More Consumers Are Checking with the Better Business Bureau Before Making a Purchase

October 29, 2010
start-your-search A recent spending poll from Harris Interactive, an internet-based market research company, states that more than 20 percent of American consumers have stopped buying non-essential items such as morning coffee and bottled water. Consumers have also been cancelling their subscriptions to magazines and cable TV because of the current economic environment. A full two-thirds are buying more generic brands.

For your BBB, this means the information we provide is more important and relevant than ever.

“We are finding that the number of people, who are checking with us first, before they part with their hard-earned money, is sharply on the rise,” according to Carol Odell, CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado. The four million reliability reports in our national database are easy to access and give consumers valuable information to help them make an informed decision.

The first thing a consumer should do when considering buying a product or service is to start with and look up a business’s reliability report.

And in fact, that’s what is happening. The numbers have more than doubled. Reports read in the last three months are up 108.75 percent compared to the same months in 2009. In September 2010, more than 51,000 local reliability reports where read by consumers wanting to know more about a company’s background.