach the device, then return a couple of days later to retrieve the devise. Now the thieves have your credit card information to make their purchases.

Don’t be paranoid about this latest method of skimming. The federal law says you can’t be charged more than $50 for credit card transactions you didn’t make. Many credit cards companies won’t charge you at all. Check your credit card bill right away for any questionable costs and stay safe.

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