Fuel Pump Scam says Carol

October 26, 2011
Do you know a device designed to capture and steal your credit/debit card number is being put behind the panel in some gas pumps? Two men were caught in Denver, Colorado removing the illegal device. So far, your BBB has heard of credit/debit cards being compromised at a few gas stations in Colorado Springs.

It’s not just gas pumps you need to be concerned about. The same type of theft can happen while you are using your ATM.

How do you protect yourself? Look at the front of the machine. Does it look as if it has been tampered with? Many gas stations, banks, and credit unions will put security tape on the outside of the panel of a machine. If it looks as if the tape has been broken or the machine looks abused in a way that would allow the illegal devise to be placed inside the machine, use a different machine.

Be sure to let the manager of the location you are at know about your concerns. You don’t have to quit using your credit/debit cards when you are purchasing gas. Be careful. Be alert. Use good judgment.

Have you heard about this scam before? If so, what have you heard?